1. Henry says

    Wow. It gladdens the heart to see something like this. Even if it isn’t a “community” thing, it just represents everything that’s good about the world.

  2. says

    Whatever it is, I LOVE IT!!!

    I absolutely LOVE The Sound of Music and Julie Andrews. It positively exhilarates me. I get goose bumps!

    I don’t care if that makes me sound like a big squishy fairy. I first saw that film when I was in 3rd grade and fell in love with it.


    If not that, then one where people spontaneously burst into flame would be rather exciting!

  3. Derek says

    My friend sent this to me yesterday and I posted it on my facebook, it’s so awesome!
    and I love that it’s to the sound of music which is like one of my all time favourite movies

  4. says

    This is indeed recorded in the Central Train Station of Antwerp (voted for the 4th most beautiful of the world by newsweek).
    It’s a promotion campaign for a new tv show ‘In search for Maria’. Where they search for the starring role (Maria von Trapp) in the musical The Sound of Music.

  5. rudy says

    F. A. B. U. L. O. U. S.

    If you want to live in a world where people burst into song and dance, then make it happen.

    When I was studying at Julliard (the paleolithic period) we would often do just that around the fountain of Lincoln Centre. I still remember rushing out of class at SAB onto the sqaure and performing the opening ballet from West Side Story.

    Ah youth! It is not always wasted on the young.

  6. says

    If this was Belgium’s Improv Everywhere wouldn’t they also be doing something oh so funny like pretending to be drill saergents screaming at a group of 6 year-old girls how fat and ugly they are — or maybe running up to cancer patients and pulling off their wigs?…

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