1. Kyle says

    This is so dissappointing to hear. As a resident in Long Island City, it’s appalling to know that I have a senator in Albany that truly does not support my partner or myself. It is not like we are living in Alabama or Texas where Same Sex Marriage/equality is sadly at times taken with a grain of salt. This is NYC, home to hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of LGBT men and women. Truly scary and I know who I won’t be supporting come election time.

  2. alex in boston says

    Just another Dinosaur who follows his church rather then the citizens who he should be representing! If i were a resident of his city i would gather as many people and march on his office or home !!! This is disgraceful for any legislator to not at least hear his constituents! Time to march on Onorato!!! He will soon enough be in the tar pit of history for his ignorance!

  3. walter says

    They say the New york State legislature is one of the worst in the country This is just another example of why. He’s an electedd official who because of party thinks hes above the voters in his district
    clog the streets in front of his office and then send him packing

  4. says

    Thanks for linking to this Andy. I’ve since met with Brandon who has done a great grass-roots effort on Onorato. Just last night he organized a group (including me) that flyered the N/W Broadway train regarding the issue. Onorato has been in office for years and is completely out of touch with his district on this.

    Brandon also started a Facebook group to bring together more people to work on turning the state senator’s vote toward the light:

  5. Matt says

    Recall the SOB!!! Throw his ass out of office then his charming office staff can be out of jobs as well. This is what they call a “representative”? who does he represent but his own miserable interests!!!
    Get rid of him!

  6. Jeff Guard says

    I just called, and was told that he already discussed this issue both in Albany and in Queens with ‘groups’. The man on the end was very unnerved by the fact that I saw the video and called. He was civilized, but I could tell he was rattled. CALL the number 718-545-9706. I told them I was going to organize a party to support and alternative candidate. they’re starting to get spooked. KEEP CALLING!!!

  7. Jeff says

    Just called the Albany office, spoke to Janet and Donna–they’re nice enough, but wanted to get my “contact info” because they want to organize a group meeting (why, so they can gas us all at once??) I I asked the question why He’s not making himself available with prescribed office hours? She said he’s busy because it’s the end of the leigslative session. I told her that if he doesn’t change his position, he will lose my vote and that I will mobilize every last person I know in Queens to vote against him. That’s the only thing I can think of to get there attention…

  8. patrick nyc says

    I just called and they are getting rattled. I said I was calling from NY1 and wanted to schedule a meeting for an interview. He got very excited and asked for my number, I said I had to put him on hold and hung up.

    I grew up in Queens,not Astoria, Which is where All in the Family took place. I lived in Whitestone, but the people were all the same.

    This guy is not going to change his mind, he’s just like my Uncle was, he was a District Leader out there and worked behind the scene with the Queens Dem party. They are all bigots, and like my Uncle who died four years ago, a dying breed.

    Best bet is to flood his office with calls, just in case it will scare the shit out of him, or find someone to run against him.

  9. says

    Ugh. I live in Astoria. It is FILLED with gays! I live near the gym so sometimes it seems like it’s literally SWARMING with homos. Fuck this shit. The NY State Legislature IS truly a huge, festering turd. How long has it taken to maybe come to some sort of possible agreement about an obviously desperately-needed MTA bailout? Come election time I am voting every single one of these worthless incumbent assholes out, to the man. TRUST.

  10. Dave F says

    Brandon is doing an incredible job with this issue. Please, if you are in Onorato’s district – this is YOUR Senator, and he won’t see you as a constituent – press the issue!

  11. woodroad34 says

    How do people like him get away with calling themselves Democrats? More than likely he has a prostitute or another wife hiding around somewhere; or he’s embezzled funds. This is not a nice man and someone who stands on morals more than likely doesn’t have any. We’ve seen plenty of that lately, haven’t we, Miz Prejean?

  12. gwyneth cornrow says

    Great video. Very persuasive. But you guys who are calling Onorato’s office and hanging up: how is that different from a prank call? If you want them to take you seriously be honest about your intentions. Don’t pretend you’re a reporter if you’re not.

  13. Bayley says

    Call, protest, rally and make your voices heard and presence known! They are in place to represent you and instead are stripping you of inherent rights. Don’t just sit back and take it, stand up….for all of us who aren’t there to march along side you!

  14. George Constantin says

    Onorato made a choice to look back or the future. Gay-Lesbian marriage is civil right.It is also a matter of time and no power on earth will stop evolution. Once we had those narrowminded who restricted minorities from the right to vote. Now we have politicians like Onorato who chose past instead future. People of NY gays and not-gays will not forget Mr Onorato next time when they will vote. Voting against equal marriage he signs his resignation from his political future.And even worse he will be remembered as another dinosaur, like those racist politicians of the sixties who stood against civil rights. Because he stands against civil rights.

  15. CK says

    This is one time I would LOVE to live in Astoria/Queens…. I would be OUT THERE AND PROTESTING… go guys, just nail this motherf*cker! He represents YOU and if he is not prepared to listen, recall his f*cking ass…. FUCK conservatives… no time for them, no patience for them…. they have made their thorny bed, let the f*ckers lie on it… pricks for pricks! Flame me, conservatives I don’t give a F*CK anymore!

  16. NR says

    Regardless of the issue, the senator’s arrogance is astonishing. I don’t live in NY, but I will happily donate money to another capable candidate who better understands how to properly represent his or her constituents. This is just one more proof that our government only works when we get involved, so go get em!

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