1. Paul R says

    It’s great to have Minter on our side. I would hope that anyone seeing the words “Ken Starr is arguing for…” would know to oppose it.

    On a horribly superficial (but intended as complimentary) note, I never would have guessed that Minter is transgender.

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    With all due respect to Sean Chapin, this video is a “let’s hold hands and sing Koombaya together everyone.” The issue is NOT about love nor happiness nor compassion nor puppies nor warm and fuzzy. It’s about EQUALITY under the law.

    Maybe I should have made the video? I’d state, “Are you mad at being forced to pay first class taxes and yet be treated as second class citizens?” “Are you angry that Radical Religious Extremists are working to destroy California families?” The come out…. and so on and so forth.

    Am I being too harsh or is this warm and fuzzy the way to go?

  3. Paul R says

    I hadn’t watched the second video until you noted it, Sargon. I agree—the “kindness” and “beauty” parts are essentially nonsense. Coming out is a social or political or psychologically essential move (among others). Demanding equal rights has nothing to do with kindness and beauty, etc.

    They also should have left up the URLs longer.

  4. Marc says

    Sargon Bighorn, let me know if you need a supportive cameraman.

    Warm & fuzzy is what has put us in the position that we are currently in. And I’m not limiting that statement to GLBTs or Americans.

  5. John in CA says

    Thank you. Somebody has to draw attention to the fact that the “love wins out” message doesn’t really resonate in a country full of warmongering conservatives. I can already imagine what the gay “leadership” in California would do if the CSC voted to uphold Prop. 8 (a distinct possibility).

    Go to Disneyland for a good cry? Show upto the Oscars next year in a pink tie as a “political statement”? Come up with witty signs for the next token protest against public officials are already on our side? Throw a circuit party in front of a Mormon Temple?

    You know, the usual lame and pathetic show of weakness that will embolden our enemies.

  6. says

    Thanks for all of your comments on my promo video. I understand that there are differences in how the LGBT community can act, as well as the messages we send, in response to discrimination. I specifically made the video directly for the LGBT and friends of LGBT people to try to get as many people as we can to come out to the rallies on Wednesday evening all over California and Thursday in San Francisco, and I am very thankful that Towleroad posted the video in helping advertise these events. I decided to convey a message of peace rather than anger, as I felt such a tone to be more consistent with the inherent beauty found in marriages and loving relationships, and I believe that it is through peaceful, positive actions that we can change many minds and hearts over the long run. I’m humbled by the exposure that the video has received since I posted it over the weekend, and I hope it helps get as many people out to these protest rallies, as California and America needs to see how strongly we believe in full equal civil rights for everyone.

  7. Frank Forsey says

    Is there a site on the web that can be used to hear live the hearing of the supreme court on TDhursday?