1. rudy says

    No, fool, you are “not that guy”. You are, however, being paid as an actor to portray that character convincingly. That you fail to do so is manifest. You could compensate, as many before you, for your lack of talent as an actor by displaying your physical assets.

    You are not playing “Hamlet,” so off with the shirt (and pants, even, if that is what the producers want) or get off the show. There is no lack of himbos in Hollywood who could more than adequately fill your jock.

    You aren’t that pretty; barely a seven on a ten point scale. I’d be more concerned about appearing in that dorky panama. You broke the first rule of hats: never wear one with more character than you possess.

  2. E. says

    Rudy & JJ: Have you guys ever seen the show? It’s really excellent–one of the best things on TV, in my opinion, and deals pretty authentically with a side of American culture we don’t usually get to see. And Kitsch is truly moving and funny in the role. So I’d cut him a break for wanting to be viewed as an actor and not just as beefcake: he definitely has the chops. (And still doesn’t shy away from showing off when it’s called for. He’s delicious!)

  3. Carl says

    Totally agree with “E.” When I first started watching the show I didn’t think much of Taylor Kitsch, but then I realized he’s more than a piece of beefcake. At least in this role he’s a subtle, nuanced actor. He can hold his own with Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, who’ve created one of the best portrayals of a married couple in TV history. It’s the best show on TV right now — watch it and support it!

  4. says

    I’m with The Milkman on this one–If I looked like that, you’d never see me with my shirt on…

    …except at the barber shop, because I’d definitely be getting a haircut.

  5. gabe says

    Perhaps he should take more acting lessons so the people running the show can give him meatier scenes to chew on. His co-stars consistently eat him alive in their scenes together…..Zach and Jesse have more talent in their pinkies, mmmmkay?

  6. noah says

    What is up with some of you? So what if he doesn’t want to always be shirtless and feel like a piece of meat? Do you watch the show? It’s about high school football players. Shocking surprise, most high school kids don’t walk around shirtless 24/7.

    The man is simply saying that he is an actor and should be acting not always being displayed as a sex object. He has a right to his opinion, which is one that is shared by a lot of actors of both genders.

    Why not try to understand Kitsch wants to display his acting abilities and not his body? If he succeeds or fails by his acting talents, so be it.

    More importantly, as an actor, it is critical that he be able to show a range of his abilities, otherwise he will be locked into pretty boy roles that will disappear as he gets older. How many handsome actor have never made it? What’s become of the male leads of Baywatch? Other than Hasslehoff, the rest of pretty much faded into obscurity.

    Brad Pitt became a success because he took roles that played on his looks at times and others that relied heavily on his ability to act.

  7. Micah J. says

    Taylor is a pretty good actor and seems like a nice, down to earth guy. Don’t write him off as a himbo just cause he’s sexy and hunky.

    And why would he want to cut that beautiful hair off? Y’all some haters.

  8. The Fourth Stooge says

    Dime-a-dozen average looks. You can go to any regional mall or airport and see any number of guys that blow this third-rate not-so-prettyboy out of the water….

  9. nic says

    did you guys hear the story about the woman who was given a citation for breast feeding her baby while talking on a cell phone and driving all at once? that boy’s tits are more mesmerizing than that.

    he should embrace his hotness. he may never be better. beauty is ephemeral.

  10. Haven says

    Dude enjoy it while you got it. Cuz odds are that 10 years from now, 15 at most, you will have a huge gut and that beautiful thick hair will have receded or you’ll be completely bald. Then you’ll wish you had the pecs and the hair to flaunt. How do I know? Cuz it’s happened to plenty of guys I know. Me, I’m still hanging on for as long as I can haha.

  11. Carl says

    Friday Nights is a serious drama, not another show where America ogles teenagers. It would spoil the character if he were running around with his shirt off all the time. Riggs is not a showoff or narcissist. Behind his jock facade he’s kind of reserved and confused. So Kitsch is totally right to resist pressures to go shirtless.

  12. Gabe R L says

    Bunch of nasty, judgmental queens. Shallow as well. Kitsch has every right to want to be seen as a serious actor and so he should. If he has no interest in being eye candy for the rest of his life, that’s his choice. Let’s say he does lose his looks soon, so what? I would miss seeing them, but he might be better off. After all, given the double standard in hollyweird its typically the best-looking male actors who are not stars or even working. If an actor keeps his looks into his thirties and beyond, he often becomes uncastable,(especially if he has a baby face like Kerr Smith) with few exceptions like Tuc Watkins, Robert Gant, Luke MacFarlane. There is always the soaps of course, but people have a low opinion of them. It seems more important that whether or not he keeps his looks he build up a body of excellent acting work, rather that show off his hot physical body and once he stops getting roles is just spoken of as a talentless pretty boy.

  13. kizmie says

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Clearly RUDY has never watched the show to have written what he or she wrote. The show is amazing, and so is Kitsch. I couldn’t imagine anyone else comming close to doing what Taylor Kitsch has done with the character of Tim Riggins. He has every right to say what he said, and I believe the show’s producers agreed with him. BTW I love the long hair!

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