1. NoSleep4Sam says

    This guy is awesomely hilarious. If you google Ian Osband swimmer, you find all kinds of funny things he’s said. Unfortunatly… not a lot of pictures.

  2. Contrarian says

    Ok, I may be an old fart or lack a sense of humor (humour for you Brits)but the whole Borat thong thing has jumped the shark a long time ago. These guys are Brits, right? Is British humor an oxymoron? I never found Benny Hill funny-bawdy yes–and the whole Monty Python thing seemed to be 3 routines endlessly recycled with small changes. *Yawn*

  3. tikihead says

    Someone is selling these horrid lime green thong things — I bet it’s Undergear.

    They sent me unintentionally funny catalogs for years.

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