Daniel Radcliffe Dines Out with a Lady


Self-proclaimed 'fag hag' Daniel Radcliffe is quite the evolved young lad:

Ourladyj "Radcliffe, who will appear in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
when it is released in Britain in July, attended an Our Lady J gig and
later described the experiences as 'awesome' during a television
interview. The international drag queen mentioned their latest meeting on Twitter site, writing: 'Just had delish meal w/Dan Radcliffe.' A
close friend of Our Lady J told the newspaper: "Daniel is fascinated by
the drag culture and is always asking questions. He went to a few shows
and was made to feel very welcome. 'He's a lovely guy and he
and Our Lady J got on like a house on fire. They have eaten out
together and been to parties. They have become quite close.'"

*Note: Some readers have pointed out to me that Our Lady J is transgender, not a drag queen. The source above has it wrong. Our Lady J also talked to OUT about Radcliffe. Thanks for the correction.

You may remember that Radcliffe also has no problem writing love letters to his gorgeous male co-stars.


  1. sparks says

    Growing up around gay folks has its advantages! Secure, self-assured straight guys so freely expressive are a rare breed .. but fortunately, their numbers seem to be on the rise.

    Doesn’t hurt that Dan is so effing adorable, either.

  2. macNnyc says

    Andy PLEASE correct ur post don’t be a Perez Hilton. Lady J is an amazing musician ,talent we artist who is transgendered.
    She was also honored the year as an OUT 100

    Do itself a favor and watch her interview and music clips
    Anyone who has seen her perform never forgets it.
    Including Daniel Radcliff whoose mother caught Js performance last summer and turned her music freak son onto her.


  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Is Our Lady J a transsexual? Do transwomen who have no intention of having surgery, and who are not transsexual–do they feel that the term “drag queen” is an insult?

    I’m not “reading”. I’m really curious about recent developments in how transfolk view themselves.

  4. macNnyc says

    @ Derrick whats ur point then? If you want to know why not go to genderpac or other resource to find out what “transfolk” think.

    Lady J loves drag queens…SHE just happens not to be one.
    She is transgendered.

  5. Derrick from Philly says


    maybe I had an honest question, more than a point. The tranfolk I know/knew were all born in the 1950s & 60s. Maybe the younger generation of transfolk have different views, and different terminalogy to describe themselves. That’s all I was asking.

    Sometimes I hate young gay people….and they wanna’ get married.

  6. Julian Eltinge says

    Let me get this, you should pardon the expression, straight.

    Yet another turd has floated to the top of the putrid tank already overflowing with freaks whose sole “talent” is feeding their insatiable hunger for attention by titillating the simple minded with the cheapest and oldest of tricks – – toying with gender identity. More Hasty Pudding anyone?

    It discovers that one, as its species always has, can feed off the actual fame of others by just Twittering an alleged close encounter with a certified talent/star which results in an article in the “Oooh, look how cheeky we are” gossip rag section of a British “right of center” newspaper which redefines “international” as “familiar to a few dozen slumming hipper than thou queens and gay ghetto trash.”

    And the highly respected Towleroad takes and publishes the bait.

    Charles Pierce, not to mention Joseph Pulitzer, is spinning in his grave.

  7. seeldee says


    I’m just wondering, what’s wrong with Derrick’s question? Why should he be lashed at by you for being curious and genuinely interested? Perhaps there is a more constructive way to guide someone toward the resource you’re recommending (genderpac) rather than asking “What’s your point?” I don’t mean to come across as confrontational and I’m certain that Derrick is more than capable of defending himself — I mean honestly, have you read his thoughtful, though pointed, comments elsewhere on Towleroad before? The guy is as sharp as a tack.

    I guess my biggest concern is that lately commenters on Towleroad have been getting quite crusty with each other. I hope this trend resolves itself soon as I thought we were all on the same page here. I would hope that if a fellow commenter asked a question that he would be taken seriously rather than being accused of having some kind of agenda.

    Let’s try to be kind to each other, guys! There’s enough shit coming at all of us right now without resorting to being suspicious of each other.

  8. says


    Chill the fuck out! Derrick asked a question and you got all up in his koolaid!

    I recently became friendly with our transgender community here in The LV and I can tell yu that I am always asking questions. AND not one of them has EVER screeched at me and said go look it up.

    One told me the most fascinating/sad thing. He (female to male) only used Starbucks bathrooms because Starbucks usually only have space for one at a time and he never had to worry about being harassed.

    Is that in your Google search?

    Ask on Derrick.

  9. Derrick from Philly says


    THANK Y’ALL. Yeah, there is less civility on Towleroad, and I’m not totally blameless. There are some topics that I loose patience with other posters very quickly also (don’t mess with my SlimJim in the White House!)

    But thanks for coming to my defense. Just because I asked about the term “drag queen” does that make me transphobic? Hell, in the 1970s I was practically some kinda’ trans-something myself.

  10. Leland Frances says

    Mon Cher, Derrick, “Ain’t it the truth! Ain’t it the truth!” And entirely apropos of this tempest in a “tranny” teapot about who “owns” words [and for how long—remember when “gay” only meant “happy”?] comes this:

    “Controversial Trans Pioneer Prince Dies at 96

    The Advocate, May 6, 2009

    Virginia Prince, a pioneer of the cross-dressing community and longtime activist for transgender rights, died on Saturday, May 2. She was 96 years old.

    Prince’s philosophies attracted fierce criticism, especially from transgender people. She was staunchly against sex-reassignment surgery, writing in 1978 that she believed it was “perfectly possible to be a woman without having sex surgery.” She is widely believed to have coined the term “transgender” around 1970, but as a description exclusively for heterosexual people who did not wish to have reassignment surgery.

    In 1962, Prince started a national organization for heterosexual cross-dressers called the Foundation for Full Personality Expression, which evolved into Tri-Sigma, or the Society for the Second Self. The groups provided a much-needed space for her community, but interviewers were cautioned against admitting “homosexuals, transsexuals, or emotionally disturbed people” into the organization.

    For nearly 20 years, she published Transvestia, a magazine for “heterosexual persons who have become aware of their ‘other side’ and seek to express it.” However, Prince was also blasted for pushing a stereotypical, ultra-feminine ideal for cross-dressers. In her 1971 book How to Be a Woman Though Male, Prince writes “if you are going to appear in society as a woman, don’t just be a woman, be a lady.”

    Despite Prince’s controversial views, Milton Diamond, a professor at the University of Hawaii’s Pacific Center for Sex and Society, says she will be remembered for defying convention by being public in the 1950s, a time when there was little sympathy for trans people. “Her contribution to the self-respect of heterosexual transvestites and the creation of a cross-dressing community is undeniable.”

    Your witness.

  11. Glenn says

    Thanks to the prior commenters for correcting the “drag queen” business. And having known Jonnah, albeit only marginally, in her former and current gender, let me just say she is a genuine talent, as singer, pianist, and songwriter. And a genuinely good person, too.

    And if it wasn’t clear enough, here’s the shorter version: Fuck you, Julian. You’re obviously the sort of bitchy queen who has to trash everything you can’t measure up to that has become such pathetic, worn-out stereotype.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, Leland. I’ll drink to Ms Prince (and everybody else on this Friday evening). Wow, 96 years old….and so brave.

  13. Julian Eltinge says

    WHAT does “in her former and current gender” mean? You’ve stepped into it now, Glenda!

    Cue Carol Burnett singing, “Who’s Little ‘ism Is Ooo?”

    And we’re sure “measure up” was but Freudian slip.

    It’s Friday? I command everyone to DANCE!

  14. macNnyc says

    well lets see is Derick IMPLYING that Lady J or I think “drag queen” is an insult? If not then he or she is OFF Topic.

    This post is incorrect and Andy Towle should correct it UNLESS he is attempting to show bias in the UK tabs or Paris Hilton’s disgusting post to the trans community.

    ANd DERRICK Wash you of all people can take some of your own commentary. There is NO NEED TO USE ABUSIVE LANGUAGE.

    At SEEDEE—I’ll tel u what the problem is. Derrick Starts off with IS J trans…uh..only three post above just said she IS…

    And i never said you were trans phobic Derrick. But honey…we all have a little bit o drag in us….that don’t make you a drag queen. Jonnah id’s herself as the T in LGBT.

    And Glenn good to meet another devotee of Our LAdy J.
    She is amazing gift to our LGBT community. A composer whose works have been performed by the NYC Gay Mens Chorus and have the LGBT Youth Chorus in NYC and whose talent is only exceeded by her heart.

  15. macNnyc says

    And JULIEN…U are one MEAN UGLY comments and for you to call someone a turd when you are presently speaking out of your ASSHOLE with your comments you should be ashamed of yourself and so should Andy cause instead of featuring a truly talented and inspiriational artist who also happens to live in NYC his post inspires such hateful commentary as this ENTIGLE person.

    Did you even go to the link to find anthing out?

  16. kristenwvu says

    my god! can’t we all just get along! So what if Dan is friends with/dating a person who is straight, or drag queen, or transgender. Just as long as he keeps on acting and lives his life the way he wants and is happy about it,who gives a f***.

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