1. patrick says

    This isn’t terribly on topic, but while I was (halfway) watching Desperate Housewives last Sunday, I was also checking out an event that is coming up this Thursday that Dan Savage is participating in.

    This American Life – Live:

    This seemed more interesting than the television show I was watching and I proceeded to find out how to get tickets. I clicked on the “get tickets” button and found this:

    The theaters participating in “This American Life – Live” are Cinemark…the chain we are supposed to boycott (remember this: )

    I decided not to go, of course. Not that it matter, because the event is SOLD OUT in San Francisco.

    Speaking of “sold out” why is Dan Savage participating in an event that is being held at theater whose CEO contributed $9,999 to help pass Prop 8?

  2. Critifur says

    Sorry, but gays in their right mind may have cleaned up the house from picture one to picture to, but never have taken away all it’s charm and blanderedized it into picture three. Funny this is news. I don’t even watch this show but I noticed this house was the munster house long ago on a chance viewing. One of the other residents lives in the Cleaver house btw.

  3. pickles says

    Good thing the set designer slathered it with fake, perpetually-blooming Wisteria like the other houses -so we don’t forget they live on Wisteria lane.

  4. paul c says

    The Munster version was really attractive…but the artificial, generic box it has become is more appropriate in today’s America. I’m just surprised it doesn’t have a big ole two car garage door protruding from the front of it.

    As painful as it is to see historic homes deserted and bulldozed, on the flipside it will be a huge pleasure for me when I see them start tearing down the garbage that’s been built over the last 40 years in this country.

  5. Funbud says

    All the houses on Wiseria Lane have appeared in other TV shows and movies dating back into the ’50s (For instance, Bree’s house belonged to “The Hardy Boys” on that ’70s TV show; Gabrielle’s was the house next door to Jane Wyman’s house in the movie “All That Heaven Allows” in 1954). However, most of these houses have been rebuilt/remodeled numerous times and ALL of them were moved to their current location as their original sites on the backlot were bulldozed for a freeway expansion some years back.

  6. patrick says

    With all us gay folks who make a living in historic preservation, you think the show could gotten better guidance and not come up with that remuddling job.

  7. Timothy says

    Awful. Modern home architecture devoid of any quirky detail is just awful. What’s the appeal of that look? A failure of imagination or the urge to conformity? Whatever it is, its ugly. Like you said, the Munster’s look was edgy. Now that’s appealing.

  8. Leland says

    I love the Munsters house a lot better also. But I think we all need to remember that this is not a real house. It’s a set. It’s never been a real house. There may be an argument for historic preservation, but come on. It’s not the Psycho house or anything.

  9. Ruddigore says

    The house was originally built indoors on a soundstage for the 1946 movie “So Goes My Love” starring Myrna Loy and Dom Ameche, and moved to the backlot in 1950. It was redressed as the Munster house between the filming of the Munsters pilot and the start of the series. Check out the photos here – It appeared with the turret in the first season of Desperate Housewives, but was redressed when it became Bob and Lee’s house.

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