1. paul c says

    Well I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only one who was impressed by this scene.

    I’ve thought this guy was a total babe every time he’s been on and I almost passed out when he came out like that.

    He’s way hot.

    He should be on every week like this from now on. Seriously.

  2. Denis says

    I also noticed this scene, and yes, I’ve always thought that guy was pretty hot whenever he trots on camera (often shirtless!) for like 10 seconds. I’m glad you guys put this up!

  3. Matt says

    I totally rewound the TIVO for a double take on this hottie.

    Alas, his myspace says he’s on the other team… :(

  4. ty says

    You all are acting like teenage girls who have never seen a shirtless man.
    Why is this even important, Jeez get a life!!!

  5. Daveynyc says

    Rewound my Tivo too..I like him shaved myself.

    Joel is still the hottest one on that show tho

    I heart Joel McHale

  6. paul c says

    Kanye West is fugly, I don’t hate him and I don’t understand what he has to do with The Soup or attractive people.

  7. George says

    I’d take him, Mankini, or Joel. Maybe all at once. Point is, thanks for the eye candy, Soup. Fun show.

  8. nic says

    Matt, Joel and I should really be oiling each other up right now. Kanye is more than welcome. u2 Derek….

  9. hotshot70 says

    He is so hot! I first got attracted to him when they did a skit where all those guys were shirtless with letters painted on chests. I would lick the sweat off his nips!

  10. Rick says

    I used to live in Seattle, and thus was a fan of Joel McHale when he starred in our great local comedy show, “Almost Live.” He was probably the funniest performer in the cast. He would even pass me occasionally, in all his tall, hunky glory, on the local jogging and cycling paths. However, I think “Community” is a great idea for a show, but downright lousy in its execution. It’s strains to be “smart,” but that ain’t the same as ha-ha funny. And given half-a-chance, McHale is more than that. Pity the show is a waste of his talent.

  11. says

    care? Why DO you care? And why do you think that separate-but-equal is just plain good enough for us, but only you are good enough for marriage? If I were married and hetero, and killed my wife and children today, I could legally marry any consenting woman tomorrow. There might be some outcry, but no one could legally prevent it.

    Yet my friends Dan and Kevin, together for twenty years and who just saw each other through a heart attack and cancer,– well, civil unions are good enough.

    and second– and very related to #1– I notice you did not comment on the obvious: this video really has nothing at all to do, except peripherally with marriage, family, children, civil unions or religion. It is about one thing, and one thing only: HATE. Gay people are going to get you and your family