1. says

    Maybe I’m just getting old, but I don’t find this kind of “humor” funny at all.

    They give people a sob story or some other lie to work their way into someone’s life and get them to open up and befriend and help, then they humiliate, degrade, frighten, or otherwise fuck with them, how do you think those people will respond the next time someone with a real need approaches them?

    Revenge is one thing, but being mean to people just for laughs at their expense is fucked up.

  2. CJ says

    Mike, I agree… I do not see how this played out stereotype will help the LGBT community. “Bruno” made light of Prop 8 by appearing at a rally and pissed me off. I do not find humor in stripping away the rights of others.

  3. peterparker says

    @ MIKEINSANJOSE and CJ: I have a completely different take on Bruno than you guys do. Bruno often uses his stereotypical but completely harmless character to expose the homophobia in our society.

    Usually, any time you see homophobia on camera it is through the veil of a carefully worded press release from some organization like Focus on the Family, Yes on 8, etc… But the people who direct their homophobia toward Bruno on camera are not scripted, are not polished. Their true colors are revealed as ignorant, hateful, irrational people.

    I think Bruno is genius. But I do have to say I also have problems with his decision to show up at a Yes On 8 rally. I hope the film footage is edited to highlight the hatred and bigotry that fueled the Yes On 8 campaign.

  4. CJ says

    Peter: My only fear is that, while this same principle may be applied to sexism and homophobia, many people may watch this and not see the irony/sarcasm/humor in it. I completely understand what Cohen may be attempting to unveil by bringing out the ignorance in people, however it may be only the LGBT community and Cohen that sees the humor and ignorance. Others may laugh or shrug and believe it is making fun of the LGBT community as opposed to the ignorance surrounding it.

  5. Matilda says

    For reasons that are in no way political, I just don’t find him funny or ground-breaking. Its Alan Funt pranks for the new millenuim. Plus, how could he have “fooled” the National Guard when he was recognized and revealed. I simply find him sad and needy – like Steve O or Jack Black.

  6. Ed2 says

    The fat bald douchebag who is interviewed second, & who Loves to hear himself talk, is just the sort of douche who can ruin an otherwise pleasant day. Somebody make him stop!
    Douchebags: 1
    Humanity: 0

  7. Matilda says

    Good call, Ed2.. I would say he was bald, I would say he was a douchbag, don’t know if he’s fat…. but one thing is for sure, he must smoke about 5 packs a day with that voice.

  8. says

    I didn’t see Borat until long after it had left the theaters.

    Eh, not so much.

    I was more bored and uncomfortable than anything else. I also actually felt sorry for his targets, especially the people at the dinner party who were just trying to be nice to a guest.

    I just hope that this movie will bomb and derail whatever the fuck Cousin It Phoenix is up to with his whole Furball meets Borat rapper thing.

  9. Isis says

    Ron Paul is an American Hero and only wants to reach out to the youth with his message of a humble foreign policy and following the constitution and having a sound monetary policy. He was tricked and in the process, deeply disrespected. He is known as the American Ghandi and this is how he is treated? It makes me sad this is where we are as humans. Sasha went too far.

  10. says

    I agree with ISIS, my freedom means more to me than watching a clown make a fool of himself. And Dr. Paul has kept me motivated to maintain my freedoms. Sasha has motivated me not to waste my time watching his films.

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