Portland Mayor Sam Adams Accused of Violating Election Laws

An official complaint has been filed against Portland Mayor Sam Adams as a result of the revelations surrounding his relationship with former legislative intern Beau Breedlove:

"Patrick Mulcahy of Beaverton filed complaints with the Oregon Elections Division and the Oregon Attorney General on Wednesday. Mulcahy accuses Adams of getting elected through fraudulent means,
namely because of his lies to the public about his relationship with
teenage intern Beau Breedlove.  He said his complaint alleges
constitutional violations that should force Adams from office. So far, the mayor's office has not responded to KATU's request for comment. A spokesperson at the state's Elections Division said she is not sure yet what statute Mulcahy's complaint would fall under."

Breedlove, meanwhile, has decided to pose nude in a gay adult publication.


  1. CK says

    While I don’t think that having to hide any kind of relationship with Breedlove was Adams’ most shining moment, I seriously don’t think anything falls into the category of needing him to be removed from office…

    The conservative homophobes are just going to do absolutely EVERYTHING they possibly can to get him out of office… one could interchange Adams with any other gay office-holder that they will malign at any turn. Ethics are not the issue to these asshole homophobes… getting rid of gays from public view and power is.

  2. henry says

    Ummm, why is a resident of Beaverton filing complaints about the Mayor of Portland? Shouldn’t he be worried about his own mayor and not the mayor of the next town over?

  3. says

    1. Breedlove was NOT an Intern at the mayors office but was an Intern in the legislature well after Adams and he met and slept to gether a grand total of one time.

    2. Mulcahy is a rightwing nut and homophobic asshole who’s been quoted on record saying that “Adams is sending a message to our children that the gay life is OK,”

  4. Julina says

    Sam Adams is a great mayor! a lie doesnt make him less of a human nor less able to do his job! any why does a beaverton man file complaints on a mayor towns over?? I mean come on we have enough going on in the world today, does no one have anything better to do?

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