Kenny Chesney: I Didn’t Sign Up to Be Called ‘Gay’


Kenny Chesney tells Playboy that he’s slept with more than 100 women, and they will testify that he’s not gay. He also says he’s angry about the gay rumors that continue to follow him:

“What guy who loves girls wouldn’t be angry about that …? I didn’t sign up for that. I think people need to live their lives the way they want to, but I’m pretty confident in the fact that I love girls (laughs). I’ve got a long line of girls who could testify that I am not gay.”

Country Singer Kenny Chesney to Anderson Cooper: I’m Not Gay [tr]


  1. Greg Key West says

    Me thinks the man doth protest too much….

    Kenny bought a house here in Key West last month and then put it back on the market two weeks later saying he did not want to ‘disturb’ the island with too much attention – good lord – I know what kind of attention he was not wanting.

  2. MAJeff says

    *****What guy who loves girls wouldn’t be angry about that …?*****

    The kind of guy who is ok with gay people?

    Anger as a reasonable response? I can understand a kind of frustration with untruths being spread, but this is really a minor one. I’d get angry if there were consistent rumors I was a criminal or was harming people. This ain’t that. How about resigned amusement instead?

  3. Craig says

    “I am not gay, I never have been gay, … I have a very wide stance … I reached down to pick up a piece of paper behind me …”

    Doesn’t he look like one of the dancers in Queer as Folk with that hat? Hmmm.

    Ok. Fine. Not gay. Slut, definitely. Watch the STD’s there guy. Sheez.

  4. matthew says

    Alright fine, you’re not gay, I respect that, but there is no need to get all pissy about it. There are a hell of a lot of worse things to be referred to than gay. To quote this interview “Kenny Chesney tells Playboy that he’s slept with more than 100 women” oh really? Sounds like real husband material to me (sarcastically).

    “What guy who loves girls wouldn’t be angry about that …? That is total bullshit. There are many heterosexual guys who answer gay rumors by simply stating while they are flattered, they are not gay.

    I am not going to go so far as to call Kenny chesney a total homophobe, but he has some serious growing up to do.

    Incidentally, this gay man here has never had, or never will any interest in purchasing any of this loser’s crappy music.

  5. says

    Over 100 women will testify that he’s a straight, gym-buffed, excessively tanned slut. Paging Judge Judy! And who knew you can sign up to be gay?

  6. patrick nyc says

    “What guy who loves girls wouldn’t be angry about that …?”

    The kind of guy who has nothing to prove, he knows he is comfortable enough not to brag about the number of women he nails.

    “I didn’t sign up for that.”

    I just dress like one.

  7. scar2 says

    I’m sick of the gay rumours but I’m sick of him denying it as well. It’s now a marketing ploy for him at this point, just like the pic above. The majority of his audience are women who like him more for his looks than his music. Seriously, does anybody outside country know any of his songs?

  8. says

    “I’ve got a long line of girls who could testify that I am not gay!”

    So did George Michael. And every other former ‘celebrity’ closet case. I’m not saying Kenny IS gay, but such passionate protest usually is the next step of coming out.

  9. rudy says

    Major Gurrrlfren’! Lessee: Puka shell necklace (choker, no less); braided white leather “friendship” bracelet (o.k., wristband); cut-offs (denim!); scalloped edged ciaowboi hiat (ph); aviator spec’s (undoubtedly RayBans); spray-on tan; and perky little nipples (snake-bite kit much?). Kenny Cheesney, you are not only a big ol’ gurl; you’re a big ol’ gurl stuck in the 70s. Time to update your drag, chile!

  10. cd says

    one can only hope he goes the way of another Renee Zellweger costar, TC, and once he’s gone crazy, he’s a pocket gay the gays don’t want anymore. Good riddance.

  11. rudy says

    I think gurlfren’ just missed his audition for Kayne’s posse. And dayum, he was so close; just a fake “Looey” or leopard print tights away from achieving his fraud-free life-goal.

  12. Andalusian Dog says

    This is the first time I have ever heard of this human being. Who is he? What does he do? Who gives a rat’s ass who he sleeps with as long as it’s not me because he’s gross?

  13. Chris in Kansas says

    He and his band stopped in our little burg with just a week’s notice because they had an extra day in their tour schedule. This was just as he was starting to gain popularity, late 90s. So my BF and I bought tickets, mostly cuz we thought he was hot. It was a good show, but if we had any doubt that he was gay beforehand, it all went out the window. ALL his bandmates were early 20s, very good-looking, fit, and *incredibly* chummy with one another. There were several double-entendres as well (that I’ve forgotten now) that seemed very gay, but only to those who might’ve been familiar with the gay scene.

    The truth probly won’t come out til he’s long gone.

  14. clint says

    I had a troll tell me one night at the bar, trying to flirt, that, with my hat on, I looked like Kenny Chesney, “and that’s a complement”. I proceeded to curse him out AND tell him to get his eyes checked, because I look nothing like that motherf*cker. Oh, and K.C. HAS HAS HAS TO keep that hat ON. YUK.

  15. Gabe R says

    Oh, and what does the number of women he has slept with have to do with his being a good husband? U.S. prudes.

  16. Cj says

    Pssst, Kenny, I slept with 100+ women too… mostly just slept next to them. They’re called “fag hags”. Most heterosexually comfortable men don’t have an issue with others believing they may be homosexual. In fact, most are flattered. Explain why your ex-wife Reneé Zellweger claimed fraud in her requested annulment? Fraud? Of all the claims to make, why fraud? The follow-up from Reneé didn’t clarify the issue, only fanning the gay rumor flames.

    Me think she doth protest too much, indeed.

  17. rudy says

    The pleats! How did I miss the pleats? That confirms it, gurlfren’, you are definitely straight; however, you are just as definitely still a big ol’ gurl.

  18. Brendan says

    He’s just bitchy cause of the hundreds of people he’s slept with, not once has a guy offered to do him. You poor thing.

  19. vby says

    Who keeps sayinghis gay anyway and who cares if he is gay or not. Me don;t like him anyway. the women can have him if they want to, wait what about his marriage. Well I guess that is one woman off his list of 100.

  20. Troy says

    It is so sad that in this day and age, 2009, men would still rather brag about bedding over 100 women to offset the idea they are perceived to be gay.

    What a homophobe.

  21. TANK says

    First, Chesney looks like a combination of karl from sling blade and skelator. Ugly.

    Whenever I get hit on aggressively by women (a constant event), I usually flip out, call them breeder and a host of other names, scream that I’m gay, have had more cock than KFC, and that “I’m sick of it, damnit! What slutty gay man wouldn’t be?!” Then I take out ads in the paper with my photo, captioned “I’m gay”…I need to get an interview going, though…perhaps the atlantic monthly will assist me in getting the word out about my homosexuality.

    What a douche.

  22. SteveDenver says

    In the modern jackass vernacular, when someone says, “OMG! Kenney Chesney is SO GAY!” I don’t think they’re accusing him of homosexuality.

  23. says

    all of my boyfriends have slept with ‘100 women’ or more. they tell me that every time they throw their legs in the air waiting for me to rim ’em and fuck ’em. then they go home to their girls and i get a good night’s sleep.

  24. Jonster says

    Well alrighty then. How bouts we plug Kenny doll up to a lie detector. He’s so adamant about proving to us (himself?) that he likes pussy, bitch needs to go on Maury. “You told Playboy you slept with 100 women. THAT’S A LIE!”

  25. Paul in Marietta GA says

    In between heapings of vitriol, you gotta understand this guy is from a little podunk town, that for the people “back home” Knoxville, TN is the big city.

    Remember, the same town where the unitarian got shot up? VERY homophobic part of the country ( I know since it’s my home town.)

    Sorry but those of us from that neck of the woods can understand some of his mindset from the background. They are good people but have tainted minds infected by the GOP/Religious Right propaganda.

    He’s just a countryboy/redneck that made good, but he still doesn’t quite have the social graces down. Honestly, I don’t think he’s a ‘phobe, but that whole marriage thing he did with the movie star blew up in his face. This wouldn’t be a topic if the reason for divorce hadn’t been “fraud” or whatever the term was used in the proceedings.

    I feel for him – but there’s alot of formerly married with kids gay men out here that come out later in life.

  26. el polacko says

    .. because all str8 guys have an island where they hang out with only their guy friends… don’t they ???

  27. E from M says

    I always find it disturbing when the word “gay” is thrown in like an accusation.
    If for personal reasons anybody doesn’t want to say that he’s gay, leave him alone; if being gay is such a normal thing nobody needs to “admit” it.

  28. Mark says

    Why does he care?! If Chesney is not gay his heterosexuality will become evident over time. If someone called me straight I’d laugh. The mere fact he is offended and makes such a public display of his anger

    1) offends me as a gay man AND

    2) betrays what I believe is his self-loathing at being gay.


    Also, straight men aren’t called “Kenny”.

  29. Mark says

    Oh, and Kenny: your chest is OVER developed for your size and you have no traps. Put the shirt back on. You’d have to be a straight woman to find that junk interesting.

    And for the record “Kenny” I slept with 20 women before I realized I liked guys a whole lot more. In fact that is what helped me realize it. Sleeping with over 100 women only proves your insecure.

    Stop proclaiming your heterosexual bonafides and just do your thing cuz, trust me on this, whatever you are we are all gonna find out. Are you thinking for one New York minute that in this 24 hour news/infotainment age we won’t?!


    So, if you’re REALLY straight just shut the fuck up and be straight. And fire your publicist b/c that is one dumbass bitch.

  30. Rick in Ohio says

    I could not care less about your sexuality, Kenny. But, if you’re going to pull the “I have 100 women…” just like the “I have 100 gay friends…” I say, let’s see ’em. Let’s meet ’em.

  31. says

    I’m not much of a country fan but I like his music and think he is sexy. I’ve heard rumors for years about his sexuality.

    How often do we project our desires onto others, especially celebrities? The fact he is uncomfortable with it doesn’t make him gay, ignorant maybe.

    I could care less if he is gay or not as long as he isn’t crusading to keep us 2nd class citizens or spreading hate.

  32. ProfessorVP says

    It was official and in black and white on the divorce decree from Renee Zellwegger: the grounds? “Fraud.” So how are we supposed to interpret that?

    Having said that… Listen, if anyone thinks this is about truth in journalism, heterosexuality, homosexuality, or even privacy, forget it. It is about one thing and one thing only: Kenny’s income, which Kennyboy knows will go the way of a flushable tampon if it is sufficiently accepted that he is gay. Which I think he is, from the photo alone.

  33. Perdita says

    Ok—-The truth is Kenny is the nicest guy in the world! He is a great singer and even better live performer. He OUT sold everyone else in any genre last year. That said two of his songs say it all: “My Old Blue Chair” anyone ever been to the Blue Chair Beach in Puerto Vallarta{??????} and “Keg I A Closet”. Lastly we never believed any of your relationships especially with Renee. Let loose you are so successful it is ok to be who you are!!!

  34. John in San Jose says

    There’s only been one off-hand comment about the tan? That’s one of the most painful tans I’ve seen recently…

  35. Anna says

    Obviously gay since he continues to use the term “girls” instead of “women.” It’s like closeted 15 year old at the school dance trying to prove it to the football players.

  36. rob says

    The photo of Kenny and the girl looks altered. If you look at her face it is not in proportion to his. He is pretty short and a female model with her legs is no less than 5’7″. The photo makes them look like the same height. Also, she appears to be facing him until you look closer and it looks like she is looking behind him. I personally think the guy is not at the admission stage yet which is why he gets “angry” about the comments. I have read too much by people who work in the Nashville music industry that support the “Kenny is gay” attitude and where there is smoke there is a fire or at least a spark.

  37. Steve says

    You don’t think you’re gay, Kenny, but everyone else in the world seems to….maybe look in the mirror? That is not a straight man’s body. But you do need some fashion help, honey, even with those big ol’ arms.

  38. Brad says

    Heres one for you. My ex is a hot. 29 years old but looks like hes been a model in the past. he was at a Kenny Chesney concert, he was surrounded by hot chics and he would know hot chics since he’s bi-sexual… For some reason Kenny wanted to grab my ex’s hand rather than these hot woments hand. Face it Kenny, you might have a line of women but you have a thing for the penus lmfao.

  39. EJ says

    Making a statement about a comments, that is not “true” seems out of line, why not just ignore it and move on . . .unless there just might be a moment of truth?

  40. Rich says

    A gay audience isn’t something you really want to lose. I’d shut up if I were him. Men who are confident have no problem with gay. As soon as you start running around telling people how gay you aren’t, they start with the eyebrow. The reason he’s got women lined up at the door is because they all think he’s gay.