News: Pontiac, David Beckham, Presbyterians, Simon Rex, Arkansas

 roadIowa same-sex marriages begin peacefully, quietly. State sees 380+ couples.

Becksclothing  roadDavid Beckham now fancies himself a clothing designer.

 roadWorm cat.

 roadCBS POLL: "Forty-two percent of Americans now say same sex couples should be
allowed to legally marry, a new CBS News/New York Times poll finds.
That's up nine points from last month, when 33 percent supported
legalizing same sex marriage."

 roadNYT: GOP re-thinking stance on same-sex marriage.

 roadThe wingnuts are engaged and telling their own to wake up and tell their lawmakers where they stand on federal hate crimes legislation. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has provided a way for you to fight back and do the same.

 roadSinger Craig David is a boxer man.

 roadRight Wing Watch: 150 protest marriage equality in D.C. Organizer Bishop Harry Jackson to launch "the Armageddon of the marriage battle in this country" this Friday, he says: "Jackson predicts that about 1,000 church members and 100 pastors will
show up to argue that the apparently unanimous support among D.C.
Council members for recognizing same-sex marriage is an affront to
Washingtonians and especially to blacks."

 road51% favor government investigation of "harsh interrogation techniques".

Pontiac  roadGM: Pontiac closing up shop.

 roadVermont marriage equality: $228,000 well spent.

 roadThe Presbyterian Church again rejects openly gay clergy.

 roadLambda Legal wins Social Security case for gay dad: "In a letter received today, the Social Security Administration (SSA)
reversed its prior determination to deny benefits to the children of a
disabled gay father in Lambda Legal’s case representing the family
against apparent antigay discrimination by the federal government."

 roadSLDN asks Obama to "stand by [his] word" on repeal of military gay ban.

 roadSimon Rex and Lance Bass get up in each other's business.

Unitytemple  roadPreservationist group lists most endangered places in nation: "This year the trust made a point of highlighting the threat to Modernist buildings. Thus the inclusion of the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, where the actress Diane Keaton, a trustee of the organization, is scheduled to announce the list on Tuesday. The Century, built in the mid-’60s and designed by Minoru Yamasaki — the architect of the World Trade Center — was also chosen to focus attention on sustainability and the need to recycle existing infrastructure."

 roadTop Utah politicians clash over same-sex marriage ban.

 roadKnow Thy Neighbor launches in Arkansas:
"It has compiled a list, from public records, of all the names and
addresses of the Arkansans who signed the petitions to put Act 1 on
last year's ballot. This was the anti-gay measure, approved by voters,
that prohibits adoption or fostering parenting by unmarried people
living together. It's part of the anti-gay agenda of the Family
Council, but as has been well reported, it first of all harmed children
in need of homes."


  1. McArthur says

    Talk about out of touch old, line gay groups, with their lame petitions and letter writing campaigns and press releasaes, SLDN has become a wet paper tiger when it comes to leading the fight against DADT. Their tired old “leader” thinks huffing and puffing over and over on Huffington Post is going to get Obama and Congress off the dime. Bull!

    No better indication of how irrelevant they are than the fact that the sponsor for DADT repeal in the House didn’t even show up for SLDN’s Capitol rally last month for HER bill! Even Barney Frank and Tammy Baldwin didn’t show up, and none of them did for SLDN’s national dinner the next night. Frank just publicly said that SLDN’s fantasy that Obama will end DADT by amending his 2010 Pentagon budget is just that — fantasy.

    Really sad.

  2. says

    So confused when I saw the picture of Unity Temple by FLW but no article referring to it until I realized it related to the most endangered places (even though the quote talks about the Century Hotel exclusively).

  3. Tony in West Hollywood says

    McArthur, I don’t know if you ever served in the military, but SLDN helped me transition back in to civilian life with full military benefits and an honorable discharge after being released on DADT. They are far from out of touch. The repeal of DADT is the obvious goal, but they help gay service members deal with the complications of this policy every day.

  4. McArthur says

    Happy for you Tony, and, note I said nothing about that part of SLDN’s charter which, assuming all are as happy with it as you, I fully support.

    HOWEVER, that doesn’t change the writing on the wall about their incompetence at their primary mission which, sorry for the mixed metaphors, began to become legible when staff member after staff member jumped ship within weeks of Aubrey Sarvis taking over for the departing cofounder. And the body count has continued since then…a new PR Director who didn’t last a year and remember that woman pilot interviewed along with other gay vets on “60 Minutes” a while back who was working for them? Disappeared without a word, too. Every group has turnover, but SLDN has turned upside down.

    The much older, gay Americans Veterans for Equal Rights has seen no reason to fold themselves into SLDN, and Servicemembers United, whose creation and self-sponsored 2007 Call to Duty Tour across the country to educate about DADT was another pungent sign that something was rotten with SLDN, has just opened their own office in DC.

    Meanwhile, I just read that SLDN is paying for ads in Roll Call and the Huffington Post – – hardly places the average American is going to see them.

  5. Paul R says

    A 9 point increase in support of gay marriage in one month is absolutely astounding, to the point that it seems like it must be a polling error.

    Then again, Republicans rethinking their stance on same-sex marriage (though as the article says, less to oppose and more to ignore it) is similarly stunning. Not that the two developments aren’t linkd.

  6. Thad says

    I just watched my local news here in NorthWest Arkansas to see what the media would say about the “KnowThy Neighbor” and the news broadcasters could hardly hide their disdain for the “treatment of these innocent people who have done nothing wrong” and “how intimidating it must be for those people to know their addresses are out there.” -Fucking idiots. They didn’t know what the hell they were talking about. All they kept saying was same-sex couples can’t adopt when it also bars straight couples from adopting. I am having trouble finding a video of their broadcast but here is their site if someone comes across it:

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