1. jimmyboyo says

    I see a scared and psych disturbed little boy with mommy issues utilizing tats as a wall to hide himself behind and feel less vulnerable.

    excessive tats are defense mechanisms to keep the world at bay and protect ones self from being completely naked and vulnerable.

    tats are weak and gross

  2. Paul R says

    That’s a disturbing nose of a pig, no matter how you define pigs.

    But I think it’s great that he looks like a video game character on meth! Just super.

  3. fagbasher says


    My words are like a dagger with a jagged edge
    That’ll stab you in the head
    whether you’re a fag or lez

    you all got merked by his lyrics and then cry bout it coz ur all pathetic

  4. says

    The overzealous photoshop “artist” way overwhitened the whites of his eyes. Meanwhile, despite the tattoos, muscles, and gun (that is a gun under his arm, right?), Zac Efron looks manlier than Eminem does in this picture, which is fine. . . I’m not one to judge, but feigned machismo where true machismo is lacking has no effect unless it’s a mocking commentary on machismo; this, sadly, is not.

  5. FizziekruntNT says

    “A bit of botox around the eyes?”

    More like too much skank around the brain. That cover is an epic Photochop FAIL. Anyway, that makes me happy! The douche hasn’t looked douchier in some time. LOVE IT!

  6. mike shackleford says

    Hey, where is that skull graphic from? I recall Heath L. wearing it on a t-shirt.
    Then again, if my name were Marshall Mathers, I’d be overcompensating too.

  7. paul c says

    Moby looks much younger and more masculine than Eminem.

    Also, Moby’s body doesn’t consist of a bag of loose skin hanging off of pectoral implants like Eminem’s does.

    Aww, honey, if you were going to drop all that weight and come out of hiding, you could have at least toned up instead of relying on sucking your gut in.

    I think he’s morphing into another gay-hater from the past — Axel Rose. Drop off the face of the earth for years, get horrid plastic surgery and then come back with a craptastic album to prove how washed up you really are.

    Boo hoo.

  8. Sean says

    He is OFFicially…THE white trashiest homophobe Ive have seen a photo of on this blog.Hes right up there with O’Rielly.All Marshall Mathers need is some little half-wit sitting in his front yard pickin’ the banjo and eatin dirt.

  9. MikeMick says

    Anyone know if the putz who calls himself fagbasher lives near Boston? I’d like to invite him to a reverse fag bashing, with him as the guest of honor. One on one.

  10. Sean says

    @Sugarhill You must have been living in a cave,if you are so naive and ignorant,as to NOT see why every gay person has the legitimate right to be disgusted by this little half-wit of a character.I suggest you go back to your cave and proceed with your hibernation.

  11. Paul R says

    Wow, Matt Sturgeon! You are sharp!! It must have taken hours to figure out this is a gay site, you fucking moron. And how exactly did you link to this site without knowing that?

  12. CoMENTERSuck says

    It’s amazing how pathetic people are on this site by commenting on a celebrity with talent because they’re pissed they have none.

    “His tattoos are a wall to keep him from completely naked”…


    Caps-lock to make all you tards’ realize how insignificant and bitter you’re all making yourself out to be.

  13. nic says

    do you realize how stupid you prove yourself to be? if we are to accept your commentary, “tard’s” should be ‘tards, and yourself, should be yourselves.

    but, what should one epect from trailer trash who idolizes trailr trash?

  14. nic says

    fagbasher said:


    ‘My words are like a dagger with a jagged edge
    That’ll stab you in the head
    whether you’re a fag or lez’

    you all got merked by his lyrics and then cry bout it coz ur all pathetic”

    Posted by: fagbasher | Apr 15, 2009 9:57:51 AM.


    ‘merking’ is something that a smart person does to another smart person. trash talk is simply trash. after 37+ years, miss mathers has not learned manners.

  15. haha says

    Wow, are you all missing the meaning of the cover anyways?

    Or is it just a bull dyke and faggot joke fest around here.

    Try this on for size:
    Eminem is worth more, matters more, impacts more, and adored more then any 50 of you twits combined.

    Sit on your computers and hate ladies (and wanna be ladies) and keep the one liners coming. Actually – keep them coming all the way until May 18th when his record drops and shatters single day sales records.

  16. nickjones says

    Wow lmaoo I love all yall who hating on eminem lmao listen bitches just cause u can’t ever be a super star doesn’t mean u have to diss a guy who has sold millions u think he really gives a dam wat u think lmaoo em got lots of faithful fans and then he has yall the haters who have nothing better to do than come to a random site and stare at eminem body all dayy long and diss it cause you know u can’t do better come on people lets stop being fake for one moment plz?

  17. emfan1 says

    lets be honest would you say that to his face you sissy faggots ems a real man unlike you who sit around all day blogging to your nerd friends fuck you except fagbasher im with him on this one

  18. pfcpack says

    i see a bunch of haters that feed off of one persons jelousness. as soon as one dumbass says something everyone has something to say just to be a part of something since their life aint fulfilled enough with their own bullshit added with their families bullshit if they are lucky enough to keep or have a family of their own. let the man be himself for himself. and if that scares you or upsets you then stop looking. im sure you idiots have qustionable daily issues that may construde your of a homosexual nature. stop being affraid of homo’s or anyone who isnt like you. i figure it like this, “if your gay good for you just dont hit on me. we can be friends and hang out but dont assume at anytime that m gay as well, or else.” why cant you problem chasers just be as rlaxed or open minded as me. get over yourself and get off of eminems nutts unless your his girl.

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