1. Harrison says

    As if I needed another reason not to watch this show… now I have one.

    And are we at all surprised this show is broadcast on Fox? Hmm.

  2. says

    I thought the first season was pretty good, but after reading about the presenter’s hostility/bias against gay guys I never bothered to watch the show regularly. Maybe another cable channel should make an inclusive dance competition show instead to compete against next year’s season of this show.

  3. Ralph says

    Disgusting, appalling — and what the wealthy want — to use corporate broadcasts on public airwaves to create division … and keep the masses fighting amoungst themself — so they will not revolt and allow the top 1% keep the majority of wealth and resources.

    Straight Supremacy is about special rights.

  4. Nat says

    It’s like the teapot calling the kettle black… I just don’t get it.

    Though the teapot is self-loathing.

  5. Automotive Enthusiast says

    @ Harrison

    I was just thinking that same thing.

    I had just posted on a similar topic that is this why I dont watch TV anymore.Someone called me last nite to tell me that this happened.I came off like “Im not surprised”

    Arent most str8 men (not quite all of them) but arent most moderately anti-gay/homophobic

  6. Steve says

    Anyone got any idea where to email a complaint about this blatant on-air homophobia?

  7. Gabe R L says

    So, its okay for men to take dance lessons and even be professional dancers as long as they’re not gay? That hardly encourages the idea that there is nothing wrong with being gay. This garbage makes me sick. Its insulting to all those men (mostly gay) who have brought so much beauty to dance and withstood disapproval and taunts in order to make their accomplishments. Catering to straight men’s homophobia won’t solve the problem. What makes this really bad is that you just know that this Nigel person is gay himself.

  8. Bobby says

    I’m so fuckin’ sick of people like Nigel Lythgoe telling me and everyone else what the world wants or what America wants.

    He looks like the worst screaming queen that ever walked and he says shit like that?

    Fuck him. Maybe we should start an internet rampage that will keep people from watching that show.

  9. says

    Right, because we SO need tips on how to be a man from a guy who looks like a Kajagoogoo reject from 1983.

    I’m offended by this towering plonker and I intend to complain to his idiotic channel for broadcasting this anachronistic garbage.

  10. Christian Canterbury says

    Yeah, I saw this. It was a sharp downer on a show that was entertaining up until this point.
    Yes, the dancing seemed a little odd (although the costumes were spandexy/flamey cute). And that fall was pretty embarrassing but Nigel Lythgoe’s comments were thoroughly reprehensible and homophobic.
    I understand their confusion with these men and traditional gender roles in ballroom dance. And maybe this show wasn’t the best forum for these guys, but to make fun of their sexuality (“Try dancing with girls, you might like it”) was pretty low and disgusting. And STUPID to an audience where a good portion of the audience is gay. Is this jackass the reason why ballet is the one form of dance never featured on the show?
    I can’t under stand how a former dancer like Lythgoe can be so homophobic. I’m sure he’s worked with plenty of gay choreographers in his life. Does he hate himself?
    BTW A few years ago I danced with a drunk-off-her ass Mary Murphy in gay bar in West Hollywood. (she was practically falling atop me) so, I know her issue is not with the gays but with the dance/gender issue.
    I actually think I may pass on the show this season based on this. It would be hard to watch Mr.Lythgoe behind his judging table now and not think he was bias, based on his perceived notions of gay and straight.

  11. whysosensitive says

    Why is “anally violated” offensive to gay people? Seriously. Not everyone likes to bottom like I do so yes indeed… taking it in the ass can be a violation to other people.

    And what in the hell is wrong with thinking a male dancer is not masculine enough. NOTHING.

    Sometimes what I hate most about being gay is other gay people that can’t take a fucking joke and take offense to everything.

  12. lindyhopper says

    “If I just stick with the dancing”
    Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do Nigel?

    They may think they know everything about dancing, but seriously?

    Guess they don’t know that in the swing dance community you’ll see women dance with women, and men dance with men. It’s not a sex thing, (it’s most likely neither of the pair is gay), it’s just through the joy of dance. It’s fun, and done with the knowledge that it’s lead & follow, not male & female.

    YouTube examples:

  13. Sagebrush Dan says

    Nigel’s and Mary’s comments were beyond offensive. Don’t they actually think gay people might watching or, gasp, dancing??

  14. Gabe R L says

    This is personal for me. One of my many artistic pursuits is dance, I fell in love with it at an early age, and have pursued it ever since. I did it with the encouragement of many dance students and professionals who told me that their was nothing wrong with a boy pursuing dance or with a man being a dancer, that it was a beautiful thing, and that if being a dancer meant being gay, then it was a good thing. To watch these people tear down these two men like that was really hurtful. They ought to be ashamed, but are probably not.

    I actually wathced the whole video and was touched by the reactions of Kayla’s granddparents. I wish that these two men had people their to give them their support after such a bruising.

    On a lighter note, I don’t think Mitchel is being honest in calling himself ‘straight.’ He had gay vocal patterns and mannerisms too obvious to ignore. But he’ll deal with it.

  15. David D. says

    For all its struggling to make modern and classical dance seem hip and relevant, this show often seems more conservative than the Lawrence Welk show. And often less fun.

    In the real world, men dance together onstage and off all the time in styles that range from sporty and playful to intimate and erotic. Nigel’s refusal to represent this on his show does a great disservice to the art of dance as a whole.

  16. Leland Frances says

    Paging SAAD er GLAAD!

    GLAAD, Line 1!

    GLAAD, Line 1! Still holding.

    I’m sorry, Sir, their balls seem to be disconnected.

  17. Bill says

    Nigel is anti-gay. When two people of the same sex dance there are no male and female roles. Stop imposing heterosexual conventions on everything and everyone.

    It’s not gay people’s job to make heterosxual males feel comfortable. Heterosexual male identity is fragile, always has been always will be. Gay men just do your thing with confidence in yourself.

  18. johnny says

    What’s really odd is how he looks as if he’s enjoying the performance during… why the crap afterwards?

    There’s historically MANY dance performances with men-only themes in which the men touch each other or partner, large groups of them on stage in ballet, modern dance, interpretive, etc… I don’t get what the fuss is about. He’s just an old soggy queen that can’t handle anything out of his ultra-rigid view of what dance should be. To anyone in the know about dance, this is nothing new at all. He’s also scared that it will offend their advertisers and the show will get axed due to lack of ad money.

  19. says

    Wait, the man with the Peter Frampton circa 1976 hairdo is saying he likes to see “guys be guys”? Perhaps he’s the one alienating the audience? Just seeing his face makes me happy I’ve never watched the show.

  20. pete says

    What was hilarious to me was the woman with the half shaved head telling the men what are female and male poses. Hey honey your head is shaved how female gender role is that…. hypocrite

  21. Automotive Enthusiast says

    @ Bill

    AMEN!!! Ive been saying this since I came out at age 14.Yea thats right new generation,we are coming out earlier and with the support from family and friends we are taking pride in ourselves at an earlier age.

  22. Automotive Enthusiast says

    The worst time to piss off gay people.Nigel!! Good work,you’ll be hearing from my lawyers you bigoted heroin addict-lookin boozy clown.

  23. says

    I’m actually not surprised at all by Nigel and Mary’s comments, and while I wasn’t as outraged as some other commenters, I do feel that their ignorant comments were bordering on offensive. The reason it doesn’t surprise me is because the ballroom world is incredibly rigid in it’s attempts to maintain traditional gender roles in their medium. I’m almost certain that those comments would not have been made if those boys had done a modern routine or even a pas de deux.

    As for the reason they don’t do ballet on the show, it’s because ballet is the most rigid in terms or form and technique. What could be correctly taught to a dancer with no ballet training would be so remedial that it wouldn’t be interesting to watch.

  24. says

    SYTYCD is one of my guilty pleasures but last night I just felt guilty. Nigel and Mary and Napoleon and Tabitha for that matter should apologize and do so quickly. The show is fun because you actually have to have talent to compete on it as opposed to some reality shows. But it’s no fun to watch Nigel sound like he time traveled from LOST’s 1950’s version of the island. We need Daniel Faraday to flash him forward to reality. Very disappointing.

  25. kipp says

    Nigel is always acutely sensitive to what “fathers” in the audience think about dancing – this is either paranoia or a reflection of his own upbringing.

    Mary and the other judge were not mocking or mean – they were honest about the fact that these guys threw them for a loop. I agree with the previous poster that ballroom was not the best choice for the debut of intimate man-on-man dance – especially when you’re not superb at it.

    Sadly, all the humor and absurdity that people like Nigel wanted to project on these dancers (before they even started dancing) was justified by the big error these guys made. It’s entirely unfair that, just because they’re both guys, they needed to be more or less flawless to even begin to be taken seriously – but it’s true.

    It would have been nice if Nigel could have at least recognized, as he did with another dancer, the bravery these two had in coming on stage knowing the bias against public male/male intimacy they would face no matter how well they danced.

  26. Raybob says

    But … Two men just danced together on a network show. Wish *I* had seen that when I was a kid.

  27. jimmyboyo says

    Leland francis


    I’ll do a coffee run for you since you’ll be sitting on hold for a longggggggggggggggg time. How do you like your coffee?

    Anyway; How many straight men watch this show?

    The demographic I’m sure is 1/3 at best straight xtian teeny bopper GIRLS with 2/3 gay males and their fag hags. I bet this season’s ratings will take a nose dive

  28. says

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could spread awareness of this disgusting blatant bigotry and organize a **MASSIVE BOYCOTT** telling people they should not watch this show and not be part of the audience? May seem like a stretch, but it would be one great opportunity for the LGBT community to step up and represent.

  29. Nick says

    Between that braying donkey-Mary and the pompous homophobic gasbag Nigel- why does anyone watch this show? I saw it once briefly and that was enough for me. For Nigel to show his true colors is not surprising-he like all of the judges on any of these inane shows -especially the horrible “AI”- love to hear themselves talk- and that is what ultimately ruins these shows totally. It would be nice to see the talent -with NO commentary whatsoever. But that isn’t going to happen- the audience loves to pretend that none of this is scripted and that all the comments are off the cuff and spontaneous—NOT.

  30. Matt says

    Well, I’m personally boycotting it by never watching it again. I have been a big fan and went to a tour show one year, but I’m not going to watch a show to be insulted, and this isn’t the first indication of homophobia from Nigel Lithgow. I expected better from Mary Murphy, honestly, though maybe I shouldn’t have.

  31. Disgusted American says

    u know what – I will NOT watch this show now…couldnt stand Nigel b4,and well this cements it for me. ..and who is that shaved head Dikey broad telling about gender rolls??

  32. Marc says

    Wow! I must have missed that.
    I did turn it on at one point to see some guy from Tokyo supposedly “dancing”.

    I thought he was absolutely HORRIBLE, but they all praised him, it was the weirdest thing ever!!!!!!

  33. jimmyboyo says


    I’m up for a boycott

    I have been a reg viewer of the show but never again. It would be nice if GLAAD would get one started, leland Francis is waiting for them to pick up the phone.

  34. Matt says

    Glad something came up on this and that people are rightly pissed.

    Nigel- The US doesn’t give a shit about your daddy issues, please take them to the therapist’s and not national TV, and please leave other well-intending fags (and their “straight” partners [please]) out of this.

    I also thought that it was rich that the judge on the left was trying to be the vanguard of traditional masculine/ feminine presentation, what with her head half shaved. Oh, and also that little sapphic river she ran for the dancer that didn’t make it last season… I guess it’s ok for a lady to wet her distressed jeans over another chick but g-d forbid a man dance with a man.

  35. nic says

    i watched this last night, and i was completely disgusted. the guys danced well. in fact, quite well.

    what turned my stomach was the fact that an old man (lythgoe) is trying to stay relevant by keeping his hair at an unseemly length while spitting out homophobia; a cackling, shrieking shrew who did the same, and a tired “punk” who had multiple orgasms over the female dancers.

    Q. when do judges comport themselves worse that the contestants?
    A. on “so you think you can dance.”

    the name of the show should be, “so you think you can judge?”

  36. eric says

    thank god that this was posted today. i was watching it last night and i was totally offended and shocked at the things that were said. i’m so glad that other noticed it and are speaking against it.

  37. says

    This was the first time I watched this show (the BF loves it), but was mildly entertained until that point. I have never been so disgusted in my life. This joker needs to go. He’s obviously an insensitive self-hating homo who will understand only one thing: cut off his economic balls. I will never watch this show again, nor will I patronize its advertisers (anyone have a list?). This bullshit is SO last century.

    I have one line of advice to Nigel: GROW UP!

  38. Kevin says

    I see this all the time in the performing arts: straight men who have figured out that they love to dance, sing, act or make music feel they have to push the gays out so they can face less sexual/gender role scrutiny while still doing what they love to do.
    For that matter, I see lots of “masculine” or so-called “normal” gays expressing contempt for more flamboyant gays because they don’t want to be associated with them, but still want to be accepted for being gay.
    Or sometimes, flamboyant or more openly sexual gays put pressure on the low-key gays to do more typically gay things, or to be more outspoken about their sexuality.

    The point is, we’re all fighting for legitimacy here, not just legal rights. Whether you’re straight, flamboyant, low-key, slutty, or abstinent, don’t throw other kinds of people under the bus just to make it easier for yourself to be legitimized. It’s rude, and who knows who you might become in the future? The “acceptance” you gain today could become a prison for you tomorrow.

  39. Dustin says

    Could you imagine if Nigel remained on American Idol this season as producer? Simon and Ryan’s homophobic banter would have been even worse and he would have demanded that Adam cut out the campiness.

  40. Andy says

    I’ve never watched this sad excuse for entertainment, nor do I ever intend to, for reasons having nothing to do with homophobia. Its just that I find it absolute shit! However, that being said, the homophobia of this schmuck of a judge is truly appalling. Like he’s so masculine and butch judging a dancing show with his flowing tresses and nelly British accent? Pleeeeze!

  41. Joe P. says

    Big shock. GLAAD, the organization with a multi-million dollar budget and an executive director who is paid $250,000/year, has nothing on its web site about this. I am sure we can expect the usual non-response from this useless organization. We need to pull the plug on GLAAD and start a group that really monitors and responds to media homophobia.

  42. Derek says

    When I watched this last night, I was upset but not surprised.
    Nigel always says crap like that, and I hope that he doesn’t get away with it this time.
    I was hoping that you were going to post about it, and am glad you did.

  43. paul c says

    I think an effete elderly man with a lady’s haircut from the 70’s would alienate at least as many viewers as two clean cut guys dancing together.

    This segment really did bring the show down last night. It was so sadly predictable.

    This is just like what’s going on with figure skating – where they’re trying to “de-gay” it to be “acceptable” for “normal” folk.

    It’s like getting Pat Boone to sing “acceptable” versions of “black songs” in the 50’s – it’s bigotry, it’s sub-par and it’s pathetic.

    Time to put Lythgoe out to pasture.

  44. jakeinlove says

    Not that I’ve ever watched the show, but most appaling thing besides Nigel’s dumb ass remarks is his 1978 Bee Gees hair don’t.

  45. says

    Last year, I fell in love with the show because it was actually about talent and originality. Nigel was always a problem, but this is beyond the pale. It’s beyond wrong. GLAAD needs to get an apology from him and Fox. And I won’t watch again until he’s gone. Which is sad, because it was something I really was looking forward to.

  46. says

    The judge and the editor/s who made those musical choices should be sacked immediately and an apology issued to to dancers and the audience

  47. John says

    As someone else mentioned above – Nigel’s twitter account is “dizzyfeet.”

    Here is what he’s said so far about it:

    “I am very sad the word ‘homophobe’ is being used. That is someone who hates homosexuals. I dislike effeminate dancing! Wake up and listen!”


    “The same sex ballroom guys did remind me of “Blades of Glory.” However, I’m not a fan of ‘Brokeback’ Ballroom.”

  48. AS13 says

    He needs to be taken off that show and it’s producers need to apologize to LGBT community.

  49. John says

    Another comment he just made:

    “I believe overtly effeminate dancing destroys the opportunity for many male dancers to be supported. Being gay doesn’t mean effeminate.”

    So he’s sexist and homophobic, eh?

  50. says

    Andy, if you’ve never watched the show, you shouldn’t call it shit.

    Joe P., GLAAD is responds to media homophobia all the time. And well. It’s been less than 18 hours.

  51. X man says

    why in the hell would anyone watch this BARF/knuckle dragging show….we’ve got prop 8 coming up in California, everyone’s outta work trying to look for a job cant afford T.V. and were bitching because 2 gay guys got on TV and danced in front of an all knowing HOMOPHOBIC idiot? Much like those other two show’s American Idol and Dancing with the Stars both totally useless and not worth a dam in contributing to society except to show how backwards they really are…..I say spread the word and no one watch that piece a shit show…..

  52. Thomas says

    This show and especially Nigel has always been homophobic but it is ways that the judges and especially Nigel may not seen the hate and stereotypes they are promoting.

    It is not whether some men are effeminate or some woman are masculine it is that does not allow you to put a target on them for ridicule or prejudice. I hope some one from the show reads this and understands why they are getting the offensive reaction to Nigel, Mary, and the other judge.

    If looking at the other judge with the colored mohawk I am sure she has met people who assume she is a lesbian. Having walked a mile in those shoes she cannot jump on the band wagon and attack another human being for who they are.

    I am up for giving the show the ability to learn but if the show’s producers and judges continue to be homophobic then gay people and the people who support this cause should boycott the show in a big public way and make an example of them.

    If this was 40 years ago and the judge said that a mixed race couple was going to alienate some of our viewers the African American community would not have stood for it. They would have made it a very public thing. This is why I donate money to GLAAD and encourage others to do so as well.

  53. Ralph says

    It is not HOMOPHOBIA

    It is STRAIGHT SUPREMACY in action.

    Corporate Media on the Public Airwaves – working to keep the masses fighting each other …. so economic inequality will be ignored — think about how successful the GOP has been picking up the votes of poor and working class Christian Nationalists — it now uses their predjudices to garner votes that will keep these poor and working class people poor – but promises to keep them SPECIAL – ELITE – SUPREME OVER OTHERS.

    Homophobia is a 20th Centery BS term.
    This is STRAIGHT SUPREMACY on Broadcast TV.

  54. Ralph says

    Joe P…. having just divorced a lawyer… I promise you that the HRC director making $250,000 as the elitist he is think he is making a sacrifice working for a non-profit and is being charitable by taking a pay-cut and that making $250,000 is middle class.

    Having had to swim with the Boston South End wealthy lawyer scum for years – this is how they think. And once they get into “charity work” it is all about appeasing conservative rich white gays for donations.

  55. says

    Wow, I was a bit floored after that performance last night for several reasons. I have always had a problem with Nigel whose english boarding school accent adds an even more tone of condescension to his homophobic remarks. He is one of the reasons that I very much prefer the Canadian version of the show.

    Having said that, though this mixed orientation couple deserve applause for their bravery, their choice to do same sex ballroom while both partners are auditioning saddled them with an unnecessary handicap. Not to mention the way too gay costumes.

    As the more “enlightened” judges pointed out, they were confused with the shifting roles and so was I. I’m not a fan of ballroom to begin with, it’s just too conservative and sexist a dance form and it does exaggerate hyper traditional sexual roles.

    Now if they had gone out and done a duet to All That Jazz, or a West Side Story Suite (Am I stereotyping myself?), then they could have been judged on individual capabilities.

    In the end, they weren’t ready for the competition, but they certainly didn’t deserve to be criticized for anything other than their dance performance.

  56. jimmyboyo says

    On the GLAAD thing

    Say what you will about Jesse jackson and or Al Sharpton but those 2 know how to get boycotts going and many times they work with public appologies and cash donated to their cause.

    If lets say the schmuck said something derogatory about people of color instead, both Jackson and Sharpton would have had things started with picketers outside of Fox headquarters before the sun rose this morning

    GLAAD?????????????? nothing but crickets

  57. Matt says

    Disgusting. As a fan of dance, I have been a viewer of this show in past seasons. I missed the season opener but now plan to miss the rest of the season as well. Who do they think watches this show? Way to alienate an audience!

    And Nigel: Me thinks the lady does protest too much.

  58. Erin says

    It’s neanderthal and homophobic attitudes so well expressed by Nigel that make me question how such a pathetically small minded toad like him gets to judge what a dance contest should and should not reflect. Both the dancers danced with passion, great timing and excellent choregraphing-and sure they tripped up there at the end, but in all fairness, up to that point it was a joy to see them (or any two good dancers for that matter) capture the excitement and beauty of a great dance performance. Put the Toady back in his cage and send it back to the 17th Century where his attitudes and values would be greatly appreciated.

  59. Eric says

    I was very offended by this as a gay country & western dancer.

    I always dance with men and no one thinks anything of it.

    In the past seasons, Nigel has always wanted to force contestants into rigid gender roles, but this goes way beyond that.

    His comment at the end. The comments from Mary about “female role” and “male role.” We call those follower and leader.

    I will never watch this show again and will urge my friends to stop watching as well.

  60. Matt says

    The thing about homophobes, much like racists, they never believe they are one. Your actions have consequences. Take a moment a read up about Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, Lawrence King, & Jaheem Herrera. This is where your constant homophobic jokes and comments lead.

  61. whysosensitive says

    @Automotive Enthusiast I am not in the least bit self loathing. Just because I’m gay does not mean I have to agree with you. I have a brain and, unlike many, I use it. I’m perfectly happy to be on your shit list.

  62. CK says

    Fuck you Lythgoe and the clueless morons with you on the panel. Don’t care how you like to paint it, you came across homophobic and if you don’t like hearing that, CHANGE YOUR TUNE! Really, you say you were fine with their dancing but not with them dancing together…. i.e. HOMOPHOBE…. jeez, at least we know you can’t add rocket-scientist to your resume!

    Fuck this show and the pathetic bedraggled horse it rode in on!

  63. matt says

    That was the most offensive show i have ever seen and I would advocate a total boycott of the program until Nigel is thrown not only off the program but out of the country or better yet, cancel the damn program. He’s a blatant homophobe and his comments showed that. He was uncomforable because of his own closeted feelings. The comments and the music at the end were disgusting. oh and the lesbian judge has her nerve.. oh wait did i just judge her on her appearance?? see that’s how stupidity works.

  64. Jeremiah says

    I was disgusted to see this, I’m glad for the uproar. This fucker needs to retire

  65. Dusty says

    How very “Blades of Glory”

    I think he just spoke without thinking about how it sounded coming out of his mouth. I get what he was trying to say. It just didn’t come out right. Especially the “you might like it” part which seemed more having to do with sex than with dancing.

    Nigel speaks about it on his Twitter page.

  66. Lamar says

    I have just emailed GLAAD the link to this blog post.

    I have always been a fan of this show, and have always had to put Nigel’s (and other guest judges’) homophobic comments aside. But after last night, I can no longer remain silent.

    Please email GLAAD your thoughts on this. Let’s flood their emails. If nothing else, there should be wide-spread awareness so that other members of our community know that we’re hearing them too:

    Put “So You Think You Can Dance Premiere” in the Subject line.

  67. bobbyjoe says

    Someone who has the show on DVR should make a list of the advertisers for that program. Then, we should start writing and calling their advertisers beginning tonight (don’t wait on the slowpokes at GLAAD). This is how folks like John Aravosis, who’s been successful in the past in getting network responses to these kinds of situations, have gone about it. The risk of scaring and even losing advertisers will make the network pee their pants. This is a particularly ripe instance, as this is a show with a subject where advertisers will expect a fairly high gay audience. Call or write the advertisers politely, but tell them why this deeply concerns you, and why they might want to rethink being associated with the show. A number of advertisers are going to be wondering why this show would needlessly antagonize a demographic segment like same-sex couples that they see (fairly or not) as having a higher degree of disposable income. And, believe me, they’ll let the networks know. I’ve written advertisers in the past around similar controversies and gotten back some pretty thoughtful and active responses, not always just form letters.

  68. David B. 2 says

    in the dance world there are only two types of men – straight dancers and gay dancers — and uniformly — straight men hire straight dancers and gay men hire gay dancers. This is not homophobia per se but more the inclination everyone has to hire themselves.

    If a Korean man runs a business– a majority of the workers will be Korean men. That is just the way it is — it works the way you understand it and you can communicate to them quickly because they understand the lingo.

    Not OK — just the way it is… might be homophobic — but lots of straight male dancers don’t get hired by gay guys. Is that hetero-phobic? I am not sure…

  69. nic says

    i am so happy that so many are as outraged as i am about this. but don’t blame GLAAD. don’t expect others to take up your disgust and lazy-assed opinions. do it yourselves. e-mail the network and the sponsors. demand that the judges be got rid of. at minimum, let them know that you will be boycotting the piece of garbage and all things connected to it. let everyone know that this is not palatable.

  70. Drew says

    I think if they had danced well, Nigel would have given them their props, as he has for many obviously gay dancers before. The fact remains that they were clumsy throughout even before the fall.

    I don’t think Nigel was being anti-gay at all, just anti sissy. As he can personally attest to, gay guys are not the only sissies out there. Poor guy… He has probably been struggling with a sissy complex his whole life, so no wonder he wants masculine dancers to help beef up his own self image.

    And yes, sometimes guys can be too sissy for a certain dance. I think we can all agree on the beauty of raw masculinity dancing, whether it be done by a gay guy or a straight one.

    Give the old guy a break. This show gives more positive spotlights to gay folks than any other on TV.

  71. Tommy says

    Are you seriously offended by this? They were horrible dancers! In ballroom dancing (which is what they were “trying” to do) There is NEVER two males dancing together except maybe in farce. I am a very proud gay man who is a dancer and I completely agree with the judges. They are not homophobes at all. Last years winner is a (closeted) gay-man. These two “dancers” just wanted to get attention. And another thing. If they were such homophobes why did the two dancers get put into the next round (choreography)? I feel like I’m reading Perez Hilton right now……that is never a good thing

  72. JayBabyBoy says

    You are all a bunch of cry babies. I cannot believe the outrage towards such a non-issue. Two bad dancers got judged harshly for trying to bait people into their stupid game. Don’t you think there are many more pressing issues in our community, especially at this time, than getting angry at a person who is not a gay-basher in any way. He only tells men to dance manly when they are dancing a role that is supposed to be masculine and he is flouncing around like a girl. Hello People! How is that a problem? You get insulted way too easily. Maybe this is why the straights still don’t take us seriously. First Carrie pre-whatever her last name is and now this. THIS IS MAKING US LOOK LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN! NO ONE WILL TAKE US SERIOUSLY IF THIS CONTINUES!

  73. huh says

    huh? really?

    you are all this angry about 2 so called dancers trying to get attention and than getting it?

    get over it! these two guys knew what they were doing. they probably don’t even care cuz it was a joke to them.

    Nigel is not a hater of the gays. he’s a hater of people who are trying to mock his show.

  74. Dastius says

    It’s not about whether they were good or bad dancers. SYTYCD chose to include their losing auditions in the show by crafting a segment bookended with music specifically chosen to mock their being gay, not their dancing ability.

    And usually when a dancer falls, everyone expresses concern. Not so with the gay guy. He fell flat on his back and Nigel laughed hysterically.

  75. Mark says

    If Lythgoe is the standard against which masculinity is measured we’d all better go out and get a blow-dryers and a Farrah Fawcett hairdos.

    Miss Lady Cunt (the Kathy Lee lookalike in the middle) is “confused” over who dances the “male” and “female” “role”. Actually its called “leading” and “following” you dumb cunt. Maybe you’re “confused” because you’re a total dumbass cunt.

    Yo Bow Wow Wow called. They want Annabelle back. Bitch grow your hair before you talk gender conformity. You fucking idiot.

  76. KFLO says

    *sigh* fear of change.

    I’m actually a little more angry at the editing. They played the “typical” gay song and other crap.

  77. says

    Ugh. That was the low point in what otherwise was a pretty solid and entertaining season premiere for SYTYCD. Cat Deeley is leagues above Ryan Seacrest in the hosting department, and that she hasn’t received an Emmy nomination for her stellar work is appalling.

    Isn’t the dance world replete with gay men? For Nigel to say that is kind of silly. I didn’t expect Mischa and Mitch to make it to the Las Vegas callbacks, but aside from their fall, they are talented. What Nigel said is not just homophobic, but sexist. In his world, men are aggressive while women are passive. The truth is, men are capable of both leading and following and women are capable of both leading and following. The world of dance is changing, Uncle Nigel. It’s no longer a Fred and Ginger world.

    By the by, that Sonia judge looks somewhat like Kara DioGuardi.

  78. mb00 says

    I don’t think there was anything wrong with what he said. It did look odd. And I agree with him as well when he says that men should dance masculine.
    Come on you guys, would any of you take any male dance serious if he auditioned as a man but dancing like…I don’t know, say Beyonce? I wouldn’t. I would think they were joking.
    I mean, I’m as queer as the next guy, but two guys ballroom dancing, it just looked weird. And the leotards they hand on, COME ON!!!

  79. mb00 says

    @ AUTOMOTIVE ENTHUSIAST “Whysosensitive’s” comment was not self-loathing at all. I agree with him completely. I don’t think there was anything that offensive about it. So before you call ME self-loathing, let me assure that I’m not, and before you put me on YOUR shit-list (like I’d give a fuck), don’t be so sensitive.
    Lighten up man.

  80. Marianne says

    My jaw dropped when I heard Nigel say “alienate many in our audience” and it stayed there. Unbelievable. If Nigel was still with American Idol he never would’ve allowed Adam Lambert on the show. His remarks were appalling.

  81. nic says


    whether you or Whysosensative are self-loathing is for you each to decide. however, you are not self-respecting. otherwise, neither you nor any others would be explaining away the anti-gay rhetoric by this panel of bigots. they are throw-backs to a different era. screw them. but more than them, screw you!

  82. kurt says

    the judges are lame. who’s the girl with the ugly hair? oh and I don’t care about lythgo he’s a reject who’s already gotten his just desserts numerous times.

  83. Seamus says

    First off, I don’t think what Nigel said was homophobic. If you’ve watched the show at all, which I have done all 5 seasons, sexuality is NEVER an issue. The talk about masculine and feminine roles..especially in Ballroom dancing. If they were REALLY homophobic, they wouldn’t have asked them to stay and do the choreography. The whole show is set up to put couples against up against each other. If Nigel were Gay, no one would be accusing him of being homophobic for making those comments. I bet you all the money in the world that Adam Shankman or Tyce Diorio would have made the same statement. AND, if they were Homophobic, they wouldn’t have aired them on the show to begin with. They could’ve left their segment on the cutting room floor…The comment about the anal violation, I’m assuming they are talking about his comment about Matt from last season that he danced like someone had shoved a broom up where the sun don’t shine. Others had the same thoughts about Matt. Looking for Homophobia where there isn’t any is a sign of desperation. Go back and watch the other seasons of So You Think You Can Dance. I think you’d be very hard pressed to find anyone on that panel that doesn’t support the dancers and the craft of dancing. Just my take. I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  84. Galore says

    Those judges are perfect example of people totally lacking any self awareness !

    I’d wager a guess that 90% of the audience thinks.that the judges are all queer.

  85. Bayley says

    The number to call and voice your concerns is:

    What you all don’t realize is these comments aren’t just fluff comments made on a silly (and HORRIBLE) reality show. These comments are embedded in the minds of those little boys (and girls) in America who are gay, are taunted and bashed for being gay every day at school, and who turn on their television sets with glee smiling from ear to ear to watch this (horrible) television program because it serves as their escape from the belittling they recieve on a daily basis in their regular lives. To be reminded of how they are “different” and unsual, and weird, and feminine is crushing to their spirit. These comments by a prominent figure on a prominent show on a prominent network is not damaging to just us in the community, it’s damaging to the next generation in our community who have lately seen nothing but being shunned for who they inherently are. NO MORE- Enough is enough.

    It’s time for the gay community to grab this thing called a back-bone, hold on to it, and stand strong.

    And to all the alleged gays on here who questioned how these comments were homophobic…? If you can honestly sit through that video, with that editting (“this is a man’s world, but it be nothing without a woman”) coupled with that commentary and NOT be offended………..? Then how sorry I feel for you. Really, that must be a painfully self destructive life to lead. Remember: self acceptance leads to a more enriched life.

    Twitter, email, or call away…..not just for yourself, but the next generation. It’s our responsibilty to pave the way for them, and it starts NOW.

  86. Karen says

    Yep, the show is now pretty much ruined for me. But I leave the panel with this…


  87. Anon says me…Nigel puts up a good front, but he likes boys A WHOLE BUNCH! The fact that FOX execs let this air is disgusting!

  88. Kate says

    Aside from the accidental fall they were pretty damn good. Even in their practice rounds, and before-hand when they showed their background.

    So they’re two men dancing together, big deal women dance together all the time. In a competition they should have soley based them on their dancing skills, not WHO they were dancing with.

    Very rude, and discriminatory — not at all surprised it was broadcasted on FOX.

  89. Drew says

    Pick your battles wisely. This was not even close to a demeaning portrayal of gay men, just a rather funny presentation of a couple goofy ones.

    If I were a closeted gay teen watching this show, after watching this snippet as well as the others where obvious gay people were being praised, I would take from it that it is okay to be gay but not necessarily okay to be awkward and oafish dancers turning a dance genre on its ear for fun sake. And for that matter, I bet a greater number of gay teens would be relieved as hell to see this and to learn that they do not necessarily need to be thrust into a gender bending existence just because they are into guys. They would learn that it is still okay for them to go try out for the soccer team.

    And as far as the bigoted editing goes, it is pretty clear that the boys were in on it, unless you really believe the camera crew caught them at the perfect time outside of the bathrooms, blocked just perfectly.

    Yes, it is time for us to get a backbone. We shouldn’t use it, though, to scream homophobia at every chance. Better, we should use it to occasionally laugh at ourselves when it is deserved (as it most definitely was in this case).

  90. Roger says

    Nigel iis always uncomfortable with guys who may not act masculine. Whether they are gay or straight. He just has a problem with it. Could be because he was/is effeminate himself and was teased when he was young. I do not think he was specifically bashing gay guys, I think he is just worried about the perception that all male dancers are gay, as he use to be a dancer himself. Nigel just has his own issues. I do not consider that gay bashing as much as it is insecurity.

  91. Anonymus Rex says

    Nigel Lythgoe AND the two bimbo female judges came off as old school cracker homophobes – each comment further cementing their ignorant, inflammatory, and hostile demeanor toward these two quite elegant pair of male dancers (despite the unfortunate pratfall)

    Says Lythgoe – “I’d like to see you each dance with a girl” – and all of that bitchy prattle between the bimbos (including the Divine stunt-double with the half-shaved head — waa ha ha) about who’s dancing the girl’s part. Uhhhh Complete and utter homophobic hogwash – like one would expect from the 1950s

    And the double-back-flip tepid mea culpa. Yeah Nigel Lythgoe – you’re a disgusting piece of macho trash with a bad haircut at that.

  92. JeffFlorida says

    If Nigel were an “ordinary” citizen, he probably would not have apologized, but since he is a high profile celebrity and in an industry inundated with gays, he felt he had to. The real “culprit” here is not Nigel but the show itself who put this duo on in the first place just for the “shock and awe” ratings. Trust me, American as a whole, cringes at the sight of two men ballroom dancing. It simply is not natural. These two dancers COULD NOT find a female dancer???? Hardly, this was just another attempt to advance an agenda.
    Case in point: Perez Hilton asking Miss California what she thought of gay marriage. “He” wanted her to assist him in advancing gay marriage, but it backfired when she stuck to her moral convictions. In viewing Perez’s response video on his website, I thought that if I were gay, I would be ashamed to be gay after watching this flaming Queen’s tirade. Hollywood needs to stop advancing agendas (another lobbyist group?)and stick to what it does best…producing entertainment.

  93. Michael says

    OMG, people. Did any of you actually watch the show? Let’s start with the fact that as a couple dance goes they screwed up twice…the “straight” one screwed the pooch both times. Nigel, on the show, actually said the least offensive things. I found the performance off putting and the traditionally feminine poses kinda silly. The guys should have gone for more masculine (if you watch the show….you know what they look for). And, y’all need to relax. Overly sensitive. As far as Misha…that’s a he said he said thing…All you can base it on is that which you’ve seen. Oh, and Nigel isn’t Gay…he’s getting a divorce right now. I’m actually embarrassed about being Gay with this pathetic reaction.

  94. Gabe R L says

    That’s so silly. Plenty of gay men get married to women, divorce them, and get married to other women, that’s nothing new. Are people still naive enough to believe that just bacause a man marries a woman and can have sex with her, he can’t be gay? And once again the ‘straight’ one got the gaydar ringing more so than the gay one did.

  95. annie onymous says

    Did anyone also catch the punny little sendoff they got from Cat? “So Mitch isn’t out yet… and Misha’s sticking around, too.” Mitch being the supposedly straight one.


  96. cheryl says

    I am so sick of Nigel Lythgoe’s homophobic comments. Last week’s comment about Billy’s dance being androgynous set dance back 50 years. The man who can show strong and gentle qualities is the better dancer because he can express his total self. Lythgoe has continually commented on effeminate movement, two men dancing together, and gentle movement described as weak. Does Lyhgoe really know dance??? Does he really understand human qualities??? He needs to apologize to America and the dance world for his homophobic attitudes.!!!!