1. Paul R says

    Very odd venue choice. A bunch of drunk queens there to ride roller coasters, see Andy Bell and other 80s acts, and dance.

    I’ve seen Stuart speak a few times and, with all due respect, he wouldn’t have been asked had it not been for his name. His use of notes here just emphasizes that; these are pretty basic points. He’s a nice guy—perhaps too nice—and might be more effective behind the scenes.

    Also, while I understand the argument against the use of “tolerance,” I think it’s a semantic dead end. Last week I was in a hotel bar on business and overheard two young women discussing gay rights and how outdated they found the views of their grandparents. They both kept using “tolerance,” and one part of me wanted to go tell them that we don’t want to simply be tolerated. But let’s face it: that’s exactly what we want, at least by people who currently view us unfavorably. I tolerate my straight neighbors and their stupid parties; I tolerate when people (straight or gay) say “that’s so gay,” then immediately backtrack and apologize. I don’t need to be embraced and celebrated by the entire world, since I don’t embrace and celebrate all of them. I just want equal rights.

  2. says

    My partner and I think Stuart Milk is a strong spokesman for LGBTI rights and very much mirrors his uncle’s ability to reach crowds as he did recently in NYC and in Tallahassee. A great legacy is best followed by family, in this case we have the best of Harvey’s family and from one of our own LGBTI members. We have seen him in person twice including here below: