Report: California Proposition 8 Decision Coming Down on Thursday

Barrricade Multiple reports have begun trickling in that the California Supreme Court will hand down its decision on Proposition 8. Also, barricades have begun appearing in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood, and around the Supreme Court building. It has also been reported that the SFPD and San Diego police departments have been alerted to the rulings.

We should know sometime this morning PDT.

That said, groups have been preparing for reaction to the announcement, whatever it might be.

Prop8  Check Day of Decision for demonstration events near you. List of Cities.

LOS ANGELES: Rally and March starting in West Hollywood. When: 7:00 pm on Decision Day / March starts ~ 8 pm, Where: Santa Monica Blvd & San Vicente Blvd, What to bring: * White Ribbon to tie White Knots all along our march, * White Flowers to lay in Matthew Shepard Human Rights Park, * White Chalk to write messages in the road and on the sidewalks, * Wear White to show our unity in supporting same-sex marriage, * Bring signs and bullhorns and anything else to make noise…let them hear us united and strong.

You can also meet the march at approximately 9:30pm at Hollywood & Highland, Rally at the L.A. County Marriage License Office, When: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm on Decision Day, Where: 4716 East Ceasar Chavez Avenue, L.A., CA 90022

In NEW YORK: "New Yorkers will be meeting at 6 PM on Thursday, May 21st (should the decision be handed down) at Sheridan Square in Greenwich Village (Christopher Street and Seventh Avenue South) to either protest or celebrate the decision and continue to call for the New York State Senate to pass marriage equality before the end of this legislative session in June. We will meet at Sheridan Square and march to southern steps of Union Square for a rally. We will stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in California and continue to draw attention to the fact that marriage equality should be passed in the Empire State."

New York Facebook page.


  1. Yeek says

    My non-psychic prediction: Prop 8 upheld, existing marriages stay in effect. Basically, hedging.

  2. Miller says

    Well, since they are putting up barricades in the gayborhood I’ll take that as a not so good sign. Obviously they’ve warned the police that the gays are not going to be happy with the decision.

  3. FASTLAD says

    In Northern Ireland, the appearance of crash barriers before an event always meant the authorities anticipated riots. I’m just saying. Maybe they’re anticipating celebrations. But I frankly doubt it.

  4. Steven says

    Great, we get to find out that the majority can indeed take away rights from the minority. This is going to be devasting to any minority group in California for decades to come.

  5. Mike says

    I don’t believe the court would tell what the ruling was before it was announced – at most they would have given police departments advance notice the ruling was coming down. In any case, I think the court is either going to invalidate Prop 8 or get California out of the marriage business. This isn’t really about marriage equality, it is about minority rights being subject to majority vote. I can’t imagine how they would allow that to happen. It is contrary to the principles set forth in Article 1, Section 1.

  6. says

    Police in San Francisco regularly drop off barricades before events. Little can be assumed by the presence of barricades as Castro street is regularly shut down as crowds spill onto the street both in protest and celebration. On the night before the decision I would expect to see the steers blocked by candlelight vigil as it has been on numerous nights since November.

  7. Timothy says

    I thought the court gave a definite one-day notice of rulings. Washington Blade: “[Geoff Kors, Equality California’s executive director] said that the court’s rulings are issued on Mondays and Thursdays, and Equality California would learn one business day in advance of the ruling when it will arrive.”

  8. Timothy says

    Ugh. More coffee for me, please. I totally thought today was Thursday! Apparently the official notice will come at 10am PDT, “the court will notify the public today [Wednesday!] at 10 a.m. Pacific time.”

  9. says

    IN SACRAMENTO: Decision Day, the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center, (1927 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95811) will open by 9:00am and will remain open all day for members of the community who want to gather. A News Conference is being called for 10:30am. Community rally: 5:30pm to 6:30pm on the steps of the Gay and Lesbian Street closings will include 20th Street from K Street past L Street, and the intersection of 20th and L prior to 5:30pm and will remain closed until the crowd disperses. If the decision is to uphold Prop 8, at 6:30pm Equality Action NOW will lead a march from the Center to the State Capitol West Steps, where a second rally will take place, followed by a march around the Capitol grounds. If crowd interest remains high, EAN will lead an all-night vigil at the Capitol. If the decision is to overturn Prop 8, following the rally at the Center, the Crowd will be invited to move to the street just south of the intersection of 20th and K.

  10. Adam G says

    Just a thought:

    Has anyone considered that *because* this is the weekend which includes both the anniversary of the White Night Riots and Harvey Milk’s birthday, SF police may just be preparing for impromptu celebrations or rallies based around those two events, and that this has nothing to do with the courts? It’s one of the possible explanations for the barriers, and I think it should be considered. I understand that Joe.My.God has an inside source at the courthouse, but only one source, so I’m not depending on that until I hear the news from the court itself. Yes, they’re dropping off racks of barricades, but does it necessarily follow that it’s in anticipation of a court ruling on Prop 8, when there are other events (anniversaries) that could also have prompted it?

    I don’t live in San Francisco, so I don’t know, but can locals tell us if anything was already planned for a “remember the White decision” or “remember Harvey Milk” event or events?

    Is it possible we’re all jumping the gun and that this has nothing to do with the Prop 8 decision?

  11. Jon C says

    I called the clerk’s office, mentioning that I had heard that a decision would be rendered tomorrow. The person on the phone kindly informed me that I had heard wrong and that there would be no opinion filed tomorrow.

  12. Bruno says

    No ruling tomorrow…

    Forthcoming Opinion Filings

    May 20 2009 — No opinions were announced for filing on Thursday, May 21, 2009.
    There is no pending notice of forthcoming opinion filings. When opinions are expected to file, notices are generally posted the day before. Opinions are normally filed Mondays and Thursdays at 10:00 a.m.

  13. kim says

    No opinions for tomorrow…they actually posted that on the website. I wonder though if they will go against normal practice and release it on Friday so that whatever ruckous happens happens on the weekend.

  14. kenneth bunch says

    all you have to do is go to the California Supreme cCourt website and under announcement of future opinion filings you can see if they announced whether Prop 8 would be ruled on tomorrow, thursday, may 21, and it says, “no opinion filings for thursday, may 21″. I don’t think they are THAT stupid to uphold Prop 8 on the 30th anniversary of the White Night Riots, unless they want to give us a Restitution Birthday present and strike it down. Restitution for all the centuriers of murder and oppression.

  15. Derrick says

    Note that because of Memorial Day, if they intended to file the opinion on Monday it will now happen on Tuesday, but it will be announced so on Friday. 😉

  16. Gatrios says

    If prop 8 is upheld, can we go out and terrorize old white ladies going to church? No Justice, No Peace

  17. dmsf70 says

    I live at Castro & Market, and it is a perfectly calm, normal day here, NO signs of any crowd control measures being set up, and no weird tension. That is ALL RUMORS. Please, let’s not inflame things prematurely.

  18. JT says

    No New York protests please. You have nothing to do with California. And you guys aren’t doing too well here yourself. If you’re that concerned, why weren’t you out protesting Sen. Diaz’ massive rally? It was right here, last Sunday!

  19. gunshowsigns says

    We want the gays to riot because civil unions are next and taking away the right to adopt kids. You gays called, civil rights or civil war. Look forward to the blood running in gay SF. The National Guard must be put on alert and Obama must be ready to call the army to siege SF because the gays are ready to die for gay marriage. Lets give them what they want, death instead of them killing us with their mafia or spreading of AID’s to our youth.