Movies: Kirk/Spock, Bernal/Luna, Jekyll/Hyde

 road Sorry, gay Trekkies. It's not the fan romanticized Kirk/Spock pairing which created the entire subgenre now known as "slash fiction" in which beloved characters get their gay on (contemporary popular pairings include Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy and Legolas/Aragorn). No, the 11th Star Trek picture goes full tilt boogie into an Uhura/Spock romance… though this isn't without speculative precedent either. Here's a few fun videos to illustrate both. First, a hilariously winking "backrub" scene from the original Star Trek series plus a Kirk/Spock slash video. Second row, a scene where Uhura sings and flirts with Spock that gets strangely edited out of television airings. Finally a brief interview with George Takei (Lieutenant Sulu), Star Trek's real life gay hero on sexuality in the TV series and gay marriage.

 road Will Alias and Nip/Tuck hottie Bradley Cooper be playing The Green Lantern? This and other blockbuster casting conundrums discussed at The Film Experience.


 road "Don't Drop the Promotional Item" Next week's season finale of Prison Break promoted with a bar of soap? Uh… No comment.

 road  Have you been watching Make Me a Supermodel? In Wednesday's episode (the naked episode, NSFW) blonde single mother Amanda got the boot. They thought she was trying too hard to be sexy in every photoshoot. She's trying too hard at home, too. She told the confessional cameras that she walks around naked at home because she doesn't want her son to turn out gay "no offense!" Um. Ewww! I hope she's not doing sexy posing for him, too.

Brandon_dog road  New Pic: Brandon Routh has the lead role of Dylan Dog, a nightmare investigator, in the comic book adaptation Dead of Night. Still no sign of Superman Returns… Again.

 road  Jekyll & Hyde has long served as a great metaphor for men losing their battle with their inner beast. Keanu Reeves snagged the double role in an upco ming movie. Funny, I never really thought of Keanu as someone with much going on on the inside. The outside on the other hand…


  1. crispy says

    Uh, ok. I mean, I guess a stronger take on the new Star Trek film would have been: Why has Star Trek, whose primary mission from its beginning in 1966 was to show all facets of mankind working together peaceably in pursuit of knowledge, never in 40 years and umpteen reincarnations featured a gay main character?

    I don’t really care about fanfic.

  2. Billy says

    These blogs don’t fit with the Towleroad tone. They’re hard to read, and every time I see that stupid Penelope Cruz intro on this page, I roll my eyes.

  3. says

    Crispy — very good point. I thought about discussing that. That was also a really disapponting aspect of “Battlestar Galactica” (RIP) in particular since that show took the collapse of gender and racial divides even further than Star Trek arguably. And yet the gay stuff was either only on webisodes or only involving a murderous lesbian.

    too bad.

    also I find it interesting that George Takei (in the interview posted) seems to think Star Trek not mentioning it was equivalent to saying it was no big deal. But if it wasn’t a big deal, wouldn’t it have been visible?

  4. crispy says

    I could have lived with Battlestar’s too-brief flirtation with homosexuality if certain characters hadn’t turned out to be angels. Groan.

    As for Star Trek, there’s a long and sordid history of producers, including Roddenberry, attempting to feature gay characters. It’s too bad the glossy, new revival doesn’t finally go where Star Trek has never gone before.

  5. Matt says

    I can forgive no gay character in the new Star Trek movie; they had enough to do just re-introducing the existing characters again and getting them on the bridge together. It would have felt contrived to have a gay-moment and would have felt to me like pandering. I’m all for a gay Star Trek character, but I don’t want some 10-second throwaway line just to do it.

  6. anon says

    The fan created new episodes, written by actual screen guild writers (though not at all well) done by the new-voyages people do break into this territory. You can watch them on the web.

  7. tia says

    Wow man – you really don’t know who Keanu is do you? He has more going on in his little finger than you probably do in your life. I could educate you but why don’t you try to find out a little bit more about this man before you tear him down. Try learning on your own and not take the “word” of what other people say. Your a jerk!!

  8. Henry says

    I think it would really interesting in the next movie to reveal that the character of Sulu is gay. It wouldn’t really negate any of the the previous mythology since his romantic life was never fleshed out. I think it would also give an odd real life nod to George Takei. I’m sure John Cho wouldn’t mind kissing a guy if it was done in a compelling way that added to the richness of the story.

  9. Anakin McFly says

    Keanu possibly has more going on inside than the rest of Hollywood combined. Next time, do some research before you write or you’ll just come across as seriously ignorant. Which you did.

  10. phil says

    I’ve seen Julia, and I wouldn’t recommend it–way depressing in an unnecessary way. I believe certain films are made to capture the human nature that can overtake us in dark times, but this film, in particular, pushes the envelope off the table and into the trash. The darkness and depressing, horrid nature of this film takes too many turns into a deeper forest when anyone who’s got any sort of mind (as in not the comatose or brain-dead, no matter how much of drunk or idiot) wouldn’t ever go as far as Tilda Swinton’s character, Julia, does. After the worst of it (and the movie should end in the dessert, not to give too much of a spoiler), it just gets to a point of too much that the conflicts and drama would be laughable if it wasn’t so depressing.

    Swinton held her character together and definitely did a proper job of portraying the script’s idea of what Julia was supposed to be, but it was still a poorly written bit of trivial “woe (and whoa!)-is-life” piece that gives us no hope in a world where it’s already sparse.

    If you want to see true drama, I recommend renting a documentary about what’s really happening in our world–The Betrayal, for one, of if you really want depression that’s worth it–The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo.

    Don’t waste your time or money on Julia. Tilda Swinton, though good in this, will be better in better films later, and has been previously.

  11. says

    I see the Keanu fans are out.

    I actually like Keanu and suspect I’ve seen A LOT more of his films than you think. That said, there’s very little question (even if you disagree) that the general consensus regarding his acting does not begin to suggest he can play this role.

    To play a split personality character or a character with another character buried another it requires an actor able to plum depths when he’s onscreen. I loved Keanu in Little Buddha, Bill & Ted, Speed and Something’s Gotta Give to to name a few examples but when has he ever shown any ability for subtext or layers?

  12. Greg says

    I think Keanu’s definatly got a stoic, coolness about him that makes him believable in roles like Constantine and The Matrix, but come on when it comes to anything dramatic or where he has to display real emotion, he comes up short. Like Nathaniel wrote, Keanu’s definately pretty to look at and I believe that’s what draws people to the theaters to see his movies. His gorgeous looks and his coolness factor is at least what draws me to his movies. Be honest with yourselves Keanu fans, what really has gotten Keanu as far as he has…his pretty face or his acting..err..ehem..ability?

  13. Rick says

    Keanu Reeves is nothing but eye candy and most likely a great piece of ass but other than that, he sucks as an actor and has no personality whatsoever. If I had the good fortune to fuck him, I’d tell him to not mutter a word so his monotone voice wouldn’t ruin the mood.