1. Acolyte says

    1. Can’t it just be considered conventional wisdom by now that raging homophobes are conflicted closet cases? (i.e., Mr. Kane)

    2. Why is the CT legislature involved in the financial oversight of churches in the first place?

  2. Mike says

    Apparently it has something to do with the laws concerning Conrporations. I think the bottom line is that the fricken’ churches shouldn’t be tax-exempt if they keep sticking their noses in the political system. They have absolutely no business trying to influence public policy (esp. discriminatory practices for groups THEY consider immoral). This is complete utter bullshit. If they want to play, they need to pay… which means they no longer are tax exempt. Seems like the Catholic church uses is tax exempt profits to discriminate against gays and to settle cases for sex abuse. Shameful!

  3. David in Houston says

    “I know that you have the fags (also known as the gay mafia, also known as the brownshits) in your back pocket…”

    This so-called ‘Proud Catholic’ prays out loud with that filthy mouth? Nice. These holier-than-thou people make me sick to my stomach.

  4. Leland Frances says

    He may or may not be a closet case. Regardless, that’s too easy, and dangerous a dismissal. Most closet cases aren’t threatening to kill out gays.

    The larger point, and one that too many individual gays and professional gay organizations are in denial about, is that not all younger generations are polar opposites to older generations about LGBT rights, even LGBT humanity.

    Churches in the US, particularly Catholic, Mormon, Southern Baptists, various “Orthodox” denominations [Jewish/Russian/Eastern/et al.] and the hodge podge of Evangelicals/Pentecostals et al., are still preaching “hate the gays” as much as they were 30 years ago.

    Recall that most gay bashers are in their 20s and younger—Lawrence King’s killer was only 14 at the time. Guess he missed those “Will & Grace” reruns.

    Sometimes the perpetrators are early middle-aged. Remember the Florida toddler accidentally beaten to death by his father trying to “toughen him up” so he wouldn’t be gay who went into a coma while his parents were IN BIBLE STUDY? Enough with the oceans of easy tears and protests AFTER someone is maimed or murdered in the name of religiously justified hatred and ignorance!

    WHEN are HRC, NGLTF, and other national groups going to join Soulforce in being neither stupid about the deadly power of such teaching nor intimidated by those who wrap their teaching of hatred and their acquiescence to its violence in the Bible and disingenuous cries of “religious freedom”?

    We might not be able to outlaw “hate speech” but we continue to let it roam free at our own peril.

  5. DC says

    The way you’ve worded the article makes it seem as if the rally devolved into gaybashing. It did not. The Catholic leaders there were very very careful to address only the already-shelved bill in their ‘religious freedom’ message.

    I was in attendance as a journalist, and I know that many individuals (especially those zealous enough to write) did use this issue as a platform to vent their misplaced anger.

    But they didn’t do it at the rally.

  6. GM says

    I see nothing dangerous or flippant in pointing out that the root of much of this extreme anti-gay behavior lies in the individual’s denial of his own sexuality.

  7. Rocco says

    The Baptist Church….The Asian race….The Female sex….Jewish people….all men…all bisexuals…Italian-Americans….people from the South….people with hiv…drug addicts…

  8. wmrourke says

    It is difficult to tell these days who is running the Church — the Bishops or Peter Wolfgang.

    The Catholic Church in CT must disengage itself from its harmful association with the radical right wing Family Institute of Connecticut before the religion is destroyed. Have the bishops forgotten that Catholicism is a religion, not a lobbying arm of the right wing? Have they thrown Catholic dogma on the trash heap and replaced it with partisan political rhetoric? It does look that way.

    More and more Catholics are disgusted by the political theater being waged in the name of faith, and are leaving the Church. Most of these disillusioned Catholics are young and educated and their departure does not bode well for the future of the Catholic Church.

    Yes, the elderly and retired can be turned out for a rally on a weekday — especially when they are offered a free bus trip, lunch and vague warnings that its their duty as Catholics to go. But in twenty years those parishioners will be gone and the Churches will be empty.

    I urge the Bishops to clean their houses of the influence of partisan political operatives, most especially Bishop Lori who has long-time right wing activists in high diocesan offices. It is time for them to remember what the Church is about, and lead their flocks to follow God.

  9. wmrourke says

    If the Bishops, the Church, and their leader Peter Wolfgang had nothing to do with the threats against Lawlor and McDonald, and the incendiary speech and flyers disseminated in Hartford, they will publicly denounce them and those who perpetrated them.

    Will there be a letter from the Bishops denouncing these actions read from the pulpits this Sunday? Will there be press conferences denouncing threats and bashing and all who engage in them?

    If not, then the Bishops give their approval of these actions and are just as guilty as Timothy Kane and the rest of them.

  10. mike shackleford says

    The kid who murdered Mike Goucher, “mike-on-a-bike” the gay kid in Pa whose murder was recounted on this site, was on bail pending sentencing on a felony charge. Who knows who this Kane kid will attempt to kill in the meantime.Lawlor & Mcdonald shoulda had that Kane fuk-wit kept w/o bail

  11. philberto says

    It’s about time someone takes action on these hate mongers who hide behind free speech to air their bigotry and violence inducing remarks!

  12. Jaroslaw says

    I ran across this guy’s photo on a “gay” website and didn’t realize it was three and a half years old. There don’t seem to be any updates of what happened when I did an internet search. Anyone know?

  13. Jaroslaw says

    I ran across this guy’s photo on a “gay” website and didn’t realize it was three and a half years old. There don’t seem to be any updates of what happened when I did an internet search. Anyone know?

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