1. MackMike says

    About the man arrested in Mass. (how do these Christians live with themselves and their blantant lies?!):

    On April 27, 2005, David Parker, then a father of a kindergarten student, met with school officials at a Lexington elementary school. His child had described to him a classroom lesson in which the teacher read from a book about different types of families.

    The father met with school officials demanding to be notified whenever classroom materials were used that depicted families headed by same-gender parents so that he could remove his son from the class. He claimed he had the right to do this based on the state’s sex education opt-out law.

    The school officials explained to Mr. Parker that the materials and situations in question were not covered by that law. When the meeting concluded, Mr. Parker refused to leave the school grounds unless his demands were met. Both the school officials and the police spent hours trying to convince him to leave. When the building finally had to be secured for the night, Mr. Parker stated, “If I’m not under arrest then I’m not leaving”. He was then arrested for trespassing.

    Some observers say he wanted to get arrested by police officers in 2005 to bring attention to his position.

    Mr. Parker has since waged an ongoing media campaign against Lexington with the an anti-gay group committed to overturning marriage equality in Massachusetts.

  2. flucht17 says

    1.) Since when are children taught about any kind of marriage in school? My sex ed was like 2 hours with the guidance counselor talking about testicles. This taught in schools argument is so baseless.

    2.) Just because parents don’t personally believe in something, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be considered as a part of an issue in an academic setting. Lady, your kids are going to encounter things in the world that you have no control over. That’s why you teach your kids morals, so that they have a basis for decision making when the need arises. Hopefully yours will have wiser hearts, that they’ll be able to see the truth on this issue. But the fact that they aren’t old will help.

    3.) These ‘what about the kids?!’ arguments are coming from people still living in the Anita Bryant ‘homosexual recruiting’ decades.
    Look people, this isn’t some external agenda thought up by those scary tv gays to subvert your decency. No one has to teach your son or daughter to be gay. For those who are, it’s intrinsic. It’s part of being human.

  3. nic says

    moral values don’t change, but they can certainly be perverted as right-wingers prove time and again. they never tell the back story (thanks, MACKMIKE for a prime example of their duplicity) of liberal “outrages” against “decent” people. it’s enough to make a thinking person sick.

  4. KURT QUINTON says


  5. anon says

    Well, she’s not going to change her mind while on the Fox payroll. She’s also opposed to porn, working women and other 20th century advancements.

  6. Paul says

    What seems lost in the debate is that the kids were reading from a script written by adults. The idea that “if the debate is about children, then let’s hear from the children” is absurd. Let’s hear what actual kids have to say rather than a focus group tested script cooked up by the right wing propaganda machine.

  7. paul c says

    So gays shouldn’t have equal rights because it will confuse some children? Really? I guess we should also outlaw shoelaces, clocks, left and right….and adult thumbs, which could be mistaken for the child’s nose.

    This will give them more time to focus on Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and that guy who came back from the dead but was really God and the son of God at the same time…though I still don’t understand that one.

    I think divorce is actually far more confusing to children, and extremely damaging. Let’s ban that shit.

  8. Ford says

    if you dont want your kids taught about same sex marriage send then to a private/parochial school…and if you can’t afford it, that’s your own fault for not having a well paying job and having kids.

  9. says

    Wendy Wright – what a smug turd. I was pleased to see Michelangelo Signorile on because he’s so consistently eloquent, informed and respectful. Like other commentors have said here, oddly, children will encounter many things in school that their parents might not agree with but are simply facts of life. If their parents want to teach them their own biased perspective of those facts, well that’s their prerogative, but surely teachers shouldn’t be prevented from teaching the truth. Nonetheless, all of this is a complete straw man arguement against gay marriage – the fact that it may or may not be taught in schools really has nothing to do with the merits or otherwise of the various positions on the debate.

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