1. says

    What a shame that NY Senator Diaz feels driven to throw himself in to this, not caring how he will inevitably end up on the wrong side of history.

    But it must be understood that Diaz is a religious, fundamentalist extremist, no different than the extremist of other religions, who believe that God will reward them for hurting others.

    Be clear, this has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the true ‘gospel’ of Jesus Christ, and if anything, Diaz is one of the greatest impediments to other people finding any value in Christ or Christian teachings.

    To bad Diaz won by overwhelming numbers in his district. This doesn’t mean he isn’t susceptible to other kinds of pressure, including from within his own party caucus.

  2. MT says

    I think the best way to counter Diaz would be a counter protest that completely overwhelms his. I say if he does it in NYC we all show up and drown out his message of hate.

    What better message could we send to Albany?

  3. NYCSteve says

    Couldn’t agree more with MT. Counter protest to drown out the cries of hatred. Bring it.

  4. traffick says

    The tax-exempted status of the Christian Community Neighborhood Church should be taken away.

    They are either a church or political organization they can not be both.

    And Diaz should know that. Best way to stop these people is with the IRS.

  5. Joe says

    It seems to me that this is all this windbag has to go on to keep his name in the media.. he reminds me of Al Sharpton beating his just with nothing to back it up. I agree that if he should put together a rally we all show up in force to show him what he is dealing with.

  6. Mel Smith says

    Joe, please don’t compare Sen. Diaz to Al Sharpton; Rev. Sharpton supports gay rights and he is not a bigot. Nevertheless, I think we should have a rally too.

  7. 1♥ says

    Mr. Diaz is doing nothing less than practicing religious tyranny on those of who will not worship his false god of the Bible. His scriptures are a lie and he is using that lie to pass moral judgment on good people (Gays) that have not committed any wrong.

  8. christopher says

    FINALLY the fight for equality comes to our own back yard (apartment terraces). Diaz all but dared gays to bring it when he first threatened not to caucus with fellow Dems if they didn’t pre=emptively agree not to intro a gay rights bill this year. Now he’s calling for a religious holy war on the streets of New York? Queers, we better get off our asses and shout him and his fellow bigots decisively down or you know what? We don’t deserve the right to marry in this state yet.