Music News: Ten Years After Dusty Springfield’s Death, Plus M83, Prince, No Doubt, The Decemberists, U2


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Yesterday (March 2) marked 10 years since the death of British soul singer Dusty Springfield, known for such songs as "Wishin' And Hopin'," "I Only Want To Be With You" and "Son Of A Preacher Man." After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Dusty passed away the day she was to receive the OBE (Order of the British Empire) at Buckingham Palace, and 10 days before she was to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in the U.S. She was 59.

At her funeral in London, Elton John noted, "I think she is the greatest white singer that there ever has been," while Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys said, "I think Dusty would have been amazed and moved to learn how much she means to people, what an impact her singing has made, what fondness people feel for her. The British have always taken pop music surprisingly seriously and they know that Dusty Springfield was unique, a soul singer, a star, the real thing. Dusty's voice is always there to lift you up when you're down. I feel proud that we knew her and worked with her and played a small part in her fabulous life. She was 'fab', and because of her music, she always will be."

The site Broadway World stated yesterday that Wicked and Pushing Daisies actress Kristin Chenoweth is currently developing a movie based on the life of Springfield, which Playbill mentioned in 2005 would focus on the singer's life while recording her classic 1969 album Dusty In Memphis.

Below are some clips of Dusty Springfield both in her prime in the '60s and after her successful comeback in the 1980s.

No Doubt

road.jpg   If you're planning to see M83 perform with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Walt Disney Concert Hall this Saturday, don't expect to hear "Kim & Jessie" or anything off the French band's recent album Saturdays = Youth. Says frontman Anthony Gonzales, "We'll play tracks that are more like orchestral material—mostly songs from my previous albums, for example 'Before The Dawn Heals Us', because I don't think it's really interesting to play pop songs with the orchestra."

road.jpg   The reunited No Doubt (above) to perform on the May 11 season finale of Gossip Girl. Then band will do a cover of Adam and the Ants' "Stand And Deliver" on the hit nighttime teen soap, before Gwen Stefani and Co. head off on tour this summer.

road.jpg   Prince to release a three-CD set on March 29 exclusively through Target, for $11.98.

road.jpg   Chris Brown and Rihanna: Reconciled?

road.jpg   The Decemberists to do two sets on their upcoming A Short Fazed Hovel spring tour—one of their complete upcoming album The Hazards Of Love, and another of older songs.

road.jpg   U2 to release a more "meditative and processional" album by the end of the year, culled from the same sessions as today's release No Line On The Horizon

road.jpg   Metalheads, get ready to rock the big screen. The high-def documentary Iron Maiden: Flight 666 will air for one day only (April 21) on 400 screens in 34 different countries. The film chronicles Iron Maiden circling the globe on a Boeing 757 to perform 23 sold out stadium and arena shows. The band was named Best Live Act at the Brit Awards two weeks ago.

road.jpg   An interesting review of Erasure's Total Pop!—The First 40 Hits compilation from U.K. site The Quietus: "That Erasure were fated forever to remain in the critical and commercial shadow of fellow synth-pop behemoths the Pet Shop Boys seems largely down to their more overtly gay aesthetic: while Q journalists and Mondeo Man alike could cheerfully endorse the latter’s arch pop nous and ambiguous sexuality without too many hang-ups, it was harder to fully embrace Erasure’s flamboyant outrageousness without finding your masculinity just a little compromised. No matter: in an era when the contrived camp affectations of The Scissor Sisters and Mika is hailed as in some way progressive and ground-breaking, Erasure deserve to be celebrated for their sparkling originality and crusading flamboyance, but mostly for their impeccable tuneage. Be out and be proud."


No Line
U2's twelfth studio album No Line On The Horizon, featuring a photograph of the sea meeting the sky by Hiroshi Sugimoto on the cover. Last night in Los Angeles, a special U2 pop up installation was opened to the public at Space 15 Twenty on North Cahuenga Blvd. The installation is open today from noon to 9 p.m., as well. Rock photographer Anton Corbijn's pictures of the band are on display, and his new film Linear will be screened at the location.

Both the Watchmen soundtrack, featuring music from various artists, and Tyler Bates' original film score.

The Middle Cyclone, the sixth studio album from New Pornographers member Neko Case. 

Total Dance 2009, mixed by Tony Okungbowa and featuring remixes of hits by Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Estelle, David Archuleta, Coldplay and Chris Brown, amongst others. Annoyingly, iTunes only offers the continuous mix as one hour+-long MP3.


  1. says

    NO NO NO NO Doubt will ruin ‘Stand and Deliver”! And for what? T o shill on Gossip Girl! Say it aint so Gwen!

    This has marketing department written all over it.

    Somewhere Malcolm Mclaren is twirling his Snidely Whiplash mustache and saying, ” Bugger! Why didn’t I think of that!”

    If it helps anyone discover Adam and The Ants, I guess I’ll get over it. If you’ve never heard them download:

    Picasso and the Planet of The Apes
    Los Rancheros

    Screw it! Download everything!

  2. Glynn says

    PRINCE? – why is this news on Towelroad?
    Do we have short memories now?
    Not too long ago you were telling us what a hypocrit he is.
    The munchkin is a has been to us Mo’s with a memory.
    Stear clear of Target (not too difficult)

    Mwah Mwah

  3. Michael J says

    Dusty Springfield has a central place in my Pantheon of musical gods and goddesses. If I had to listen to only a handful of albums for the rest of my life, “Dusty in Memphis” would be one of them. I hope Kristin Chenoweth will know how to do justice to her greatness.

  4. CM says

    Derek, The Ants were always about posing and marketing. Adam was a graphic design major. And Malcolm Mclaren was long gone and onto other projects by the time ‘Stand’ came out. C.M.

  5. peterparker says

    Robbie, thank you so much for reporting on the anniversary of Dusty Springfield’s death. The clips were amazing. Dusty Springfield is so underappreciated. I’m really glad Kristin Chenoweth plans to bring her story to the big screen, and I hope the film will include her relationships with women.

  6. says

    CM: Exactly my point. I was just being “tongue in cheek.”

    Huzzahs for you on your New Wave history!

    Malcolm Mclaren is one of my idols actually. The man marketed punk rock/new wave and vogueing to the masses in the beginning. All of which are the foundation of so much of our current music/celebrity culture.

  7. Strepsi says

    DUSTY is a goddess. Don’t forget she was not just a Diva, but also a genuine a gay icon. Her lesbianism cut a lot of her career short. But she was girlfriends with Carole Pope, who wrote one of the gayest hits ever with her band Rough Trade: “High School Confidential.”

    I listen to Dusty Springfield sing “Believe Me” once a month.

    She rules.

  8. Paul R says

    I’ve banned myself from playing Stand and Deliver in my car because I’ve had two major accidents while playing it (my only accidents ever). I love that song a little too much.

    It’s too bad Adam Ant (adamant–geddit?) went crazy. I played Kings of the Wild Frontier in my Chevette (this was the 1980s) until the tape wore out.

  9. Dairyqueen says

    That’s the perfect place for Prince’s music: In the bargain bin. Why is he even being posted on this site, since he thinks we are disgusting pigs.

  10. Glynn says

    PRINCE? in case tou missed it the first time around – Towelroad told us here:

    “Prince, who’s now a Jehovah’s Witness, indicates in a ‘Talk of the Town’ piece in The New Yorker that he agrees with the most anti-gay interpretations of the Bible”

    Oh Jessica Christ.

    Now, let’s stop promoting the weeny weiner.

    Mwah Mwah

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