1. EricLA says

    Hard to make out the words, but pretty sure this is German, and “gesicht” is German for face. Since Finnish is a very unique language, I’m pretty sure “gesicht” isn’t their word for face. But, I agree “Polka Face” would be a more appropriate name. Ummmm Ummmmm Ummmmm Ummmm pah pah.

  2. Gabriel Aronson says

    That’s definitely German. I picked out “Kartoffelbrei” which means potato stew. It’s german with an eastern accent.

  3. kirsy71 says

    the language is German, but the kids are not from Germany, at least not native German speakers, that is for sure.
    I really think these are Finns, trying to sing in German 😉

  4. says

    Yes, they’re German words, but just sort of strung together (see parsing on the youtube site). Not native, and not really grammatical.

    The country of the profile is listed as Finland, and the background and the dress are believably Finnish. Even wackier than the Germans.

  5. Conny 19 says

    It says on the youtube site that it was recorded in Tampere, Finland. The guys are definitely Finnish.
    The German is actually grammatically correct, it just doesn’t make much sense. “Ich habe Sauerkraut in meinen Lederhosen – Pokergesicht” (I have Sauerkraut in my Lederhosen – Pokerface)? At some point he sings “Du bist so geil, ich geh nicht weg von dir” (You are so hot, I won’t leave you). But it’s very difficult to understand because of the bad sound quality. It’s not so much the accent.

  6. Steve says

    There was something about a hard boiled egg, too.

    “Ich habe zu viel Sauerkraut gegessen und Bier getrunken”

    I ate to much Sauerkraut and drank too much beer.

    And I heard “Popelgesicht” (booger face) somewhere. Oh boy.

  7. Mark says

    It is definitely Finnish with the clothes representing student organizations and the one woman who walks by is wearing a Finnish student cap. Looks like typical Vappu /May Day fun. Hyvä Suomi!!!!

  8. kassu says

    Click on the “more info” on that video’s youtube page, then you see “Tampere University” , and it is in Finland. They just sing in German ’cause it sounds funny with that Finnish accent. And they got it right, see how popular it is already? Please visit for another (real) Finnish band who sing in German (also in Finnish). That band gigs 70% in German.

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