1. rouquinricain says

    it’s about time that some straight fratboys showed the phelps clan that gay men are more than just diana ross-listening flaming queens dancing about on lawns. wait…

  2. says

    I think the first screen capture there is one of my favorite pictures.

    Times have certainly changed since the 1980s. When I was in college, the Greek association tried to mock gays off the campus by promoting an organization called “Students for Bestiality.” That led to the first time I ever saw a man I was in love with crying because of bigotry against us. My closest friend who was involved in the Greek system attempted suicide, in part because of the way his fraternity brothers would have sex with him, then trash fags.

    I love these new frat boys.

  3. Andrea says

    I went to U of C, so this was especially awesome to see on my feed reader. And I even went to a party at that house! With my gay best friend, no less.

  4. Mike says

    That is my brother (fluorescent yellow vest in the back).

    A few weeks ago, he told me that Westboro was going to be staging a protest next door to their house. He wanted to know what I thought they should do as a counter protest.

    At the time, I told him about the “angel wings” protests started at Matthew Shepard’s funeral, and suggested that blocking out Westboro’s message was much better than any kind of attempt to talk to them. (No amount of discourse can get through to people who indoctrinate their children like they do.)

    He mentioned that they were thinking about blasting really loud music to drown them out… I wasn’t sure how effective it would be.
    Now, after seeing this all over news sites (and after hearing how westboro only lasted about 12 minutes at the protest site before getting fed up) I have to say that he and his brothers did exactly what they (as straight frat guys) needed to do.

    I can only hope that their showing of support (No Tolerance for INtolerance), and their terrible dancing (there’s a video somewhere of Rockette-style leg kicks to Elton John’s Tiny Dancer) leads more frats across the country to open up and support GLBT persons.
    And if it stops that crazy Phelps clan even just a tiny bit, they’ve accomplished more than I could have hoped for.

    I’m a pretty proud older brother today.

  5. Andalusian Dog says

    I went to U of C, spent almost every Wednesday (DOLLAR BEER!) night of my first two years in the Alpha Delt basement drinking with my friends, and attended many many weekend parties there. And I was openly gay. I wouldn’t really expect anything less from these guys, as they never gave me a problem and were really nice most of the time.

    Ah, these videos bring back vague, fuzzy memories…

    Kudos to them – the vid made me laugh really hard! I love how this drove away a WBC protest in only 12 minutes! If I die soon, and the Phelpses come protest, please be sure to blast Liza Minelli, “Bye, bye mein lieber Herr!” and start a kickline! Actually, do that anyway, even if the Phelpses don’t show up…sounds like a party.

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