1. KJ says

    Agreed, Jeffrey. I’ve not watched Fallon, so this was the first for me. Not missing much, apparently.

  2. paul c says

    Jimmy Fallon seems like a nice guy, but his show is shockingly lame. Sketches that would make the Magic Johnson show seem edgy and hilarious in comparison. Today.

  3. mike says

    I suggest sex with men for those chest hair blues. May Kris Allen’s brush with fame be very, very short.

  4. Thad says

    His brother is way hotter!!!! Seriously his brother is *ripped* and his brother is Greek [frat]

  5. Paige says

    Kris Allen is amazing. People need to show him respect, even if some people did cheat it wasn’t his fault, it was his fans who would have voted anyway. It’s his hometown, you want your hometown boy to win, dont you? He is your American Idol rather you like it or not. Stop saying things about him because he has an amazing voice and plays instruments great. Would you like it if you won and put everything you had in this competition and you won and everyone is saying it was a fraud? No you wouldn’t. Get over and show him respect.