Prince Harry Flaunts Wig and Bra at Secret Society Initiation

Pictures of Prince Harry in drag with beer in hand were featured in a British tabloid over the weekend.

 The Mirror reports: "Ruddy-faced Harry, 24, is exclusively pictured in today's Sunday
Mirror clutching a beer can and wearing a wig, bracelet and pink
garland – at a gathering of the secret uppercrust TT Society. The
elitist society devotes itself to drinking – so Harry fits like a
glove. As well as getting in touch with his feminine side, the prince
also proudly wore his light blue and gold tie – given to members of the
TT only after a special initiation ceremony. One member said: 'The TT is very secretive and has strong links with the military and
Oxford Brookes University – where a lot of the members met. You
have to be recommended for membership – and Harry fits the criteria
perfectly because he loves being in the forces and getting p***ed. Drinking is a massive part of the TT – events revolve around alcohol, where members drink until they throw up."

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  1. Tom says

    And as ever Prince Harry manages to show that he’s in touch with the people… specifically people we’re incredibly embarrassed of and don’t like to be in the same room as.

    Sometimes I’m so ashamed to be British

  2. says

    Damn! Harry’s just fucking awesome.

    Seems he’s come to terms with the fact that he’ll never be king in that dinosaur monarchy. And it doesn’t seem to bother him in the least.

    I do like the Queen, especially after the meet-n-greet with Michelle Obama, but most of those royals seem to be a bit full of themselves, walking around with major sticks up their butts.

    Harry doesn’t seem to share that affliction. He is definitely Diana’s boy!

  3. clint says

    Ah, yet another secret drinking club for the uber-rich. Am I jealous? Only of the connections. But then if you know each other anyway, it must just be another way to keep from getting bored.
    Oh well, he’s still a hotty. Get nekkid!

  4. Joe says

    Events in the TT Clube revolve around drinking? Of course they do – they’re British. Everything in England revolves around drinking.

    I’ve lived here for 2 years and can honestly say that every conversation centers on drinking, every interaction, every social event. Its not unusual to see drunk people vomiting by midday and drunk women peeing in the streets on weekends.

    Basically, the entire population is soused most of the time, which would explain why they cannot get anything done proplerly here.

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