About the Banner #35 – #39

I shot it upstate in the Catskills visiting friends over an autumn weekend. It's one of about 12 wild turkeys that crossed the road in front of the car. Photo wasn't too clear because of the car's windshield. I thought the message of escape was appropriate for the holiday.



The next photo I shot up in Montana over the holidays. The small house in the photo is actually a small log cabin my dad built for my nieces and nephews. Over the winter it sort of has the look of a doll's ghost town. It was snowing. The image required a bit of brightening.



The next banner was shot at the opening of the Obama inauguration at the Lincoln Memorial. It features the Obama contingent being photographed by both a professional, and a daughter, in their glass box. As it was a grey day, it too needed a bit of brightening.



The most recent banner was also shot at that ceremony, and featured the Lincoln Memorial itself. I thought it appropriate as Lincoln's bicentennial approached. Though Lincoln was rumored by some to be gay, the photo from which this banner comes is actually much gayer, and features the entire Gay Men's Chorus of Washington D.C.


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