1. says

    You know what bugs me? A bunch of highly paid folks got together with a stunning piece of man and all any could do was throw down an old mattress and some blue tint. I have been on a jillion of these shoots and I can guarantee that there was a whole crew of people and they all stood around telling each other how “fierce” they were for thinking up this “edgy” shoot. Bollocks.

    A-Rod, come over and I’ll bust out my 99c store camera, Jose Cuervo Platino (Patron is for peasants), some Lady GaGa and we’ll take some good pics.


  2. Derrick from Philly says

    God gave a special blessing to the Dominican Republic, and the Dominican Republic blesses the world with human beauty. And if you think I’m being corny–go f…k yourself.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Now, ERIC, you know by now NOT to read any comment I write on a Monday. My brain doesn’t return to its regular size until Wednesday.

    That photo of A-Rod lying on the mattress with his beautiful face turned toward the camera is…well, it’s like looking at a Dominican Angel–just teasing us with his shirt pulled up…enticing us with what glory lies just below those abs.

    He’s a kinder, gentler A-Rod– unspoiled (and un-soiled) by his fling with that middle-aged, Detroit bred shrew.

    (see, when I like a man, I kinda’ get carried away)

  4. tim says

    I wish he would just be himself and appreciate that he can be part of some “edgy” photoshoot. So you listen to Madonna. So you like kissing yourself in the mirror. Be who you are: a pretty good baseball player who happens to likes what he likes. Play ball well, ignore the hype, and live your life. It as easy said as it is done. Unless you choose not to.

  5. jimmyboy says



    It tastes just like non steroid flavored jizz


    Now he is far far hotter than madonna’s new toy jesus of the dick loving as vs madge’s vag.

    HOT, TALL, and RICH….damn I’m shallow

  6. says

    He was one of the most naturally gifted athletes in the world, clearly bound for the Hall of Fame as one of the best shortstops to enter the game – perhaps one of the best all-around players, as well.

    Then he felt the need to get on ‘riods and cement that best-ever status. Now he may never even get in the hall at all. If that does happen, I’m glad Karma’s still in effect.

    Plus, I think he was way hotter before he got on the juice. Steroids just does weird things to the face (Barry Bonds got it worse).

  7. says

    “DEREK, your attending a Brooke Hogan photo shoot in Vegas does not equal “jillion of these shoots”. That dry heat must be getting to you.

    Posted by: Robert | Mar 17, 2009 12:49:10 PM”


    As if I would EVER attend a Brooke Hogan shoot!

    Ok, I SO would attend a Brooke Hogan photo shoot!

  8. nic says

    DERRICK F.Ph.,

    simma donna, girl. yes, he is dreamy. i’m an aqual opportunity homo. but there is something about the piel canela and the cafe au lait skin tones. that’s why i luvs me my Rafa, even if you don’t get it.

  9. mike says

    Derrick From Philly: I agree. So much so that I go to Santo Domingo 4-5 times a year. Go to Villa Consuelo and El Gimnasio Coloso around 5:00-6:00PM. You will see men ten times more hot than Alex. And they are friendly. Not necessarily sex-friendly but that charming, achingly-sweet demeanor of Dominican men makes it a joy to be there. It’s just fun to go to El Coloso and watch los muchachos del barrio work out and look at themselves a la A-Rod in the mirrored walls.

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