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Britney Spears Announces Wardrobe Malfunction Over Open Mic


The lights had gone off after one of Britney Spears' numbers on her Circus tour last night in Tampa, but her microphone hadn't and she inadvertently told the audience about a piece of her anatomy that had been exposed.


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  1. I've never seen one in real life, but how is that even possible?

    Posted by: Mark in NYC | Mar 9, 2009 6:03:04 PM

  2. I wonder why her mic was ON since she lip sync'ed the entire show!? I mean...I went to the Atlanta show and had a blast...but she didn't sing the first note! ! ! Glad she held it in at our show! ! !

    Posted by: phillip | Mar 9, 2009 6:03:26 PM

  3. it's not the first time she has broadcasted some candid nastiness over her utterly pointless microphone.

    i'm sure it won't be the last.

    Posted by: Kevin | Mar 9, 2009 6:10:37 PM

  4. It's obviously fake. She didn't say 'y'all' at the end of it.

    Posted by: S. | Mar 9, 2009 6:11:13 PM

  5. She has fans?

    Posted by: Tralfaz | Mar 9, 2009 6:12:33 PM

  6. Cue up the dance re-mix, Mr. RevoLucien...

    Posted by: Mark | Mar 9, 2009 6:26:02 PM

  7. ahhhhhhhhh, Brit-Brit. always so classy.

    Posted by: Matt | Mar 9, 2009 7:28:03 PM

  8. Is she STILL around? Does anyone really care?

    Posted by: Michael | Mar 9, 2009 7:31:15 PM

  9. That audience would have been shocked if she *hadn't* exposed it.

    Posted by: David D. | Mar 9, 2009 7:45:15 PM

  10. So...what's new? Her pussy's been hanging out for years.

    Posted by: butterpantz | Mar 9, 2009 7:46:04 PM

  11. awesome! but shouldn't the next line be "which one of you [backup dancers] wants to knock me up and get married?"

    Posted by: adam | Mar 9, 2009 8:16:56 PM

  12. I can't believe her mic was on - I'm floored! (And unfazed that her junkity-junk was hanging out.)

    Posted by: JayDub | Mar 9, 2009 8:41:12 PM

  13. wow...big news

    Posted by: r | Mar 9, 2009 8:43:59 PM

  14. I was hoping she would ride out in a limo and show her beaver...guess this is the next best thing.

    Posted by: BC | Mar 9, 2009 8:53:24 PM

  15. Such a classy gal, that Brit. At least she didn't say C***.

    Posted by: Brian | Mar 9, 2009 9:12:26 PM

  16. Wow, she ripped her set right from Christina's show.

    Posted by: James | Mar 9, 2009 10:01:48 PM

  17. Oh brit, how lil things have changed from a year ago! i really hope u flash ur twat for us all when i come see u in Phoenix, i do have front row seats, ur the train wreck that keeps on givin , LOVE YA!

    Posted by: ventura79 | Mar 10, 2009 2:36:30 AM

  18. What did she say?

    Posted by: The Milkman | Mar 10, 2009 8:46:14 AM

  19. ^ "My pussy is hanging out."

    Posted by: Nick | Mar 10, 2009 9:37:44 AM

  20. Literally 'hanging out'--like a foot from her body.

    Posted by: David D. | Mar 10, 2009 10:02:32 AM

  21. You can lead a whore to culture, but you cannot make her think. (Apologies to Ms. Parker.) Obviously, one can take the tramp out of the hicks, but one cannot take the hicks out of the tramp.

    Posted by: rudy | Mar 10, 2009 11:17:52 AM

  22. Fuk britney! Hahahahahaha saTan!!!!!!

    Posted by: SEAN | Mar 11, 2009 12:32:28 AM

  23. obviously some of you people care enough to comment or to even come to this site and read about her. haters!

    Posted by: jenny | Mar 16, 2009 7:06:48 PM

  24. Aubrey O’Day is expanding her career to movies now…check it out
    “American High School”
    It looks really funny.

    Posted by: aubreyfan | Mar 17, 2009 6:22:30 PM

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