Towleroad Guide to the Tube #489

PROP 8 CHALLENGE: Keith Olbermann on the lawsuit brought by Ted Olson and David Boies.

DAME EDNA and WANDA SYKES: A very gay Tonight Show.

NEW YORK Mag to BURBERRY: An iconic sign is changed as Mayor declares Burberry Day in NYC.

LADY GAGA: On music, fame, sex, and what she looks for in a man.

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  1. Asher says

    There’s actually nothing terribly gay about Dame Edna. (Barry Humpreys is a heterosexual man, after all.) Drag is a mainstream artform in the UK and Australia (less so these days that in the past.) Aside from Dame Edna’s occasional and brief mentions of her gay son, Kenny, it’s a pretty straight gig.

  2. CJ says

    John Dean, great, great man. I highly recommend “Broken Government”, it is a very compelling and interesting take on politics from an ex-Nixon legal aid who has renounced and called out many Republicans for their lack of conscience and hypocrisy.

    As for Burberry Day in NYC, wow, first Times Square becomes “Disney Square”, and now Burberry has an official “Day”. I guess business and politics do go hand in hand. What’s next, Baby Gap Day?

  3. Roy says

    In the 7 minute ‘Tonight Show’ clip, I found it fascinating that Leno was seen on camera for maybe 5 seconds… guess the director knows no one likes seeing him.

  4. miked says

    Lady Ga Ga is a cunt who is using female biseexuality as a marketing ploy. Rolling Stone magazine’s editors are double cunts who prop up female bisexuality but not male bisexuality. It’s the bisexual double standard: girl-girl “hot”, guy-guy “gross”.

    Lady Ga Ga is not our friend under any circumstances, and neither is Rolling Stone magazine.

  5. Brandon says

    Oh come now. The girl is just trying to make a somewhat honest living for herself. What else would she be doing? She doesn’t have to be anyone’s friend.

    As for Rolling Stone, nothing but a rag.

  6. Chuckjones says

    Lady Gaga is marvelous. We’re all entitled to our opinions, obviously, but I think she has integrity as an artist and courage. I think calling her a cunt is mean spirited and unwarranted. She already had a lot of support among gays and lesbians, so coming out as bi-sexual doesn’t seem to be a marketing ploy to me. I think she’s simply saying it as it is. By the way, her newest video – Papparazzi – is an artistic statement, it seems to me. I don’t see it promoting the single very well. She could have come out with a bubblegum pop dance package, but she wanted to make a point. Good for her.

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