Watch: The Beverly Hilton ‘Obama Keep Your Promise’ Clip


Regarding my earlier post...

Here's the clip of Obama at last night's Democratic fundraiser, in which he claims not to know what promises the LGBT protestors outside the benefit are asking him to keep. Obama's no fool. He knows exactly the promises the protestors are talking about. But who's advising him to make these kind of cracks at the people who voted him into office?

UPDATE: Here's another take on it. I'm being convinced that my take above is wrong because folks are pointing out the variety of protestors there (Code Pink and Answer LA anti-war people), and that Obama is "saying that he is happy that people are holding his feet to the fire" on his promises, as this DailyKos diarist points out.

They're right. It isn't always all about us. But we will hold his feet to the fire on those promises.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...