Prop 8 Supporter Meg Whitman Wants Same-Sex Marriages Recognized

Former eBay CEO and prospective candidate for California governor Meg Whitman wants it both ways on same-sex marriage:

Whitman“Explaining her support for Proposition 8, the November measure that banned same-sex marriage, she called it a ‘matter of personal conscience and my faith.’ But Whitman, a Presbyterian who supports gay civil unions, said the thousands of same-sex marriages that took place last year before the ban should be legally recognized — a sentiment opposed by many Proposition 8 backers. Moreover, she said, gay and lesbian couples should be able to adopt children.”

Too bad you can’t believe in banning them and recognizing them at the same time.


  1. Rick in Ohio says

    She speaks out of both sides of her mouth and makes not a bit of sense.

    And what is up with the photo? I thought Obama had the “politician-touched-by-God” market cornered. Either that, or she is or someday will be in a prison cell.

  2. Rick in Ohio says

    Wait, now I see it: Meg is standing in the cleaned-out basement of someone’s recently deceased grandfather whose musty collection of Field & Stream magazines (1952-1970) are now for sale on Ebay.

    Gee, thanks Meg.

  3. SCOTT says

    She’s ramping up running for govenor of California. Nice election ploy, bitch. If she gets elected, she’ll probably confine all “the gays” to internment camps…. How fun would that be?

  4. chasmader says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t she fired from EBay for poor performance?

    Let her waste her money ala Romney. She’ll never be elected Governor in California. The electorate is smart enough to see her what she is:

    A washed-up, two-faced bitch.

  5. tjc says

    Know what would be awesome? If throughout the runup to the election, this bitch had 90% of the vote, but then at the last second the gays snipe her bid and give Gavin Newsom the victory.

  6. says

    I will never in my life understand why so many people of her generation can’t make any decisions, political or otherwise, without basing the whole thing on “her faith”. What if the decision, like Prop 8, involves the systematic forcing of said faith on those who don’t share it? Why must everything have this smarmy veneer of pseudo-piety all over it? Can’t she make a decision based on the best available evidence, guided by an innate sense of what is fair and just for the people of the state? Can’t anyone over 50 keep their fucking religious beliefs to themselves?

  7. John in CA says


    You mean the same electorate that voted for Proposition 8 on the same night they passed a constitutional amendment to protect the rights of chickens? The same electorate that voted the Terminator into office because they liked his movies? The same electorate that votes “yes” on every ballot measure to increase spending at a time when the state government is bankrupt?

    That electorate?

    Not to go all Rachel Maddow here. But I have my doubts about the sanity of the California “electorate.” Unfortunate as it is, Whitman certainly has a good shot at winning.

  8. bozemanmontana says

    Is the photo of her supposed to represent something? Like her standing in the prison of her hypocrisy and hate? Or just the light of truth hitting her stupidity?

  9. Marty says

    Hey Milkman, regarding deciding based on “best available evidence”, you are forgetting that those of this type of faith not only do not need *any* evidence but tend to reject it outright. Asking her to be scientific or to use common sense is just asking way too much.

  10. Mike says

    The very idea that folks don’t believe that this woman can get elected in my birth and home state of California sends shivers down my spine. Have we learned nothing over Proposition 8?

    Here is what is going on in California: More and more folks have moved into the outter reaching Riverside County, and they have very long drives to get to work. On those treks, they listen to talk radio–Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilley. Because their neighborhoods are new and there are few community meeting places, Evangelical Churches have sprung up everywhere, offering folks the sense of community that eludes them. This, and the presence of Saddleback Church, is changing the demographic in California, and we are becoming less a blue state as we evolve into a red state.

    Do not underestimate this woman, or the hold that the social conservatives presently have on California. Just as many dismissed Prop 8’s potential for success, we may very find Whitman in office while we take our eye of the ball.

  11. says

    The status of the existing marriages is not a political question at this point, it is solely a judicial question–one that the State Supreme Court has indicated it will address when it asked for briefing on what effect “if any” the Prop 8 vote had on them.

    As of today, those 18,000 couples remain legally married. They hold certified marriage certificates attesting to marriages that were fully valid according to the laws as adjudicated by the State Supreme Court at the time they were issued. There has been no official statement or notice of any invalidation, revocation or nullification. There is no difference between those certificates and those issued to mixed-gender couples in the same period (For those of you not in California, the marriage certificate is a facsimile of the county-issued marriage license, reproduced on a State certificate with the relevant recording numbers).

    We must resist the attempts of our opponents to shape the debate rhetorically when they imply that the legal status of existing marriages remains open to discussion and decision by elected officials or by the public at large. This piece is squarely a court matter.

  12. Mike says

    I agree with Mike’s comments – this lady could very easily be the next Governor as scary as that may seem. People are lemmings and fall for all that religious crap – and the ones that don’t think gee, she ran a business, that is what we need… beware, beware, beware

  13. Yeek says

    I’m not saying Lex Luthor had a good idea when he planned to nuke the San Andreas fault and send most of California plunging into the Pacific ocean…oh, fuck it, let’s do it.

  14. Chris says

    Is she trying out for a prison reality show in that pic? Because in California we are at 200% capacity in our prisons and I think you get housed in quad bunks in the gym — she should really change that photo if she wants to get picked,

  15. Denis says

    Yes, she could easily win if Feinstein stays out. Villaraigosa is going to scare off those concerned about immigration and border control issues, which, given the state’s faltering economy and rapidly raising unemployment is not a small fraction of the population. Meanwhile, Newsom has managed to leave San Francisco dirtier, more violent, and completely broke. I don’t get why he’s even running. His wife’s family are uber-rich and ultra-Republican. He could just retire to Napa while the state goes down in flames. Finally, when voters realize the stimulus has done nothing except eat tax dollars without any results (our state is that broke), there will be a swift Obama backlash and people like Whitman will walk through the door

  16. chasmader says

    John in CA — I am confident that Jerry Brown will use her mop the floor; come election night, assuming she makes it out of the primaries. However, Issa will probably win. He’s more in step with “Red”-California

  17. Yeek says

    Guys –

    She won’t be a problem. She crumbled into dust seconds after that beam of sunlight touched her.

  18. JJ says

    Let me guess, she has lots of gay friends, right? Just another “I’ll say anything” politician with no actual conviction.

  19. Occono says

    Well you also believe Christmas is about Jesus’s Birth but you’re not voting away Santa from people, lady.

  20. CitizenGeek says

    Look, she supports gay adoption and civil unions. Her view is identical to Obama’s and Hillary’s. Yet this blog clearly doesn’t consider Obama and Clinton to be homophobic, do they? I hate Republicans as much as the next decent person, but I think we should concentrate on fighting the people that really, really DO hate us and Meg Whitman is very obviously someone who does NOT hate us.

  21. occono says

    Somebody should ask her about all the Religions that Marry Gay Couples (How many of the 18,000 SSM’s were preformed by Gay-friendly places of worship?) and if she believes it’s okay to put one Religion over another in the Constitution…..

  22. occono says

    I agree with Citizengeek about focusing on the people that really do hate us, though. Just venting frustration.

  23. says

    “Look, she supports gay adoption and civil unions. Her view is identical to Obama’s and Hillary’s.”

    Her view is not identical if she supported Prop 8. Obama was opposed to it. They both are wrong on marriage, and both are wrong to use their religious beliefs as an excuse for not supporting civil marriage equality. Compared to many Republicans, her views are enlightened, but they still should be challenged.

  24. andy says

    I want to start a prop 9. a ban on cognitive dissonance. anyone else care to join me? seriously if we could make cognitive dissonance as taboo as racism or censorship just think how many people would shut the hell up and live and let live.

  25. roger says

    same sex marriages they do not have the right to that we are going to hell as of now in the us god is not in the schools or on the road so do not tell me that same sex marriages or great thell them to go to hell for they should just die of the whole thing
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