Gay Event at Yogurt Shop Canceled ‘for the Safety of Everyone’

If a Gay-Straight Alliance can't hold a fundraiser at a yogurt shop, then where can they hold it?!?

"The Gay Straight
Alliance of Upland High School was to hold its first yogurt fundraiser
at Yogurtime to raise money for the club, but the event was canceled
due to complaints from shop customers. Club members contacted Daniel Solis, the Southern
California program director for the Gay Straight Alliance Network,
after they were told about the cancellation. 'Legally the yogurt shop does have the right to do that.
But it's unfortunate that they would cave in from negative pressure
from the community and not stand up to help show the community what GSA
is about instead of feeding into the pressure,' Solis said. The students were given some pointers on how to deal with this type of situation, Solis said. "

Said Yogurtime manager Crystal Cho: "It was canceled for the safety of everyone. It's good to bring
awareness to the community but apparently a lot of people did not
accept that. I didn't expect people to call and read the
Bible to me."


  1. says

    i’m 51, soon to be 52, have been very out and very open since i was 17 years old. i’m getting tired of having the same old fight all the time. yes, we’ve made some progress, but we REALLY need to have the millions and millions of gay people to stand up and put a STOP to this homophobia and discrimination. we have to get this CRAP BEHIND US so we can get along with the even harder aspect of life: living our lives as decent human beings with respect for everyone and everything on this planet.

    and especially, we have to put a stop to young gay people calling us old queens for pointing out the lack of self esteem and self respect inherent in our gay lives and the community at large. we have to end the discrimination in our own community as well. trust me—perfect pecs, big dicks and hairless crotches are not going to bring about the world change we need.

    but i digress. this Yogurt Shop should have stood up for those young kids and told the Bible Thumpers to fuck off.

  2. Jon B says

    So, at first I was sort of going to defend the yogurt shop, but I didn’t realize this took place in California. Upon realizing this I don’t really care whether or not the yogurt shop was in the right or the wrong, but rather I care about what is going on in California. It’s getting a little scary. Apparently gay-related hate crimes are on the rise, discrimination from schools is on the rise, and now this? We may have really overestimated California in the past.

  3. says

    I grew up, in part, in Upland, an hour east of Los Angeles. The number of Yes on 8 signs that sprang up there last fall was amazing. (That said, there certainly were No on 8 people as well, like my parents and brother, who still live there.) This is both silly and sad at the same time. “Gee, if we can deny access to yogurt, maybe we can stop this homosexuality and equality thing in its tracks.”

  4. Tweety says

    Wouldn’t it be great if several nearby businesses stood up against the (most likely 1 or 2) bible thumping haters and proudly hosted many events for the Upland High School Gay-Straight Alliance? And those businesses made a ton of money, once again proving that the american taliban have little effect on society and progress? That would be sweet!

  5. jimmyboyo says

    “…..I didn’t expect people to call and read the Bible to me.”

    should have responded “Sorry, I don’t speak fairytale.” and hung up on them.

    Do right wing xtians eat yogurt products? Don’t they think yogurt is some gay product made by invisible fairies (bacteria) or something.

  6. says

    Yeah, Casey, it’s exhausting but we can never give up never slow down in calling this Yogurt behaviour what it is; naked rampant bigotry. Enough said: it’ bigotry, bigotry, bigotry. Let no occasion pass, let no put-down go unanswered, let no sneer go unchecked.
    All gay guys have different experiences of coming out, of discrimination; after all we are as diverse as real humans; but we share one thing in common, a revulsion at discrimination and bigotry as seems to be on the rise…………….another local business should take up the fight. Is there no one who will rid me of this turbulent priest ?…..kind of thing.

  7. jimmyboyo says


    “…Is there no one who will rid me of this turbulent priest ?”


    I thought the exact quote the other day when hearing about pope beatrice in her red silk shoes spewing bs on condoms that will get poor believing catholics killed

  8. TANK says

    This is how terrorism works. A small percentage calls in and commits the terrorist act, and the business capitulates. That yogurt is unamerican, damnit.

  9. jimmyboyo says


    As clever as xtians killing millions for the past 2,000 yrs. Oh for the fun instead of witch burning, heretic burnings, and the inquisition

    Anyway; I make fun of ALL believers in ALL fairytales. I’m not xtian specific by any means. Orthedox Jews are a riot rocking back and forth all day over the myths of non bathing goat herders while sealed up in a room all the while ignoring the real world outside with fresh air and sunshine.
    Right wing muslims are hillarious thinking their adult version of the toothfairy in the clouds is real all the while stoning women who walk outside their homes by themselves. Hell’s bells the former feudal overlord the Dali lama sure is funny in how he hood winks the west with his schlosk all the while when the monks controlled Tibet they kept the people in serfdom.

    ALL religions are funny. Not a one is good or has ever delivered any good what so ever to the world. They co-opt the good and then declare they are its originator. Good people in them would be good even if they were a different religion. Not one bit of good what so ever in religion. Good people? YES but they are good despite their myths and would be good no matter what myth they were enslaved to

  10. says

    If they have a way where the general public can contribute to the organization, maybe we can show the Upland GSA that people actually do care. I actually live 3 miles south of that school in Ontario, California and I would not mind donating a fiver.

  11. jimmyboyo says



    I will say that the talmud does have some great recommendations for POT as an excellent medicine for stomach problems, mental distress, and womanly times of the month.


    But your average Jew at the time was probably enjoying pot before it ever being mentioned in talmudic writings (picked up in Babylon???) and the rabbis were like why rock the boat and ended up enjoying a bit themselves.

  12. says

    To Gianpiero:

    I also am from that area: Claremont, although my mother now lives in Upland.

    Although the Inland Empire is not a conservative as Orange County, it’s no surprise that this happened there. The store owner probably never anticipated helping a student club would blow up. It’s a shame that any action would cause problems. Letting the event happen would cause conservatives to boycott. Now, LGBT and out allies will most likely boycott. If he had done the right thing, I’m sure our community could have made up for lost revenue.

  13. says

    The kiss in idea appeals. If someone pays my fare over from Ireland, I’ll gladly join in.

    Do these people (a) misunderstand the purpose of the GSA, or (b) think that even treating gay people as decent human beings is going a bit too far?


  14. says

    I hope no one blames the owners who did try to do a good thing. At the end of the day they do have to protect their life’s work.

    This reminds me of the scenes in movies when before WWII Nazis would get up and start singing Nazi songs and no one dared stand up to them.

    The tyranny of a few……..

  15. Glenn Rivera says

    Did I not read correctly, or not? Does the owner of this shop have an Asian last name? What a shame. I bet after any hatred in American on any Asians or Pacific Islanders (which I am part and have experienced that a kid) she would understand and fight for what is correct. She wants to sit back and not be involved. I would not even call her a coward. I bet she fought long and hard for that business – well welcome to our world of living day to day and being judged as “wrong”. And now having constitutional rights taken away – as tax paying and law abiding citizens.

    I say boycott from both ends. I don’t care how kind she is she is pathetic.

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