Nation Awaits California Supreme Court Prop 8 Decision

The California Supreme Court has just over a month (June 3) to deliver its decision on Proposition 8. Much has happened since the arguments. NCLR's Kate Kendell thinks it's toast, citing the recent advances in Iowa and New England. Let's hope so:

Lu "I have always believed the California Supreme Court should strike
down Prop 8 because the law is so overwhelmingly on our side. But I
feared that other factors might result in an adverse decision. That
fear has now been replaced by hope as courts and legislatures — as well
as public opinion — have moved sharply in our direction. The Court can
cement its legacy by overturning Prop 8 and upholding our
Constitution’s promise of equal protection. Or it can cause untold pain
and hardship to our community and forever undermine the independence of
the judiciary and the historic role of the courts in protecting
minority rights. I believe the Court will do the right thing."

(via rex wockner, who agrees)

REMINDER: Day of Decision.