1. Paul says

    what a sickening way to use one’s resources and influence. instead of taking this great opportunity to make a powerful statement they pull out a framed photograph with Giuliani. These guys are so infatuated with their proximity to someone who was once powerful and celebrated that they’ve lost a sense of reality. they deserve a no-show from Giuliani. they’ve got to turn this thing around.

  2. Leona says

    UGH. How many times does it have to be said that NOWHERE in the Bible does it say “Marriage is between a man and a woman”. There are millions of verses in the Bible. Only 5 remotely have anything to do directly with homosexuality, and those can be easily understood not to condemn homosexuality IF READ IN CONTEXT. So therefore, the marriage claim is an extension of an extension of a faulty interpretation. People who cite the Bible or religion haven’t even OPENED THEIR BIBLE MUCH or else don’t understand what they’ve read or choose to ignore context. UGH! We have too many lazy Christians and, as this post proves, citizens.

  3. troschne says

    LK–and don’t forget–once to his cousin…what a douchebag.

    I can’t believe I actually thought he was a decent person, at one point!!

  4. GregV says

    Unless that comment about Giuliani`s marriage views were said for irony with a wink and a roll of the eyes, I`d have to conclude that these guys are not very bright.
    Matthew Chapter 5 makes a pretty strong statement against marriages like Giuliani`s, and the Catholic Church has always, traditionally, been against serial monogamy.
    These “defenders of marriage“ always seem to lack integrity in their own marriages. It`s the same story over and over and over among the anti gay crowd. I tend to think they lash out against the rights of married couples who are of the same sex out of some twisted desire to make themselves feel less sinful… as if to say “Well, my marriage may be sinful but at least I`m not gay!“

  5. Ted says

    Maybe its a version of Stockholm Syndrome? They’re so used to be pilloried by their close personal famous friend they like it? It’s very twisted. I don’t need friends like that, which is why I quit the Catholic Church.

  6. Yeek says

    These three have a strange friendship.

    Even if he objected to the marriage – having your secretary call? Just plain wrong.

    Then these two guys are running around talking about it, over and over and over. I think if I was shunned by a friend – even a public figure – it would hurt badly and the last thing I’d want to do is take it public. I’d want to focus on the marriage. I get the sense that they’re getting a PR turn-on out of this, for some reason.

    Lastly, Leona – don’t get me wrong. I dig where you’re coming from. I’m not a Christian (or anything else). I don’t believe in the bible. But with Jude 7 in mind in particular, I just think it’s a longshot to say that the bible has no issue with homosexuals. That doesn’t bother me because I don’t give a shit. And I appreciate good people like you trying to make the other argument, even if I don’t buy it. But I think we have to face the fact that people who oppose gay rights on biblical grounds are not 100% lazy idiots. Some of them are very bright. Saying that they need to just open their bibles and pay attention isn’t going to cut it, anymore than people telling non-believers that “you just need to read the bible and you’ll see” is going to change them.

    The big question is: are they worth trying to reach? Maybe, but we’re learning we don’t need to reach them to win the fight. It’s happening on its own. Maybe after we’ve won we can have a nice little sit-down power-point show about how the bible’s position should be irrelevant in a civil democracy.

  7. Leland Frances says

    Giuliani, the Falwells, the Warrens, the Bushies, the inbred Phelps brood, Focus on the Pseudo Family, Maggie “Stinks” Gallager, most Mormons, most Catholics, most denominatins, Miss Not Miss California … their “liberal” enablers like Obama and Pelosi and the Methodists and some Episcopalians…none of these people are the reason we are still second class citizens…why some of us are still physically attacked, others murderered, and some 11-yr. olds would literally rather die than be called fag….

    It is gays like this.

    A plague on their house!

  8. paul c says

    Traditional Catholics don’t get divorced. Well, actually they do, a LOT. Funny how it’s okay to bend the rules when it’s convenient for oneself.

  9. MTB says

    Traditional Catholic Beliefs – Please, the catholic church does not recognize divorce, so in the churhces eyes he is living the life of adultry with 3 marriages. Great Catholic, additionally the churches views on Birth Control, yet he hasn’t fathered a small army with these wives.

  10. says

    @ YEEK: I agree with much of your comment. I would say, however, that it MIGHT be worth reminding the religious anties of all the things they (probably) do that the bible prohibits (shaving, eating pork, borrowing money (if xian), etc.). Does the bible say it’s OK to pick and choose? Is the proscription against homosex in the 10 commandments? No.

    OTOH, social science says that when people hold irrational beliefs (OK, redundant), they will cleave to them MORE if you challenge them.

    Perhaps you are right and we should simply remind them that Civil Marriage is not Religious Marriage and their place of worship is welcome to do or not do whatever the fuck they want.

  11. ED2 says

    Even if you weren’t gay, there’s something psychologically wrong with you if you are proud of being friends with the plague known as “Guiliani”.

  12. anon says

    First of all, they were speaking for him, which was a mistake; and second, they have hurt him politically with this story. This is NY we are talking about.

  13. GregV says

    “I don’t believe in the bible. But with Jude 7 in mind in particular, I just think it’s a longshot to say that the bible has no issue with homosexuals.“

    David R. Jude 7 doesn`t mention anything about homosexuals. It refers to Sodom and Gomorrah being perverse.
    keep in mind that the story of Sodom is about a group of angels hiding in a house with a violent mob outside threatening them and eventually attacking them.
    Now imagine for a moment that scenario involving ANYONE. Let`s say that six Mexican grandmothers are hiding in a garage in Texas and the Klan breaks down the door and attacks them. I`d say that`s a perverse act. Did I just denounce all heterosexuality… of course not. The idea that homosexuality deserves to be read into that story has always seemed beyond bizarre to me.

  14. says

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