1. SFshawn says

    Considering the questionable sexuality of this “panel” the better question is how do you know if someone is straight or just pretending to be straight?

  2. CJ says

    Tell them there’s something on their shoe, if the lift from the inside, straight, outside, gay. :rollseyes: I remember hearing that in high school

  3. David in Houston says

    It’s funny that Hugh Jackman said (again) that if he says that he’s not gay it means there’s someone wrong with being gay. I don’t really get the logic of what he’s saying. Just because you like chocolate ice cream doesn’t mean vanilla is bad.

    I think SFshawn has the correct question for this panel. Three of them would say ‘no comment’.

  4. Leland Frances says

    As someone who has often been an extremely harsh critic of what I perceived as Oprah’s inconsistency about gays [I could give examples but they’re beside the point], I am thrilled to applaud her for what we see in this segment.

    And also appreciate the message they send about how often the “everybody knows” meme is wrong, and how explicit we need to be for those who don’t want to see us. Gayle apparently didn’t see the post on Oprah’s site after the tsunami show from someone very sorry to hear that Nate’s BUSINESS partner had died. And, here, they mention a more recent show in which he described a picture of himself and his new partner and many still didn’t get it.

    Bravo for him, too. He is WORSHIPPED by Oprah’s millions of viewers, so this one show did a great deal of good just with a few moments of explicit honesty [and the viewed applause of all these straight-identified, much admired public figures].

    Now if we could just get everyone to say “marriage equality” rather than “gay marriage.”

  5. Frank says

    That was a great piece. It made me tear up thinking how DARE these folks foist their religion on us and say that gays can’t marry because of THEIR religion. It’s all religiously based – so get your god (lower case “g”) out of my life!

  6. says

    How to tell if a guy is gay? If his dick tastes like shit.

    But seriously, folks, what a panel! I for one don’t believe there is a single person on that panel who is not flat out gay (Nate) or has not had plenty of same-sex experiences. (You know Jenny’s done it, and would probably admit it if pressed. Hugh is a lying gay man, bless him. Oprah and Gayle, believe what you like.)

    What a bizarre panel! Surprised Hugh wouldn’t have avoided it.

    When celebs helpfully say they feel bad saying “no, I’m not gay!” that is sweet, but that doesn’t mean they’re not actually gay and dodging the issue. A popular TV and sometimes movie actor known for his youthful looks and resemblance to a much bigger star once played gay and gave a very “frank” interview about how he wasn’t gay and how he’d proudly admit it if he was; only problem is he had sex with a friend of mine…after making him sign a non-disclosure agreement. Then he later got married and became a father.

    So much for just asking.

  7. CJ says

    “How to tell if a guy is gay? If his dick tastes like shit.”

    Only if he’s a top Matthew 😉

    Seriously though, did any one else feel a collective moan of disappointment when Nate mentioned he has a new boyfriend? Damn! lol

  8. dean morris says

    “Are you gay?” has a multidimensional answer that will never be fully answered:
    AYG today, historically, intend to be, actively , inactively, accidentally, once drunk in college, to get your girlfriend hot, wingmanning your gay roommate at gay bars in return for him wingmanning you in str8 bars, self-identified, elf-identified, outwardly percieved, ex-gay, ex-ex-gay, gay with non-disclosure contract in back pocket, gay but so unpopular no one cares, closeted but uncloseted in cartoon voiceovers, etc..

  9. says

    Here’s my thinking: maybe Jackman is bi (or has at times fooled around with men (viz. DEAN MORRIS’s comment) and faithfully married to his wife. For the sake of his marriage and his family, he doesn’t want to “put it out there” because most people don’t get that bi people can be so and still be monogamous.

    He’s not dissing anyone, but he doesn’t want his sex life/desires to be a public discussion in our bizarre celebrity culture. I get that.

    And the lesbian couple in Iowa—how great is that! So cute and articulate.

  10. sarah says

    Point is, marriage is for a man and a woman so as to have a whole family unit. If it had been intended otherwise gays could have children naturally. Marriage is not a right it is a commitment between a man and a woman to live together as one and raise a family in that same spirit. Gays can muck it up all they want the truth is the truth!

  11. damien says

    Somehow, I don’t think she asked the question literally. I think she asked the question to point out that the stereotypes (many pointed out right here in these comments) don’t often apply. So, um, stop looking for them, silly!

  12. Leland Frances says

    Hey, everybody! Say hello to gay blogs trolling troll Sarah. She’s back, spreading her “truth” again.

    Sarah, ma petite cunt. The truth is that isn’t it time that you accepted the fact that you’re dying to enter the Olympics in Muff Diving? Really, thou dost protest too much and in a place that anyone with an IQ above 30 would understand she is wasting her stinky breath.

    So, you’re either a closet lesbian, attacking the gay kids to try to kill the pain of your own guilt…or retarded…or BOTH.

    Until then: suck a razor blade.

  13. Paulie says

    “Point is, marriage is for a man and a woman so as to have a whole family unit. If it had been intended otherwise gays could have children naturally. Marriage is not a right it is a commitment between a man and a woman to live together as one and raise a family in that same spirit. Gays can muck it up all they want the truth is the truth!”

    By your logic, you bigot, infertile straight couples shouldn’t be allowed to get married either.

  14. nic says


    gays CAN, and often do, have children naturally. if someone were to put a gun to my head and force me to fuck your smelly twat, i could do it, naturally. but, that doesn’t mean that i would like it. in fact, i might be throwing up on you all the while.

  15. Chitown Kev says

    Miss Sarah, how soon we forget that more than 50% of opposite marriages end in divorce nowadays.

    So I really think that it’s black-eyed, hooch drinking trailer trash cunts like you and those of your ilk that “muck” and, indeed, mock the institution of marriage.

  16. DairyQueen says

    I haven’t seen the clip yet (can’t at work)
    But what kind of pannel is this? A Closeted Lesbian couple, a mom with a autistic child, A “straight” man, and one Out gay man who seems to be the “gay” auhority for Oprah. Some panel.

  17. James says

    Gays should be allowed to get married.WITHOUT ANY QUESTION.THAT IS THE TRUTH.THAT IS A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.You BIGOTS dont seem to get that marriage equality should be and should have been a right a LONG time ago.This is about basic humanity and has NOTHING to do with the opinions of a right winged anti-gay bigot.

    Yes absolutely,more than 50% of heterosexual marriages end in divorce.Some dont even last past 5 years.Some only stay together and use their children as an excuse to stay married and at some point the children get caught up in the middle of it (I know I was the child that got caught up in the middle of his parents divorce).There are heteros who get married 2-3 different times..Str8 people are well known for taking for granted their right to marry.Yet the bigots feel it necessary to take the right away from a gay or lesbian couple which has been together for 20 or more years.Oh how the mighty hypocrites have spoken.

    Also there are many str8 couples who shouldnt even be allowed to reproduce.Some heteros should have a permit to do so.Its so easy for heteros to pop out on child after another after another (Just ask the Palin family).


  18. Paul R says

    I don’t understand all the stories about closeted male celebrities sleeping with guys and making them sign “non-disclosure agreements” to keep them quiet. If someone had physical proof he’d slept with a star (which would be tricky but not impossible), and went public with it, then suing that person based on a non-disclosure agreement would simply prove he was telling the truth.

    Maybe if a celebrity paid a professional escort a lot of money to keep his silence, but the average gay guy is going to be hard-pressed to not spill the beans to his friends simply because of some legally dubious agreement. Non-disclosure applies to business and intellectual property…not sure how it would apply to sex.

  19. Michael in SC says

    Hugh looked really uncomfortable during that conversation. I wonder if he knew Oprah was going to lead the conversation in that direction before he sat down.

  20. Drew says

    NATE: I find him hot until he designs something hideous… Then I question how gay he REALLY is, lol.
    GALE: Shut up! Someone just interupt her already.
    JENNY: ZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzzzz…
    HUGH: Funny looking head, hot body.
    OPRAH: Give it up, bitch! We know not all of that is your real hair!! And yeah, I love you. Just a bit.

  21. dc20008 says

    So my 67 year old father and his 66 year old wife who are too old to have children should never have been able to marry?

    Wow, i better warn them that the marriage police are coming to break them up since they cannot have children.

    (How are people so intensely stupid??)

  22. ChrisM says

    Hey Sarah – when straight people start taking marriage seriously then maybe, just maybe, I’ll feel as if they have the right to claim marriage as belonging only to them. So let’s all opt for a REAL marriage amendment – One Man, One Woman, One Time – Outlaw Divorce. We need to truly honor and respect the “sanctity of marriage” – you marry’em you keep’em!

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