1. Derrick from Phiily says

    Wilson Cruz is edible. And I usually like my men a little rougher (I said I like ’em…aint had one in 3 years), but Senor Cruz is delicious. When Wilson smiles he puts the sunshine to shame.

  2. MT says

    Um, something needs to be done about the banner ads. First it was Sarah Palin and now it’s World Congress of Families. While I appreciate the irony of it appearing right next to a gay cruise ad, it doesn’t exactly match the tenor of posts like this one.

  3. kipp says

    The cute guy holding the baby (the one on the left) is also a super hot underwear model. It’s awesome if he’s also a married gay father too. I hope they’re not just actors pretending to be married dads.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    Because they use terms that suggest special rights. Gay Americans don’t want special rights. Gay Americans want equal rights, hence they want Marriage, Not some other kind of marriage. Any other argument is counter productive.

  5. Paul R says

    What terms are those, Sargon? If it’s “same-sex marriage” that you think is counterproductive, then you’re hung up on semantics. The average person probably doesn’t even understand what “marriage equality” means. And face it: at the moment “same-sex marriage” is “some other kind of marriage,” because in most places marriage remains heterosexual. I don’t think a reasonable person would have trouble understanding that concept.

    Indeed, if you just say “I want to be allowed to be married,” some idiot will invariably come along and say, “You already have the right to be married—to a woman.” So a distinction needs to be made until same-sex marriage is more universal.

  6. shanesh says

    marriage equality, not “same-sex marriage”! it’s like saying you’re not pro-life (what, you’re anti-life?!) if you support a woman’s right to choose…dumb and dumber. and dangerous. we’re for “marriage equality”…keep saying it, and take the word “gay” and “sex” out of it!! it makes a big difference to people who hear it, trust me.

  7. Jimmyboyo says

    I always get stunned /distracted every time I see Wilson Cruz. He is far from the thin no chest kid from “My so called life”. I would be sorely upset to find out he has implants.

  8. Jimmyboyo says


    Derrick from philly

    Yeah Wislon’s smile always is stunning.


    Who would have thought the thin gay kid would end up cute as hell, chest muscles you want to grab onto, and a steadly working actor as compared to the almost non working other actors from My so called life.

  9. Sargon Bighorn says

    Paul R. with all due respect to you, let me explain the semantics of it all. Since there is only Marriage in America on a legal level issued as a license at the Civic center in a community, there is no push to CREATE a separate but equal marriage license called “Gay Marriage” nor is there a push to CREATE a separate but equal marriage license called “Same Sex Marriage”. States issue only one kind of Marriage certificate. It’s called a “Marriage Certificate”.

    Since there is no current effort to obtain anything other than a “Marriage Certificate” or license there is no need to ask for something that does not exist i.e “Gay Marriage” “Same Sex Marriage”.

    I hope this semantics lesson clears things up. Semantics does matter; I refer you to the word “Is” and Bill Clinton.

  10. Jimmyboyo says

    david Ehrenstein

    I’m glad his chest is 100% real.


    Trolls here? Heck the you tube page is flooded with trolls so yeah I agree with you on it being effective otherwise why would the trolls bother.

  11. Paul R says

    And Sargon, will all due respect to you, I never meant to suggest that anyone is seeking to create a separate but equal marriage license. They’re simply trying to allow same-sex marriage under the umbrella of marriage. So while I agree that “marriage equality” is what we’re seeking, I don’t think it makes any difference if we say we want to enable same-sex marriage. Someone else said that taking “sex” out of it would make a huge difference to the average voter. I disagree.

    People are dumb, but they know the end goal: gays and lesbians want to get married. I don’t think many minds will be changed simply by how the term is phrased. Indeed, it’s usually “marriage” that’s the problem for those conflicted on how to vote…”same-sex” and other adjectives aren’t nearly as consequential given how long the issue has been around. But in the meantime, marriage remains limited to straight people in most states, and any arguments for universal marriage rights will require that adjectives be attached at some point.

    I really don’t think we’re too far apart on this point. But I also don’t think that many people who aren’t gay would even understand what we’re discussing here. Recall that a lot of the criticism thrown at the anti-Prop 8 crew was that they removed “gay” and other real-life terms from their ads, and printed up tens of thousands of posters saying “‘I Do’ Support the Freedom to Marry.” I marched with one of those and gave it to my neighbor to post in his window (which is more visible than mine), and though I don’t think that message is strong enough, I also don’t see many people parsing it to the extent that you and I are.

    For the average person the question is, “Do I think gays and lesbians should be allowed to get married?” Then they decide. We might be making it more complicated than that.

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