1. says

    Wow, I’m laughing so hard right now. Every single mistake the bigots have made in the last week, has been turned against them in the most hilarious fashion! YouTube needs something like the Emmys, to acknowledge talent like this.

  2. Sniper says

    Beware Satan’s army of homos!! Haha, love it! Brilliant spoof. Love and support from Britain!

  3. Tim says

    SECRETAGENTMAN’s right. The way the “southern” guy said “against” was totally Canadian.

  4. rudy says

    Brilliant! This was leagues beyond parody in turning their hate and spiteful message against themselves. Bravi!

  5. WIlliam says

    I love it – but why can’t anyone ever ask the question PUBLICLY, the Today Show, on CNN, on SNL any mainstream media – even in these spoofs – “HOW DOES GAY MARRIAGE DESTROY TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE?” OR “WHAT ARE YOU PROTECTING TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE FROM?” …OR “WHAT HARM DOES GAY MARRIAGE DO?”

    I am confused on that front – if we homos account for only a max of 10% of the population – and let’s say half of those get married – is 5% of the population going to bring down the rest of the world???

  6. Sargon Bighorn says

    I find it interesting how many independent groups are making spoofs of an original but DON’T HAVE THE BRAINS to make a hard hitting original message of their own.

    Here we have the typical Gay response. Don’t be PRO-ACTIVE always be catty RE-ACTIVE. Is it any wonder 29 states have taken seriously the “Gathering Storm” message and amended their state’s constitutions to prohibit Marriage Equality? I don’t think these spoofs are funny, they are pathetic limp wristed slaps at the Radical Religious Extremists.

  7. JD says

    Some of the actors may be Canadian but it is a product of Andrew Keenan Bolger aka AKB from the Keenan Bolger clan of Broadway. I do believe he is in the tour of Mary Poppins at the moment.

  8. Blake says

    I’m laughing ESPECIALLY hard right now because one of my friends (who’s in the cast of Mary Poppins) suddenly appeared on screen. Ha! I had no idea.
    Ah… classic humor.

  9. music says

    this needs to be remixed with the volume of the music turned down. it’s often difficult to hear the words.

  10. vee says


    Call NOM 1.609.688.0450 or call NOM media reps Elizabeth Ray (x130) & Mary Beth Hutchins (x105), at 703-683-5004

    Play at top volume (w/o injury) track from Gloria Gaynor / Reba McEntire / Destiny’s Child / TV show Survivor / whatever fits theme of SURVIVAL

    1) Easy source – look up a video on Youtube (or other) — anything that meets the “survival” theme
    2) Hold the phone by your speakers
    3) Dance
    4) If you get a person have some fun with them

    We’ll ‘survive’ just fine