1. JACKNASTY says

    Oooh, that’s smart. Let’s *discourage* drunk people from going to the cops for help. That way they’ll just decide to drive home instead.

    They grow ’em smart in Texas. As smart as a hemorrhoid.

  2. argyle says

    That Channel 7 clip is exactly why I don’t have any faith in American news. When is the last time you saw anything of the sort on the BBC, CBC, etc? I know it’s a local station, but COME ON, how is that sort of voyeuristic non-story supposed to be newsworthy??

  3. johnsmithisaliveandwell says

    I’m perturbed by the implicit message from both Siriano and the interviewer that while it’s unacceptable to hit a woman, hitting a man could be excused. Women abuse their husbands, women hit other women, men are violent towards their boyfriends – none of it should be condoned.

    I also wonder if we would all feel as angry if the victim wasn’t (purportedly) Rihanna? I hope we’d get up in arms if the lady was a no-name Jane Doe like you or me.

    Domestic violence is a killer and it ruins more lives and breaks up more families than people realize or would care to admit. I wish conservatives would focus on problems like this rather than banning same-sex marriage.

  4. CJ says

    Interesting mixed message law authorities are sending people. As misguided as it may be, intoxicated individuals going to law authorities for a safe ride home instead of driving while impaired/intoxicated and then arresting them is not the message we need to be sending citizens. In the least, send them home safely with a warning. As for the marijuana charge, I’ll simply state I’d rather be in a room full of pot smokers than a room full of alcoholics, just ask Rihanna…

    AND speaking of Rihanna, while I believe Christian is a misguided individual, it does not excuse him ignorance. Nothing excuses physical abuse, NOTHING.

  5. says

    Siriano is an idiot—to comment so lightly on such a serious topic is ignorant and uncaring. He’s like too many people who comment heartlessly but anonymously on the Internet, yet he’s too stupid to do it in private. Really lost all respect for him over this opinion.

  6. Bill says

    CJ, Christain wasn’t making his remakes anonymously. He was asked and he gave his opinion. And if I hear one more person say its never okay to hit a woman. Hey people it’s never okay to hit anyone.

  7. cj says

    Bill, I think you mistook MATTHEW RETTENMUND’s comment for mind. It’s a bit confusing, but the comments are ABOVE each user name :).

  8. Crash says

    …and since when do we care what a 21 year old dipsh!t of a twit thinks about someone whom he more than likely does not even know? Why and when did it become ok to ask every Tom, Dick and Harry about what every Jan, Debby and Mary was doing? Please, worry about what is going on in your own lives, not what is going on upstairs.

  9. G says

    Reading some comments here I get the impression that hitting a woman is never ok and hitting someone in general is also never ok.I am assuming these comments pertain to plain abusive behaviour and not self defense. women do attack men.And yes,if I perceive someone wants to do me harm,gender plays no role in my response to defend myself.

  10. Jim says

    I agree. It’s never alright to hit a woman, but let’s not forget, women are now being recruited as suicide bombers.