1. andrew says

    i guess we are protesting the president who is our only realistic chance to end this crazy law- DADT that clinton signed into law. by the way did we ever protest clinton back in the day when he started DADT?, you know, i mean, he is responsible for DADT isn’t he. 4 months into a 4 year term for a president and We are protesting.
    And, did Choi know the anti gay policy in the army before he joined the army or was DADT introduced after he was already in the army? just asking. i would like for this pres to act quickly, i’m not sure i would protest him after having bush as president.

    and. CLINTON also believes marriage =man/woman.

  2. carolyne says

    @ANDREW. Obama has to be treated differently than other presidents. He has to run a little faster to compare to the rest of them, for obvious reasons. That’s how it looks like from where I am standing.

  3. realitythink says

    Yeah sure Andrew.. I’ll bet Martin Luther King voted for LBJ too. Did he sit on his ass and wait around for him to sign the civil rights act?

  4. SIMON says

    well, i guess the mainstream media is not covering this. they are more interesteam in what president obama had to say inside the function. I love Obama, i really do but we have to pressure him when we feel ignored. I know he will overturn DADT, but id rather he does it sooner rather than later con people are still being fired. What is he afraid of? This guy is very very powerful, he changes minds. all we need is for him to speak to america about whats happening to us LGBTS

  5. Audrina says

    @GREG. why not the “white” marriages? huh? why only pick on ‘black and latinos’. Whites voted against us too. 80% of white republicans voted against us So again, why say that only black and latino marriages to be put up for a vote while forgetting the white people who voted against us. Don’t be a bigot while trying to fight bigotry. really.

  6. samsam says

    Thank you Audrina. I’m getting sick of the latino this or black that. i thought the idea is to change their minds not to shun them. we are good people, lets not act like the right wing nutjobs

  7. says

    “Belt Loops” & misspelling ? Asian porn ?Dudes, are you for fucking real ? There’s a fight going on…….stop dancing in the streets and get with the programme. (Sp. English not American !)

  8. David says

    There’s a huge civil rights movement happening on Obama’s watch and he’s totally missing in action. If he gets to the end of his first term in office without standing up he’s going to be remembered in history as a bigot and a coward.

  9. gwyneth cornrow says

    That Dan Choi is a stone cold fox. I’d eat him live. You’d think he would have landed a hotter boy friend, though. Just saying.

  10. says

    I think Choi is filling the gay-leadership void very well. I support the protests but also support the notion that Obama is going to come through for us. It’s possible to want to remind him at the same time as you’re thinking he is not the enemy. I take heart from Obama’s words last night, “Los Angeles, ya ain’t seen nothing yet.” Sure, we could snark, “EXACCCTLY!” but I think he is telegraphing to us that he is aware of his promises and has a plan. Now, if he suddenly defends DOMA and never gets around to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, I’ll get back to you!

  11. Jersey says

    It is really very sad that a guy like Ted Olsen and even Michelle McCain are more progressive on this issue than Obama. Our president is really missing the boat on this. He should be ashamed.y

  12. david in iowa says

    Reporter: Hi, there GLBT activist. you have worked hard, got the right folks elected and won several victories in Iowa, Vermont, etc, how does it feel?

    GLBT activist: not very good

    Reporter: Why?

    GLBT activist: I am breathing all these exhaust fumes after being thrown under the bus. And the view sucks too!

  13. Dhani Darko says

    There are Latino and Black gay people as well.

    Bill Clinton passed DOMA and DADT. Maybe Obama is trying not to do too much too soon as he cleans up Bush’s messes first.

  14. Graeme in Jersey. says

    I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but I sincerely believe that to fight this fight on the basis of equality is a non starter. Sooner or later some legal brain is going to realise that everyone already has total eqality in existing marriage laws. That is to say, you can marry anyone you want to, providing (a) they are of legal age,(b)they are free to marry you, (c) they want to marry you, and (d) they are of the opposite gender to you. That is exactly the same for everone, gay or hetro, so equality is already established in law. There is absolutely no requirement in law for love to be a factor in the marriage process.
    Perhaps it might be more understandable if the fight was on the basis of denial of freedom of choice as the inclusion of “opposite gender” requirements removes approximately 50% of available people from the choice argument. Of course, this could also be said of age and freedom restrictions but I cant see many wanting to go down those avenues, other than paedophiles and supporters of “arranged marriages” maybe, both of which are complete no-no’s to most sane westerners.

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