1. paul c says

    I made the mistake of trying to watch his sitcom twice last month. It was embarrassingly bad. Now I feel uncomfortable when I see him.

    The TV Land “awards” kind of cemented that position for now.

    Maybe they’ll make Undercover Brother 2 and he can redeem himself. And Deniece Richards.

  2. Daniel says

    Wow! He visits the same two websites I ALWAYS check…several times a day. But it’s kind of annoying that Uncrate doesn’t update until after 11AM every day (must be a West Coast company!?)

  3. crispy says

    Oh, Paul. I really have grown to love you these last few months. You’re like my curmudgeonly old grandpa who hates everything but Amer’ca, red Jello, and the great war.

    I happen to love How I Met Your Mother. The writing is sharp, the multi-camera direction is unique, and the flashbacks within flashbacks are clever… it really is the only decent sitcom left on TV. Let me guess, you’re a Two and a Half Men fan?

    My boyfriend doesn’t find How I Met Your Mother remotely funny, so I get that it’s not everyone’s cup o’ tea. But neither of you can deny the gravitas of an openly gay man portraying a womanizing scumbag like Barney Stenson. NPH is legen – wait for it – dary, and he deserves all the love he gets. Try to be nice.

  4. paul c says

    @Crispy – You’re actually my favorite commenter on this site…consistently the most hilarious. In fact, the show in question would be infinitely better if you were writing it.

    The only sitcom I watch is 30 Rock but I was dabbling with Big Bang Theory (for the tall nerd)…and I unwisely lazed around afterwards and caught the opening segments of the offending show.

    I’m sure I’ll give it another chance someday — like if I’m ever confined to a hospital bed in a non-ambulatory state and my remote control drops to the floor and breaks just as the program is starting and I’m too terrified that the nurse assigned to me is one of those “angels of death” types so I dare not call her in for help — or any one of the millions of other possible situations along those lines. Some red Jello would also be nice in that case. As long as I know it’s not tainted.

  5. Rick in Cincinnati says

    Love Neil! Completely adorable in Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and love How I Met Your Mother. And when he played Toby in Sweeney Todd.

  6. Adam says

    I’ve been reading this blog for years and years, and I JUST got the pun on toll-road. I’ve been calling it toe-luh-road this entire time. God.

  7. jimmyboyo says

    NPH’s character = Barney is HILLARIOUS and the only reason to watch the show

    Alyson Hannigan = Lily aka willow from Buffy is tolerable soley because seeing her always stirs fond memories of Willow and Buffy. Also the fact she has great taste by marrying the hottest tv nerd ever = Alexis Denisof = Wesley Wyndam-Pryce from Buffy and Angel

    All of the other characters are annoying and many of the plot lines each episode suck unless of course when Barney is on

  8. says

    I’ve watched him since the start. Neil Patrick Harris is literally a ‘jack of all trades’ and thoroughly enjoy his performances, especially when he is himself on shows like Craig Ferguson. I think more and more his talent is being recognized and his popularity is soaring. He’s done Broadway, movies and television – hopefully someday he will win the triple crown (Emmy, Tony and Oscar).

    I think it is great he keeps up on current events and has picked Towleroad as one of his sources. I also like that he doesn’t feel that he has to be politically outspoken and lives his life in normalcy (well, as normal as someone in the spotlight can be).

    I wish him and his partner David the best and continued success in their careers. Neil represents the words of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy “Some men see things as they are and ask ‘Why?’ I dream things that never were and ask, ‘Why not?'”

  9. brentbent says

    How I Met Your Mother is FTW!

    It’s definitely worth watching from the start if you haven’t seen it before and like quirky, intelligent comedies. Yes, it has its broad moments but all big network sit-coms have to have that if they expect to get made, but there are clever writers out there that put the required crap into the show and still squeeze touching, funny, and genuine moments into their episodes. I mean who didn’t tear up when Barney and Ted’s bromance was on the rocks? Or when Ted was dumped at the altar, which was an episode that was hilarious and yet full of pathos. Not to mention the whole cast is pretty much hot. Well Robin isn’t, but I adore Willow, I mean Lillypad the super wiccan lesbian destined to save the wor–uhh, funky elementary ed teacher that’s warping youngsters mindgrapes to the sunny left. And I’d give a few days off my life to see a no holds or holes barred threeway with Ted, Barney, and Marshall freaking crazy dogs in heat style.

  10. Mike says

    NPH – great taste, I adore you. If you are ever single in the future (doubt it), e-ml me. I ‘ll fly out and have a drink with you. How desperate does that sound? :)

  11. Asher says

    I was recently discussing broadway shows with a friend of mine and told him how much I loved ‘Spring Awakening’. He thought it was dreck. I considered entering into a lengthy discussion about its merits, but came up with a different line of attack: “What do you think of ‘Phantom’,” I asked? “I LOVE ‘Phantom’,” he replied. Conversation over, I concluded. I know everything I need to know.

    Same with HIMYM: If you don’t like it, I know everything I need to know about you–now go away!

  12. Dback says

    Loved him doing the nude layout on “HIMYM,” loved him as a sexy grease monkey on the cover of OUT, love him in the suit…David’s a lucky guy. (Then again, if you’ve seen David, so is NPH!)

  13. alex in boston says

    NPH is the reason to watch anything he is on! Whether it be a TV Sitcom, a talk show which you would normally watch, or an awards presentation! Keep it up NPH!! It would be nice if he were a National Spokesperson on GLBT issues (I appreciate that he does speak out) but he is firm,articulate and a great role model for the youth of this country!

  14. paul c says

    @Asher – the problem with your analogy is that in this case HIMYM would be the “Phantom”…actually the Starlight Express…not the Spring Awakening.

    I think Neil should jump ship to Big Bang Theory. Or beg Tina Fey for a 30 Rock spinoff. He could play Kenneth’s cousin who moves to Brooklyn to live amongst the hipsters as an undercover drug agent. With Eddie Griffin.

  15. paul c says

    @Asher – the problem with your analogy is that in this case HIMYM would be the “Phantom” – or rather the Starlight Express – not the Spring Awakening.

    Neil should either jump ship to Big Bang Theory or beg Tina Fey to write a 30 Rock spinoff for him. He could play Kenneth’s cousin who moves to Brooklyn to live amongst the hipsters as an undercover drug agent. With Eddie Griffin.

  16. PaulNYC says

    I saw David Burtka as Tulsa in the Bernadette Peters’ revival of GYPSY. That boy can dance, and he’s got the best butt on Broadway. When do we get to see THEIR celebrity sex tape??

  17. ggreen says

    NPH is the greatest he single handed saved the TVLand Awards. He is very talented, he was the high point of SNLs past season. I never saw Doogie Houser but I love his character on HIMYM (I love Lily and Marshall too)(Robin and Ted get lost)

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