Barney Frank Calls Justice Antonin Scalia a Homophobe

Palombo_frank In a new interview with CBS News' Ross Palombo, Barney Frank pretty much reiterates what he said to Towleroad in January about the legislature's near-term goals on LGBT issues, but he also talks about the constitutionality of same-sex marriage and the dangers of having it head to the U.S. Supreme Court at this point:

Says Frank, frankly: "I wouldn't want it to go to the United States Supreme Court now because that homophobe Antonin Scalia's got too many votes on this current court."

Scalia Frank's response reminded me of the incident which happened back in 2005 at an NYU Q&A where a student stood up and asked Scalia, "Do you sodomize your wife?" His explanation, which I've posted along with this Barney Frank interview, is still worth reading.


And here is then-NYU student Eric Berndt's public statement in response to why he asked Scalia back in 2005 if he sodomized his wife:

"Debate is useless when one participant denies the full dignity of
the other. How am I to docilely engage a man who sarcastically rants
about the 'beauty of homosexual relationships' (at the Q&A) and
believes that gay school teachers will try to convert children to a
homosexual lifestyle (at oral argument for Lawrence)?"

"Justice Scalia has no pity for the millions of gay Americans on
whom sodomy laws and official homophobia have such an effect, so it is
difficult to sympathize with his brief moment of 'humiliation,' as some
have called it."

"Beyond exerting official power against homosexuals, Scalia is an
outspoken and high-profile homophobe. After the aforementioned
sarcastic remarks about gay people's relationships, can anyone doubt
how little respect he has for LGBT Americans? Even if no case touching
gay rights ever came before him, his comments from the bench (that
employment non-discrimination is some kind of "homosexual agenda,"
etc.) and within our very walls are unacceptable to any self-respecting
gay person or principled opponent of discrimination. The idea that I
should have treated a man with such repugnant views with deference
because he is a high government official evinces either a dangerously
un-American acceptance of authority or insensitivity to the gay
community's grievances."

"I am 17 months out of a lifelong closet and have lost too much time
to heterosexist hegemony to tolerate those who say, as Dr. King put it,
"just wait." If you cannot stomach a breach of decorum when justified
outrage erupts then your support is nearly worthless anyway. At least
do not allow yourselves to become complicit in discrimination by
demanding obedience from its victims."