Man Arrested as Catholics Threaten Gay Lawmakers in Connecticut


Timothy Kane, a New Britain, Connecticut man, has been arrested after sending a threatening email to two openly gay Connecticut lawmakers, state senator Andrew McDonald, and state representative Michael Lawlor.

Kane Both Lawlor and McDonald have been instrumental in the state's same-sex marriage battle, but the threats made by Kane were over a church oversight bill that would have altered the legal, financial, and administrative structure of local parishes, giving local parishioners more control. Catholics turned out to protest the bill last week, after a push from local Bishops. At least one newspaper sees Catholics using this as an excuse to exercise their anger over the state's same-sex marriage decision, targeeting the two gay lawmakers.

The email was a death threat and used the word "kill", the New Haven Advocate reports:

Ct "Capitol Police Chief Michael J. Fallon says the threat is serious. 'General in nature, but specific enough that one would be placed in fear of physical injury,' he says. Connecticut's Catholic leaders claimed a big victory last week by beating back the church oversight bill before it even left the gates. Bishops and priests issued a call to arms at Sunday mass and whipped their flocks into a frenzy that culminated in 4,000 Catholics storming the state capitol last Wednesday to protest a bill that had already been shelved in response to the uproar. It was supposed to be a fight over church sovereignty, but it quickly devolved into a gay-bashing bonanza and a platform for Catholics to blame two openly homosexual lawmakers for every setback their political agenda has suffered. In just three days, Lawlor and McDonald were inundated with more than 10,000 e-mails and phone messages from all over the country, threatening and harassing them for even considering opening a dialogue of the topic. Reading the e-mails, a few of which were provided to the Advocate, it's impossible not to see the church-oversight battle as a proxy war for the Catholics' biggest political setback: the legalization of gay marriage."

Said one email from a "Proud Catholic": "I know that you have the fags (also known as the gay mafia, also known as the brownshits) in your back pocket and pushing this legislation so The Church can be silenced on gay marriage issues in your state," the e-mailer wrote. "It won't work. The people of Connecticut are going to ride you out of town on a rail!"

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Kane has been released on a $500 cash bond. He'll be arraigned in Hartford on March 27.

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