Vermont Gov Douglas Same-Sex Marriage Veto Statement – Video


I've posted video AFTER THE JUMP of Vermont Governor Jim Douglas' press conference yesterday where he announced he would veto the marriage equality bill making its way through the state legislature (it passed the state senate and it's currently in the House) if it reaches his desk.

The video includes his statement and a brief Q&A. I've also posted new coverage from local news station WPTZ and a video from activist Sean Chapin.

Vermont Freedom to Marry is calling for a rally tomorrow morning at the Vermont statehouse beginning at 8:45 am. They write: "We need to thank the Legislators for their leadership and to URGE Gov. Douglas to change his mind. The Governor has a Legislative Open Door from 9am-9:30am."

Douglas can be contacted here.

Watch the videos, AFTER THE JUMP...

Below, a report from Vermont's WPTZ and Sean Chapin's video:

Douglas' phone information is Ph:802 828-3333 (toll-free in VT only: 800 649-6825). For a list of Vermont House Judiciary Committee members, go to Vermont Freedom to Marry.

Posted March 26, 2009 at 9:37am ETC by Andy Towle
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