News: Zac Efron, Orange County, James Beard, Dallas, Damien Hirst

road.jpg Jury deliberating San Diego firefighter Gay Pride harassment case

Efronroad.jpg Thirsty: Zac Efron goes on shirtless walkabout.

road.jpg Something is terribly wrong here.

road.jpg Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center wants you to send a Valentine to a straight ally!

road.jpg Writer/director Joss Whedon on gay characters: “With Buffy I was very strict about the idea that you just couldn’t make somebody gay with magic. It would send a message that it’s a part of you that can be removed or cured, or that it’s some kind of punishment. We didn’t go there.”

road.jpg Who inspires you? Milk filmmakers announce finalists in online contest. “The “Who Inspires You?” College Mosaic Contest, which was open to college students only, called for students to create a tile for the Milk mosaic ( – with full audio-visual capabilities and/or text-driven – commemorating their inspirations. Entry tiles were evaluated through the criteria of inspirational tone, creativity, and originality. Each entrant named a college organization to be gifted with prize money; a First Prize of $1,500 will be donated to the winning finalist’s selected organization, and a Second Prize of $1,000 will be donated to the runner-up finalist’s selected organization.” Vote HERE.

road.jpg Michael Jackson suffering from MRSA-type flesh-eating bug?

Hirst_2road.jpg Encased Damien Hirst satire makes waves at Madrid’s ARCO fest.

road.jpg Bon appetit: James Beard Foundation Awards for culinary excellence semifinalists announced.

road.jpg Ricky Martin is a doting DILF.

road.jpg Man jailed for 20 weeks in UK for ongoing harassment of neighbors: whistling The Addams Family theme at them.

road.jpg Warning: Dark comets may kill us all.

road.jpg Orange County high school principal bans gay characters from school plays: “Mrs. Asrani (the principal) is firmly against the portrayal of homosexual characters in RENT, despite the fact that all displays of affection have already been edited out of our script. Of course, a gay couple kissing on stage should not be inherently more offensive than a straight couple kissing, but that’s beside the point (sort of).”

road.jpg Mexico City mayor hands out free Viagra.

Sambergroad.jpg Andy Samberg in bromance with OUT.

road.jpg Melbourne, Australia’s weekly LGBT magazine, MCV, is donating all profits from its next issue to Victorian bushfire victims: “The bushfires have impacted on every Victorian’s life, whether they live in the city or in the areas ravaged by the fires. Most of us know someone who has suffered loss and there are many GLBTIQ people out there either fighting the fires directly or contributing their skills to help relieve suffering.”

road.jpg BREAKING: SONY introduces goddamn piece of shit

road.jpg Curbed ranter wants hookers expelled from NYC’s West Village

road.jpg White House press veteran Helen Thomas thanks Bill O’Reilly for calling her the “wicked witch of the east.”

road.jpg Dallas County lesbian sheriff Lupe Valdez adds sexual orientation and gender identity to Sheriff’s Department non-discrimination policies: “While the city of Dallas has included sexual orientation in its nondiscrimination policies since 1995, this will be the the first department in the county government to include gender identity. The policy first went into affect in January, two months after Valdez was elected to her second term.”


  1. TANK says

    Truly the most creative piece of work involving damien hirst. It’s just really too bad it was a sculpture.

    I don’t get the zac effron thing…it’s right up there with jake gyllenhaal…the gays and their bad taste in men is becoming a cliche.

  2. secretagentman says

    Yeah, I love Samberg too. I think it was Dan Savage who said “he’s got a mouth that could suck a dick sideways”. HOt

  3. Alex says

    Re: that high school principal. What a message to send to the gay students in that high school . . . especially if any are involved in the drama club.

    Bitch gets the asshat of the year award.

  4. Bading says

    That faux-Hirst looks to me like an amalgam of Ron Mueck, Maurizio Cattelan, Marc Quinn and yes, of Hirst himself. Now, if only the figure was floating inside the vitrine…

  5. nic says

    i am not much into conceptual art. most of it looks slap-dash — the work of a lazy mind.

    zack, ricky, and adam: yummers.

  6. Mike says

    What is wrong with that nasty girl? That boy looks like a small child! I think a paternity test is in order.

  7. Dick says

    Didn’t I read about Lupe Valdez’s death in Hollywood Babylon? Ooops, sorry. That Lupe wasn’t a lesbian.

  8. Bading says

    Slap-dash? Hmmmm, let’s see… Marcel Duchamp, check. Joseph Beuys, check. Piero Manzoni (whom I can’t wait to see at Gagosian Chelsea this weekend), CHECK!

  9. NYerinMpls says

    So the ranter moved into the Far West Village and now is upset that there are streetwalkers there? I got news: they were there first. Are property values dropping b/c hookers are walking the corners at 5:30am — or is it because the neighborhood is being whitewashed by generic yuppies?

  10. MAJeff says

    RE: the Victoria brush fires.

    The Australian Red Cross has a donation page specifically dedicated to raising funds to be used in helping out folks in this crisis:

    I can’t afford much, but I did toss in some money to help out. The exchange rate ain’t bad folks, and they can certainly use some help.

    On a related note, they arrested someone for starting the fires:

  11. says

    ‘Splain sumting to me. Kanye West gets slammed for trying to say he’s cool with Gyas and this Adam guy gets comments about how hot he is even though many take offense to his ,what some might call, offensive gay skits.

    Double standard much Queers?

  12. says

    ‘Splain sumting to me. Kanye West gets slammed for trying to say he’s cool with Gyas and this Adam guy gets comments about how hot he is even though many take offense to his ,what some might call, offensive gay skits.

    Double standard much Queers?

  13. says

    Zac Efron’s 4 nipples are really obvious in those pictures. I guess it’s not all that uncommon, but I do find it a bit, well, off-putting – which isn’t to say he doesn’t look way more fabulous than I do without a shirt on LOL.

  14. nic says


    you’re kidding me, right? Duchamp made his mark as a Dadaist — an anti-art critic (“the fountain”). later, he influenced the cubists and the surrealists. don’t forget, my friend, that picasso and dali’ were, at first, skilled painters. i don’t think that this fraud deserves your accolades. 100 million dollars for a bejeweled skull? i doubt that hirst is among those talented artists.

    Duchamp, for better or worse, gave rise to the facility of throwing found objects on a wall to see what sticks, metaphorically speaking. taken in the hands of free-loaders like hirst, it is an abomination.

    @RYAN, i would nibble at all his nipples. and, i would make spank all the cheeks on his body.

  15. KurtTO says

    RE: de-gayed RENT production

    How the hell can they de-gay one of the gayest musicals of all time?! La Vie Boheme will have to be cut down to about ten seconds.

  16. wheezy says

    @ KURTTO,

    I know. I thought the same. They’re taking the gay characters in “Rent”? Um, I didn’t think there were any straight characters in that musical, what exactly will be left? I have a feeling it will be unintentionally hysterically bad…”Hamlet 2: Rock me Sexy Jesus” bad.

    @ Mike,

    I know that kid is 13 years old, but he looks like he’s only 7 or 8! He actually hadn’t had “The Talk” from his parents yet and had no idea what sex is. They are only 2 years apart and the girl could have gone through some kind of growth spurt during pregnancy, but that picture of Alfie and his girlfriend is really sickening since she looks like she’s closer to 18. Their neighbors are saying she took advantage of him since she’s been sexually active for awhile and had been on BC for some time, and Alfie sounds as immature as he looks, but still she’s only 14/15 years old.