1. K says

    THAT WAS AWESOME! Unlike the cliche about how no one should ever see legislation or sausages being made, candy production is definitely something I like watching. “Unwrapped” on the Food Network is one of my favorite shows.

    Andy, didn’t you take a picture of yourself holding up a yellow peep?

  2. Tatts says

    Pennsylvania Cable Network has done a couple of factory tour TV shows about the Peeps being made and it hilarious. First, contrary to the caption on the photos, they aren’t pressed (i.E. molded), they are squeezed out of nozzles–the shape coming from articulating the nozzles over the conveyor belt, like icing from a bag. Then, they go into a wind chamber that blows all that yellow sugar on the conveyor belt all over the place and that’s how they get coated. Hilarious. Then, as they stroll blindly down the belt, an ink-jet sprayer that can align exactly with each set of Peeps sprays their eyes on. The video is a real delight; it’s hilarious.

  3. howard says

    Funny that easters favorite treat is made at a factory called “Just Born” in Bethlehem, wonder if they can be reborn too. no wait they never die…..

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