Victoria Beckham Still Holding Gay Man Hostage


She tells Italian Vanity Fair:

“I love women. I like them as friends, as interesting people to speak with. But I love gay men. I always say it. Inside me there is a gay man who wants to come out! With heterosexual men I have nothing in common – excluding my husband, brothers and father, you understand.”


  1. Carl says

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Victoria twice and speaking with her parents on two occasions. They all are extremely lovely people. She is a very genuine person and sometimes that is not always seen.

  2. Gabe R says

    Most straight men are not worth talking to or befriending, that’s only true. And the ones who are are spiritually gay, like David.

  3. says

    I love Victoria so much, she has such a great, subtle sense of humour and she’s always appreciative of the gays. It sucks how much she gets dogged in the press to the point that she decided to quit music. I love her voice.

  4. Gabe R says

    Prove me wrong Paul R and name all the cultivated intersting straight men you know in every day life, and I said the majority, not all, maybe not even most. Another silly gay boy with straight men on a pedestal even as despise you and want nothing to do with you.

  5. Zeke says

    “…and I said the majority, not all, maybe not even most.”

    Self contradictory statement.

    “The majority” by definition would be “most”.

    I don’t know who the straight men you know are but most of the straight men I know are no more or less worth talking to or befriending than most of the gay men I know. I don’t put straight men on a pedestal but neither do I make broad negative generalizations about them. I don’t put gay men on pedestals either and I don’t make broad negative generalizations about them. One is just as offensive as the other to me.

    Besides, your “prove me wrong” statement begs the question, in the TRUE since of the term and not in the way that 99.9% of people who use the term MISUSE it. It’s as silly as someone saying “All gay men are sex crazed maniacs and drug abusers” and then challenging someone who disagreed with such a statement with “Prove me wrong, name all of the non sex crazed, non drug abusing gay men you know in every day life”. Even if one were to name everyone they knew who didn’t fit the stereotype it wouldn’t prove or disprove the bogus claim.

    I have to agree with PAUL R. Your statement was ignorant and offensive.

  6. Gabe R says

    More self-loathing gay men! Gay men are elite and straight men the horde. That’s the way its always been throughout history and that’s the way it will always be. Most of the men I know who are worth talking to beyond sex and sports are gay, as are most of the truly gifted ones. I don’t dislike straight men, just have little interest in them, and certainly don’t see them as being above me or something to aspire to. And no one has gone on to talk about all the interesting straight men they know, the ones who won’t ignore you or make fun of you that is. Gay men can be flawed, but are still much more interesting,talented, and attractive than straight men, that’s the way I have always felt and always will.