NH Senate Sends Approved Marriage Equality Amendment to House

Nh An amendment requested by Governor John Lynch to the marriage equality bill recently passed by the legislature has been approved by the Senate and sent to the House:

"The 14-10 party-line vote in the Senate accepted Lynch's proposed
language. If the House also approves the amendment, the governor could
have the bill on his desk as early as Wednesday afternoon. The House
previously passed the same-sex marriage bill 178-167."

The House is currently considering the bill.


  1. Andalusian Dog says

    We could add state number 6 to the list by the end of the day! This is so exciting!!!

    CA, NY need to get their heads checked.

  2. stephen k says

    JIM, where are you seeing that? The most current piece (from the WSJ) I can find on Google News still says the House is looking at it.