1. Sargon Bighorn says

    Hello “Gay Leaders”! Did you notice the terms the Radical Religious Extremists used both in the PSA and on the Website? DID YOU? “Gay Marriage” and “Same Sex Marriage” The more and longer “Gay Leadership” uses those terms the stronger the Radical Religious Extremists become in their fight against Marriage equality.

    Please please stop using terms coined by the Radical Religious Extremists to DENY Civil Marriage equality. Use the Term “Marriage”. Words DO matter.

  2. says

    SARGON BIGHORN, I agree with you about the terminology. We’re fighting for civil marriage equality and not gay or same-sex marriage, which makes it sound distinct from “straight” marriage. Yet the label persists, tho Vermont Freedom to Marry’s excellent leaders generally stress civil marriage equality and choose their words carefully.

    I hope VTers will notice that the opposition ads are coming from out of staters. (Out of state influence not appreciated in VT.) The support ads, already playing, have featured VTers and have been clear and well-done. (Andy linked to one a while ago.) The ad above seems tailored towards a referendum, which VT doesn’t have. It may inspire some opponents to write letters, but legislators won’t be swayed by such obvious falsehoods.

    We have busses heading over for the hearings on Weds evening, so it should be a good turnout. Of course the opposition is organizing as well. Gov. Douglas is still mum about vetoing the bill if it passes, which it likely will. He has only said he “won’t be pleased” if it reaches his desk.

  3. Gregus says

    That radio spot is just horrible. Seriously.

    If your kid asks “if my dad married a man, who would be my mom?” you’ve got MUCH bigger things to worry about. Your kid has big problems, and they’re not gay marriage related.

  4. Husky says

    Lets use their NOM website against them. Click to send a letter to your representatives, then erase all the bullshit they put in there. Create your own wording about how the world is changing and other people are evolving. Lets turn their own hate against them.

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