Dr. Sanjay Gupta Withdraws from Surgeon General Consideration

Dr. Sanjay Gupta has withdrawn from consideration as U.S. surgeon general, CNN reports:

"The neurosurgeon made that decision 'in order to continue devoting
time to his medical career and of course his work at CNN,' Klein said. Sources said in January that Gupta met then-President-elect Obama in
Chicago, Illinois, in November to discuss the post. Gupta has declined
comment. The transition team was impressed with the combination
of Gupta's past government experience, as a White House fellow in 1997
and a special adviser to then-first lady Hillary Clinton, along with
his medical career as a neurosurgeon and his communication skills, the
transition source said."


  1. paul c says

    Gupta is about as accomplished as anyone I can think of, and of course, because he turned down Obama he’s now going to be demonized by the likes of “Gary” and other zombies of his ilk.

    Who could have seen that coming?!

  2. Gary says

    Hi. I’m a zombie of the ilk–Gary. I never resort to ad hominem attacks, and I read news and blogs from a variety of sources.

    However, I have drunk wine tonight; therefore, I am present in the comments section.

  3. Satori says

    Good riddance to him being at that post, but I wonder why he now declined? The commercial media will frame it as another Obama misstep or failure, undoubtedly.

  4. John in CA says

    The Surgeon General actually receives a commission as a Vice Admiral upon confirmation. So, DADT actually applies. As ridiculous as it might seem to practically everyone, no gay or lesbian can serve as the nation’s top doctor. Another proud moment for America I’m sure.


    Wooooooo! We’re Number One!

  5. Jack Ramp says

    I was just shocked he was asked…then when I saw what his qualifications it made some sense. However after I saw him on Wolf Shitzer with Michael Moore I was stunned. How could Obama, who wants to overhaul the healthcare system, choose someone so obviously on the staus quo side of the healthcare debate…it never made sense to me.

  6. mike says

    Wisebear asks: Why is this “gay” news? Well, we live in the real world and the Surgeon General would have an impact on things like HIV research, unbiased information for the public about HIV, its causes and prevention, unbiased information about healthy sexual activity, unbiased information about reproductive health for women and men, etc. etc. THAT’s why this is “gay” news. He would have been an excellent SG, too. Not to mention that he’s a nice-looking man (to me anyway).

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    Okay, now here’s the opportunity for President Obama to appoint an openly gay man to a very visible position: Dr David Malebranche of Emory University and the Centers for Disease Control. Just as important as his credentials–well, he’s absolutely gorgeous & gay…probably married though, dammit.

    Hell, I could never get a respectble gay man like Dr Malebranche anyway…oh, woe is me….damn, I’m starting to hear Ray Charles singing “Born to Loose” in my mind, or is it Hank Williams.

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