1. Bakeley says

    I saw that story on Sunday morning. I thought it was a good profile. It was pretty balanced and didn’t ignore Laurents’ indisputable chops in favor of chasing the story about his bloody battles. Rocca usually does semi-smarmy opinion pieces, so it was good to see he can actually shift gears and be a profiler.

  2. says

    Yayyy! Let’s celebrate this crotchety asshole simply because he’s gay and (somehwat…ish) talented!!! Who cares what an awful person he is when it comes to THE THEATER??!?@!@!$@#$

  3. Dback says

    I read “Original Story By,” and think it’s one of the best works I’ve ever read about theater, film, the creative process, writing, the evolution of gay rights/history, and a love story. I don’t really care that Laurents breaks a few eggs here and there–when you consider the omelets he served up, it seems a small price. (He’s a pussycat compared to brilliant tyrants like Gene Kelly or Jerome Robbins, both of which he profiles thoroughly.) I wish I could meet him someday and thank him for his courage and artistry.

  4. paul c says

    He’s very talented. “UGH”, what have you done in life? Seriously.

    I watched this interview Sunday morning and was impressed by his extremely open and honest I don’t give a shit attitude. He’s brave and I love him for it.

  5. says

    Well, I have admittedly not written any self-indulgent dreck for the theater queens to fawn over, so I guess you got me there. Oh if only I could make such lofty contributions to society like this noble hero. Where would world culture be without GYPSY?!?!@?!@$

  6. Tom H. says

    He’s a 91-year-old self-avowed evil queen, proud to be “the biggest bitch on Broadway,” who’s ridden on the coattails of his more talented collaborators for decades.

    Of the four collaborators on West Side Story, three are geniuses. Now that Leonard Bernstein, Jerome Robbins and Stephen Sondheim. In this revival, he’s finally able to trash their work.

  7. rudy says

    Laurents was, is, and ever shall be a first class, grade A, flaming bitch on wheels. He was no where near the equal of Robbins and Bernstein (all of whom I worked with when still dancing). Robbins and Bernstein were perfectionists whose tirades served their art. In contrast, Laurents was mean simply because he liked to be mean. Laurents liked to see people cry.

    Laurents’ latter day efforts to modify that well-deserved reputation (see, e.g., the interview supra) are obvious efforts at “cramming for finals” as he nears his demise, his words to the seeming contrary notwithstanding. He claims that he does not care what others think but it is obvious that he has begun to do so and it shows to all who knew him before.

    As for the revivials of “Gypsy” and “West Side Story,” his “updates” nearly ruined these classics. The cast of WSS, is also to blame because it is simply not up to the task, either vocally or dancing.

    And Ugh, without “Gypsy” and WSS world culture would be less insightful, less colorful, less tuneful, indeed, less cultured. Sounds a lot like you from what I have gleaned from your pathetic, spiteful, and just plain dumb contributions to this blog.

  8. says

    My point was less about Gypsy and more about the fact that homos will worship a self-avowed mean-as-fuck asshole because he wrote some books for a few plays. Way to um, read between the lines, Rudy. Sheesh.

  9. rudy says

    Ugh, One should write sufficiently clearly so that the reader is not forced to “read between the lines”. I answered directly the question that you explicitly posed. I have no ability–or desire–to read your mind, small, uninformed and cranky as it may be. T’road is not Pravda. It is not expecting too much for commenters to mean what they write and write what they mean.

  10. Rob says

    Arthur Laurentis will also be honored this year by the Point Foundation with The Point Legend Award.

    The Point Legend Award is presented to an individual who has, through the course of their lifetime, achieved greatness in their professional career and unapologetically supported the LGBT community.

    Just saying…

  11. says

    I am well aware Laurents is a total bitch bag, but so was Jerome Robbins. And West Side Story and Gypsy are canonical musicals. Gypsy in particular, I consider to be one of the most perfect musicals ever written. Laurents will always get some props from me for his work on those shows (and the Sondheim flop–Anyone Can Whistle, I love that show).

    Rudy, as much as I love Gypsy I am not an expert on it, what changes did Laurents make between the revival and the original (I know I never saw Baby June be THAT scary, but I really loved that).

  12. rudy says

    Still doesn’t mean that Laurents is not a mean, nasty, peavish old bitch. Yes, he has achieved greatness in his professional career but I do not agree that he has “unapologetically supported the LGBT community”. Perhaps a rentboy or two but not the community at large. Although neither did Robbins nor Bernstein. They were all too fearfully closeted in public until they were too old for anyone to care.

  13. says

    Oh Rudy, sorry you can’t expend more than one brain cell to actually comprehend what you read. I suggest you stick with Teen Cosmo from now on, as a real book might blow your fucking mind. What I said was damn clear, and over multiple posts, so if you choose one comment I made and extrapolate it to my entire point, that’s your intellectual deficiency and not mine. Sorry ’bout ya.

  14. rudy says

    Ugh, You cannot possibly be as stupid as your latest quasi-posting would make you out to be. You posed previously an explicit question; I answered it directly. You simply did not like my answer, if indeed, you understood it.

    A review of your canonical “insights” herein evinces no greater depth or precision in your other comments. Perforce, I’ll just assume you are a twelve year old girl trolling this site for giggles with your bffs. You do not rise to the level of a Twitter.

    And darling, I not only teach research and writing but have authored “real books” used in actual law school courses. Your anonymous little nom de blog is much more revealing than you obviously realize. Lastly, I willingly return your proffered sympathy; of it, with so little value, I have no need.

  15. says

    Oooh, you can use words like ‘perforce.’ That means you’re smart! God I hate how people trying to prove they are right or intelligent suddenly amp up the vocab like it’s any indication of anything other than trying way too hard.

    What was “explicit” about my question? The fact that it had a question mark at the end? It was so obviously rhetorical that I doubt even a moron like you missed it. I assume you know what “rhetorical” means, since you are so handy with your dictionary and Word of the Day calendar. Just because you choose to be a smart-ass and respond to the “aforementioned” (OOH! MILLION DOLLAR WORD!!!) rhetorical question doesn’t make me or my overarching point wrong – it makes you a niggling dumbass. That you have much love for the overrated Gypsy does not concern my original point that simply because some fag wrote shit for the theater doesn’t excuse him from gleefully treating anyone and anything in his way like total shit and taking overt pride in it.

    Also, save phrases like “nom de blog” for people like Diablo Cody. It doesn’t wear well on such an aged queen. Knowing what Twitter is doesn’t make you young, hip, or in-the-know. Sorry Gramps.

  16. rudy says

    Ugh, Try to read slowly so that you can comprehend better and think before you post. Were you not so busy defending your demonstrable lack of intellect and cultural knowledge, you would have realized that I agreed with you about Mr. Laurents, at least insofar as his demeanor (emphasis on ‘mean’). Moreover, my opinion is derived from working with the man and seeing him belittle others.

    I disagree, however, with your opinion of the theatrical worth and cultural significance of “Gypsy”. I can disagree without becoming disagreeable but you apparently cannot. Your failing; not my problem.

    Check the archives. I feel no compulsion to dumb down my vocabulary to accommodate twinks-come-lately such as you and your sisterhood of twelve year old girls.

    You very quickly fell to the last resort of the coward: ad nominem attacks. I expected no less from you and you delivered in spades. Now back to your remedial English homework.

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