1. Steve K. says

    That was EXCELLENT. National Organization for Marriage totally got owned, once again.

  2. says

    If it was only because of her remarks on the Miss USA broadcast, I would say that she shouldn’t lose her crown, however, if she has lied, and is not fulfilling her duties, then she should be dethroned.

    Her job is Miss California, and if she is not doing her job, she should lose it, just like anyone else who fails to fulfill their duties as outlined. If we don’t do our job, we would get fired, so should she.

    If Donald Trump lets her retain her title, then he is a hypocrite (from what he promotes on his “Apprentice” show). Second chances are one thing, but she is following her own agenda, and definitely aware of the consequences.

    If he does fire her, it will be blamed on the “gay agenda”, not her failures by the far (Christian) right.

  3. Sam says

    Especially a 21 year old beauty queen? Anyone who has the balls to speak their mind on national television and continue on to use their opinion to keep their name in the media should be strong enough to handle ‘scrutiny.’ Yeah, she’s young, but she’s not a kid.

  4. Blurgle says

    I agree with Sam. She could be in her second tour of duty in Afghanistan had she enlisted at 18 instead of choosing to appear in pageants. She is not a child.

  5. BC says

    Wait wait wait! Shanna Moakler is being held up as a representative of Miss USA? And she is making a determination based on the morality of her topless photos??? REALLY? I fully understand that crown-holders cannot join sides of a political argument, regardless of the side so on those grounds, Ms. Prejean justifiably should be de-crowned. But the fact that Shanna Moakler with her drunken, “less than ethical” history is in on the decision making process!?!?! WOW. Hypocricy in action!

  6. Bruno says

    @CB: I almost don’t care anymore if the Xtian right blames us for whatever happens with Prejean. They blame us for everything anyway. If people are gullible enough to believe them (which I don’t think they are), then I don’t know what we could really do about it anyway.

  7. Bruno says

    @BC: There’s nothing at all hypocritical about it. Shanna can go nude, get drunk, do whatever the hell she wants to do and still speak as an employee of the pageant company. That all has nothing to do with the contact between that agency and Ms. Prejean.

  8. CJ says

    Except BC, Ms Moakler’s “drinking” isn’t inflaming hatred against minorities. It may be argued that Ms Prejean is indirectly responsible for hate crimes against the homosexual community by “speaking out” in defense of marriage, triggering already unstable individuals to act by “defending” marriage. Ms Prejean seems more concerned in preaching against homosexuality than standing up for “marriage”, perhaps she should volunteer in a battered women’s shelter or such. I find it amusing that groups/individuals such as NOM are defending marriage by denouncing homosexuality instead of working to actually help those individuals directly harmed by abusive relationships/divorce.

  9. Mark says

    @BC: Shanna criticized Prejean for not disclosing that the photos were taken when asked, not for taking them in general.

  10. Mark says

    Normally I wouldn’t take it so seriously either. The right wing may claim that the left and gays are personally attacking her, and I can admit that they are right– but not for what she said during the pageant.

    I take interest (and satisfaction) in seeing NOM and Ms. Prejean being given a well-deserved smack-down because they both actively work to prohibit my rights as a good human-being through the use of misinformation and fear, and for trying to use their own personal religious convictions as a reason to alter laws in a nation that was founded upon the separation of church and state.

    To the far right-wingers: it has been made clear through this situation that the only “activist agenda” present today is your own: NOM for destroying Ms. Prejean’s career to further their goals, and Ms. Prejean herself for throwing away her responsibilities and title for personal gain in the media, regardless of who she ran over along the way.

  11. BC says

    Bruno-so its a do as I say not as I do organization. Ok.

    CJ – again no one would give two shits about her if Perez didn’t flip out. We would have said, “What a dumb answer” and then moved on. Remember, her answer was that she believed marriage was between a man and a woman. Obama/Biden said same thing. Now AFTER Perez went nuts, people interviewed her for deeper views. She would have simply faded away, just like every first runner up. So really I blame Perez for any “Hate crimes” you think this woman is responsible for. But I do fully agree with you that an organization by that name (NOM) should be focused on marriage and not on gays.

    Mark – point taken on that account.

  12. says

    Lewis and Moakler really had no choice. They had to have someone honor Miss California’s obligations now that Miss Carrie has decided to turn her back on an organization that did so much for her.

    I’m not the same Sam who commented earlier, but I agree with him totally.

  13. Ted says

    Can they get their tits back from her?

    [Sorry this is my third comment on this slut, all revolving around her tits. Maybe I’m straight after all!]

  14. DD says

    “Bruno-so its a do as I say not as I do organization. Ok.” -CJ

    You still don’t get it. Prejean broke her contract. Moakler is not under any contract to not do those things.

  15. Ted says

    ZNSD, now that you’ve said it, we need an official definition of “prejean” – Dan Savage??

  16. says

    I think it’s great that Donald Trump gets to make the final decision. Not only do we have to put up with seeing this idiot, but now we get to see Trump and his hair all over the news. Thanks Carrie!

  17. Bayley says

    Resident Miss California guy here (I’m with the camp and dish it only on Towleroad)

    A.) Shanna Moakler did all those things (pose nude, amongst other) years, and I mean YEARS *after* she not only finished her reign as a titleholder but crowned the new girl. Being a beauty queen is quite simple…you don’t have to be a nun for your whole life. Infact, we just had a former Miss USA get signed with Vivid entertainment (adult porn company)….you just have to be well behaved for ONE year of your life. The year you are Miss (insert obscure state) …that’s it. No nudes. No gangbangs. No crimes or kicking puppies and you win a boat load of prizes and get a gorgeous tiara. If you can’t handle that, here’s a novel idea, don’t sign up for the (bleep) pageant stripping another girl who has had a lifelong dream of being Miss (obscure state here again) away from that.

    B.) One might wonder what the duties of Miss California is. You may not hear it burried between Lindsey Lohan DUIs and Britney Spears meltdowns, but for the most part, a great majority of these Miss Californias do heavy duty work. They partner up with a cause of their choice, last years winner Raquel Beezley, incidently chose Human Rights Campaign as her platform of the year (yes, we all in the Cali org wish she got posed that question) the year before the winner did amazing work with youth based charities….this year we have a young lady who hijacked the system and not only is she dead set on taking herself (reputation) down, she’s wanting to drag us into the quick sand with her. She’s missed more appearances than I can count. Again, all those appearances may not be making the cover of TMZ’s homepage, but they are indeed scheduled and aimed to be attended to, which previosu winners have had absolutely no problem attending. Miss Californias can making anywhere from five to ten various appearances throughout the state any given week. It’s been 3 weeks now that Ms. prejean has been M.I.A …you do the math (on missed appearances thus far)

    C.) They’ve got a brand to protect, and they’re dealing with a little girl who only wants to promote herself while having no issues parading that brand (of theirs)….you can’t have your cake, then bomb the bakery. You want to be a divisive voice amongst many? knock yourself out (really) but do so without the Miss California banner that has afforded you nearly $75,000 worth of prizes. She had no issues accepting them, now that they kindly ask her to make an appearance (as these appearances are what is sustaining this program and keeping it alive- they get paid for appearaing at functions) she is nowhere to be seen. That’s the most petty way to slap someone in the face.

    Carrie, there’s a reason us pageant people have always hurled out “world peace”… works! and it actually wins you the crown, especially when you like, you know, believe in it!

  18. Rann says

    Bayley’s comments above are such a great summary of why she should be fired. But if she is fired today, Donald Trump, who is a real a-hole himself, should make it very clear it is not because of her opinions on marriage equality or her answer at the pageant. It is because she broke her contract multiple times pure and simple. And for those who belittle pageants and/or the ladies in them, you do not know what it is all about so please reread the comments above that explain it!! Carrie has become a true embarrassment to Miss California and anyone else’s exploits have no bearing in that and her breach of contract.

  19. CJ says

    “Bruno-so its a do as I say not as I do organization. Ok.” -CJ

    You still don’t get it. Prejean broke her contract. Moakler is not under any contract to not do those things.

    POSTED BY: DD | MAY 12, 2009 12:16:16 AM

    Um, I never wrote that, I think you misread who was attached to what comment. I agree with you.